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Mrs. Fogharty's Christmas Cake
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The horrors of the fruitcake
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Frank Horn
2003, Darby O'Gill
Irish Christmas Rollick
Mon Jun 15, 2009
Pop : Christmas/Seasonal
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About the song
This story (as well as the cakeprobably) has been circulating for ages.
Miss Foghertys Christmas Cake
Frank Horn 1883

As I sat at my window last evenin the letterman brought unto me
A little gilt-edged invitation sayin: Bill Hooly, come over to tae
Sure, I knew that the Foghertys sent it; so I went, just for old friendships sake
And the first thing they gave you to tackle was a slice o Miss Foghertys cake

Now, there were plums and prunes and cherries
There were saffrons and raisins and cinnamon too
There was nutmegs, cloves and berries
And the crust that was held on with glue
There were caraway seeds in abundance
Sure to build up a fine stomach ache
It would kill a man twice just for eatin a slice
Of Miss Foghertys Christmas cake

Miss Mulligan wanted to taste it; but really, there wasnt no use
They worked at it over an hour, and they couldnt get none of it loose
Till Kelly came in with a hatchet and Murphy came in with a saw
That cake was enough, by the powers, to paralyze any mans jaw

Miss Fogherty, proud as a peacock, kept smilin and blinkin away
Till she fell over Flannigans broggins and spilled the whole brew of her tae
Oh, Bill Hooly, she cried, youre not eatin. Try a little bit more for my sake
No thanks, Mrs. Fogherty, says I, but Id Like the receipt o that cake

Maloney was took with the colic; McKnolte complained of his head
McFadden laid down on the sofa and he swore that he wished he was dead
Miss Daily fell down in hysterics and there she did wriggle and shake
While every man swore he was poisoned for eatin Miss Foghertys cake