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HAL'LEL #467
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a mid=east/punk/dance metal fusion. here I play guitar,bass,bass trombone, melodica and the lead is by a mangal vadya and bombard
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steve Lieberman
Thu Nov 17, 2016
Rock : Punk
Take charge
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About the song
praise to the G-d of Israel who still keeps me alive after 6 1/2 years of leukemia
423? i got the call
street-corner at the shopping mall
preached to the non-believers: you’re all gonna fall
as they relegate me to the mourners’ hall

leviticus, numbers deuteronomy
recounting all of the prophecies
joshua, judges, 1st samuel
feeling like amos at the citadel


we gotta praise, praise praise
his holy name
but the non-believers, they all take it in vain

we gotta praise, praise, praise
praise the l-rd
hashem elokeinu, hashem echad

i’m a bible thumper
preaching at you like a seagrave pumper
i’m a bible thumper
preaching at you with my b*ss all b*mpin’

verse 2

‘425 became a teenage prophet
proselytized like a saturn v rocket
the non-believers, they shouted stop it!
as i pull the tanakh from my pocket.

2nd samuel, 1st and 2nd kings
redemption on the cherubim wings
isaiah, jeremiah, ezekiel
amos and amaziah at beth-el.

verse 3

‘429: jewish evangelist
the non-believers they just couldn’t resist
to come at me with their clubs and their fists
i moved so fast they always missed.

hosea, joel, amos, obadiah
going down to sheol in fire
israel, isaac, abraham
preaching from the diaspora to the holy land

- steve lieberman lyrics