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Louder Than Words (free download!)
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A very hard hitting rap track challenging all Christians to practise what we preach. Very punchy!
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Mon Aug 29, 2005
HipHop : Christian Rap
Take charge
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About the song
special thanks to Jeff McCleary, who offered the use of his equipment and studio free of charge, and who made this recording possible. Jeff's love was shining through each and every day that we met with him. May God continually bless you, Jeff. Thanks.
These days people believe that they need pay;
they seek fame or anything that achieves gain;
they be vain, killing Abel to be Cain...
even religion now is playing these greed games!
They be named Christians but they're really just clich├Ęs,
it's only Sundays they deliver their cheap praise
coz their too busy serving money on week days.
But we praise daily the day G.O.D. came
and became the slain Lamb to redeem names
now we claim this same Man has defeat pain,
that he's gained life with the sacrifice He's made,
now everybody is invited to be saved!
So be changed, in all the ways that you behave
and remain in the Holy Spirit to be sane,
as we spray Truth to the day that we be slain,
live each day to the full coz we don't get any replays!

Actions speak louder than words
(Let's cut the crap talking; it only matters how you're walking!)
Actions speak louder than words
(Let's cut the crap talking; it only matters how you're walking!)

I wanna get you Christians to listen and get the gist of my mission,
you gotta let your ambitions go and say NO to the system!
Coz when you're fishin for riches and living a contradiction,
you're gettin people suspicious and thinking that Jesus is fiction!
That's why they're thinking of us as being calous and vicious,
they're equating Jesus with greedy preachers on the television
and politicians whose remedies against those who would kill them
isn't loving their enemies, but bombing women and children!
But I don't wanna be defending worthless traditions
and miss the issues while being blind by church superstitions!
We don't need any rituals, or capitalism,
for these are not the conditions listed for being a Christian, is it?
and to preach you don't need no permission...
just a conviction to see the world saved from perdition!
That's why I'm wishin you'll obey the Great Commission insisting Christians
to ditch their riches and follow Jesus with no restrictions!


We need believers to get down on their knees,
beggin Jesus please to free us from abounding in greed.
Coz it's astounding to see so many leaders deceive us with ease,
who cheat us and are only seeking to bleed us for cheese!
When non-believers see these priests and these pastors,
they naturally imagine we're all the same as these bastards,
who are actually disobeying the commands of our Master,
spreading cancer, while claiming that they have all the answers!
But understand that until the people see in our deeds
the remedy to their desease, they will not believe;
but will continue to be deceived by our enemies
who will continue to feed them greed and hypocrisy.
And if any of these leaders wanna feed us to the lions,
then let them see us smiling instead of crying as we're dying!
Coz no matter how they treat us, they can never defeat us
neither beat us, as long as we continue to follow Jesus!