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A-Theist (free download)
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Originally in response to another rapper, this track deals with some of the issues raised with regard to atheism. (background beat by MC Just)
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Sat Dec 11, 2004
HipHop : Christian Rap
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How can you say that your views are sane,
when you choose to claim God doesn't exist becuase of the things done in those cruel Crusades?
All those abuses came from men who were inhumane,
Who excused the way they chose to behave and refused to change;
who confused the issues they sprayed for the sake of producing gain!
Use your brain, they weren't Christians as you choose to claim.
They didn't follow Jesus and do as the dude would say.
They were just a bunch of greedy hypocrites who misused His name!

It's nothing new you're sprayin about the Church or its preachers.
But we rejected the worst of it and kept believing in Jesus.
We took a look in the book and read what he really teaches,
found out he preaches against the institutions that deceive us.
Someone told you the Church wrote the Bible and you believed it?
Then why did the Church execute those men who chose to read it?
who exposed the priest and their greed and all their evil
and who brought down the Church by giving out the Gospels to the people?!

See, the institutional church has already played you,
coz it's made you afraid to see what frees you from greed that enslaves you,
afraid to even read the very thing that displays Truth,
afraid to believe in Jesus and all the teachings he gave you!
they aint gonna chase you and convert you into their mission,
coz you're already a slave in your pursuit for more riches,
and as long as you stay true to work for the economic system,
the institutional church couldn't care less if you're not a Christian!

You accuse the church of greed and yet you're also praising wealth
You admit that you can bleed but you can't face your failing health.
And you're vain as well,
you can't imagine God dying to save us from hell coz you've only ever thought about yourself!
you still aint learnt a thing! You want "The Lord of the Rings"?
How about when Jesus comes back it's the Return of the King!
The Lord Almighty settles the scoreboard,
back to attack Sauron and all you little wack rappers from Mordor!
Your thoughts are all but dreaming,
you don't believe in evil spirits but you choose to be a demon.
You need redeeming but you fleeing Jesus and you choose to be a scoffer,
you mock us but you don't have anything positve to offer!

So go ditch the Bible and follow your billionaire gods,
stay in your job working for idols of gold, silver and bronze,
and be a slave to your boss,
coz we're each betting our lives and yet with Christ I got the favorable odds!
Coz if there's no God when we die then what difference will it make my friend?
We'll both be in the same boat, asleep never to wake again;
won't feel any pleasure or pain again;
it'll just be our bodies in the caskets waiting there to decay in them.
Our lives won't matter at all nor the way we behaved in them.
And all we do now is worth NOTHING coz it'll all be wasted then!
But hang on... wait a sec!
What if there is a God and then when we die we find out that we'll be facing Him?

And we have to account for our life and the time spent wasting it?
All the years wasted in the rat-race for money chasing it?
No time left for replacing it.
What if we are judged for what we've done and we we don't have a chance to go back and change it then?
It would be too late my friend to start our praying then
as we stand and have to answer the One who has created men,
Whom we can't sway an inch.
And what if we're cast away while we have to watch those who made it in just start praising Him?
What will we say then?!
I guess we'll be faced with the greatest mistake we ever made I bet.
So if following Jesus is crazy, then I hope that I'm the CRAZIEST!
Coz on that Day I'll be glad I chose NOT to be an atheist!