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Black River Black Bear Blues initial rough draft
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This is a rough draft. But just like a child I couldn't wait (for a better rendering) to share this song with my fans around the world (all 2 or 3 of them).
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Les Forgue (my own self)
Les Forgue 2005 A.D.
(yet to be developed)
Thu Sep 29, 2005
World : World General
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About the song
This song came flowing out of me, a gift from our dear Lord, to make me feel just as if I had been on a long overdue escape into the north woods.
The song is about Black River Forest, me, a black bear, a deer, some coyotes, some wolves, a lady in Millston. There are 10 stanzas, the first 2 are from real experiance, the last 8 are imagined.
For influencing this song's basic melody (if it has one) I owe a nod to Homesick James Williamson.
Black River Black Bear Blues © 2005 Les Forgue

Spent the night on a ridge top
I slept right on the ground.
When I woke with the daylight
Fresh bear tracks was all around.

When I saw those bear tracks
I got down on my knees
I thanked God for His angels
Kept that bear from hurting me.

I run down that hill trying
To beat a deer to his bedding spot.
Then I saw that old black bear
He was tearing a rotten log apart.

I said Hey Mr. Bear,
You don’t smell so good today.
He said’ “I thought the same about you, baby,
When you’s a hundred yards away.”

Then I saw some coyotes, I said Please don’t steal my deer.
It took me 2 days to track him,
That’s my rumbling stomach you hear.

I said, Mr. Coyote,
“Please sing me a line or two”.
He said “I ain’t got time, buddy,
We’re just passing through”.

He said “us coyotes had it good,
But now we got to go.
Since them wolves taken over,
We can’t stay around Black River no more.

I Heard a wolf sing his death song,
He howled "Today’s my dying day".
"Moose cow kicked me in the liver, Man, And then she got away."

Lady in Millston told me wolves ain’t this far south.
But I saw one loping cross the trail dragging a deer leg in his mouth.

It started hailing one morning
I scooted under a blow down stump.
I could see that old black bear
He come waddling up out the cedar swamp.