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A depressing song about how time passes. Lo-fi recording.
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Albert Forssell
Albert Forssell

Sat Jul 06, 2013
Alternative : Alternative General
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capo on second fret

G G/B C9 C9/E x2
Em A7
G/B G C9 C9/E

Em Em/B D D/A
Dm7 Dm7/C E7/B E7
Am Am/E D D/A G G B7 B7/D#
Em Em/B D D/A
Dm7 Dm7/C E7/B E7
Am D G/B C9 G C9

when everybody make their own plans
to live life best they can
it doesn't take long till you stand
on your own

it can be hard to make a friend
and you should try again
not just play it till the end
on your own

you've been obsessing 'bout your
trousers and your shirt
trying to hide imaginary dirt
and you've been listening to
the sound of your own words
so full of doubt
and so aware that
time runs out

it is with well-rehearsed dismay
boxed-in and tucked away
that you sacrifice the days
one by one

as you count another year
it's obvious that your fear
all the options disappear
one by one

and friends don't talk about the
deadlines that they keep
always complain their kids won't let them sleep
meanwhile, you minimise responsibilities
chickening out
you stay in bed
when time runs out
and soon the time's run out