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Tom Neilson
Tom Neilson

Mon Sep 03, 2012
Acoustic : Folk
Take charge
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Why won’t Obama debate
More than just one candidate?
Lindsay, Stein, Johnson, Rocky, and Barr
Do they take the truth just a little too far?
Why does he hesitate?
Why won’t Obama debate?

Why does Obama decline?
Is he afraid of Jill Stein?
Our Bill of Rights he wants to forget
Foreclosing homes on people in debt
Billions in bailouts for the 1%
Monsanto money in his cabinet
Assault rifles he thinks are still fine
Why does Obama decline?

Why does Barack like to spy
& vote with the wink of an eye
Clemency for telecom industry
Being good Nazis, obediently
Cruising the net for your emails to me
& cover it all with a lie?
Why does Barack like to spy?

Why won’t Obama play me
1 on 1, 2 out of 3?
Even tho Romney isn’t my name
Will he still play me that basketball game
Or is he scared he’ll get beat?
Why won’t Obama compete?

Yes, Mitt and Barack are afraid.
Afraid of the choices they’ve made
No single payer & bankrupting the poor,
Cuban embargo & Afghani war.
Fracking the earth till the water’s no more,
Blackwater, nukes, and coal in their core,
What corporate parties have made?
Mitt and Barack are afraid.

With Romney there is no debate
They share the same corporate slate
Colombian death squads, assassins at night
Grovel to AIPAC – no Palestine rights
Lethal injection to turn out the lights
Let each nominee participate
Let’s open up the debate

What if elections were fair
With all of the candidates there
Collective bargaining would have a voice
Workplace democracy would be a choice
Representing the 90 and 9
Repubs and the Dems would not undermine
No drones blowing up homes in Pakistan
No imperial war for oil in Iran
With all of the candidates there
What if elections were fair

We might save the planet, before it’s too late
Let’s open up the debate