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You Finding You
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Hard edged and heavy handed.
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Tue Sep 30, 2008
Metal : Goth Metal
Take charge
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About the song
This is about the dark half of self discovery. This is about how as you find more about who you are you also find that you are not. You find that the "ego'" as Freud defined it is an illusion. You find that your proaction is actually reaction at some level. You find that the ambrosia after which you seek is not sweet at all.

The fact is that at the end of your journey you will find unity. Unity with all that is.

Unity with Anne Frank, unity with Hitler. Unity with love eternal and hatred most vile. Unity with the most spectacular of diamond and with the dead rotting animal from which it was formed some million years ago. Unity with the oceanic tides and unity with the diseased pirate who added to it's contents last week.

You see, all is one. All have sprung from the same well-spawn. All exists to create your life and to seek outside of your existence is noble yet dangerous. Life is an illusion. Choices are an illusion. Romance is an illusion. Children are an illusion. All one hate filled, love inspired, well meaning, and malice peppered beautiful illusion.

The next time you examine your life look at it from the outside. Use that magic mirror that we all have somewhere in our repertoire. Look at who you are from the outside and you will find love, light, and peace. It will stand out from the rabble as the high points... the static which is the darkness will dominate.

It is those high points that are the sentinels that show the way. Those are where we find God. Love is the constant, light is it's aura, and peace is its consequence. Peace is the state from which you may see that all is one. I am you and you are me.
I see that
You are finding you
Seeking after
Something new

Never mind that
It’s nothing more
Than that forgotten
At your core

You finding you

Life is certain
To meet your need
If you focus
On your greed

Are you blinded
To what you see
‘Cause I am you
And you are me

You finding you

Seek outside
This mortal coil
For something more
In your soul

Plant the seed
Of things begun
Grow the tree
We are one

You finding you