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We Are Who We Choose (free download!)
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A up-beat yet challenging song exhorting people to take responsibility for their actions, particularly with regard to hip hop music.
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Fri Dec 03, 2004
HipHop : Christian Rap
Take charge
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Chorus (sung) :

We are who we choose and we choose to be free
from the lies that we hear, from the greed that we see
and we fight against lies every day of our lives.
No compromise!

Verse 1:

All you rap about is drugs, how to be thugs, living it up in nightclubs,
as if that's what life was: buzz after buzz,
you need to... wake up and experience hugs!
And get some serious love in your soul,
and take control of your life and the actions you chose.
Coz you're on your own Jack,
none of your fans will lend you a hand the day you're meeting Joe Black!
That's why we hope that,
you'll repent and ask God to forgive you and give the Holy Ghost zap.
Coz what good's a dope track
if at the end of the day you're still a slave and can't get your soul back.
Plus you should know that
it's the meaningless lyrics in your song that really makes your flow wack.
And it's stuff to joke at
when instead of trying to save souls you boast about how you sold crack!
But here's a cold fact:
you'll be judged for every word that your mouth on the microphone spat.
And if all you spoke's crap there in your rap,
it'll only come down to the fact you chose that!


So you can flow like 50Cent, Eminem and Ludacris
but if your words are dead then what's the use of this?
When music is your biz
you've got a responsibility to pay attention to how you're influencing kids.
You're singing it with a passion
but not thinking about the actions you're attracting with all your rappin
you're so distracted by the cash and Kaching ching,
you've actually become a victim of fashion and bling bling.
It's all about your pride.
You claim to be a rebel but you're really just a systemite.
You're like a clow in disguise
wearing your bandanas and pants that are hanging down to your thighs!
You don't realise you're like the suits and ties
who need to wear an image to hide who they're inside.
Open your eyes if you dare.
You are what you choose to do, not what you wear!


Finally, let's start talking about your greed.
You're spending all your energy on things that you don't need.
You've been deceived into believing that you're free
but cannot see that you've been addicted to money!
It's ironic that you like wearing chains.
I guess the aim's to remind your brain that you're really just a slave!
You lose your soul when the game of greed is what you play.
But you cannot escape if you don't want to change.
Don't you think it's strange how you live?
You keep getting more but believe you don't have enough to give.
True wealth is only found by giving up everything.
Start giving it to the poor and you'll be richer than what you think!
Let the teachings of Jesus come set you free.
And let the light shine bright through the life that you lead.
You're only blind if you refuse to see.
No excuses please! We are who we choose to be!