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tomorrow ends now
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this is what to come of evolution if you dont stand up for what's right in your life were your blinded at all times.
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k-the-i???(produced by digistance)

Fri Mar 12, 2004
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
Take charge
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» highest in charts:   # 1092   (325,834 songs currently listed in Electronic)
» highest in sub-genre:   # 67   (35,254 songs currently listed in Electronic > Experimental Sounds)
About the song
just noticing life crumble from infront of my eyes.
something isnt different little avoided mistake, wait... turning pages
could locate, exit left angle under the rendering moon,
sooner or later myself speaking..... letter mystery shadowboxing i
shift in space, place tunnel vision befudled the critically acclaimed
author of many composed, alloy eliminated the proper procedure envolope
i rather not get myself carried away, during the dillinger
couldn't calapse, injured, ending steady as if i didn't have any
balance, left function surgically bypassed through the right hemispheric
region even after the turbulance at a sudle glance to stand euphoria,
appereantly making my way which exited the existence, never ending
never mind the comments, that belong to dismantled, i happen to handle
wind chill factor easily, breath to inhale millions of microbes,
to the limited, i could keep on going with laquashes gazing upon the
sunlight, besides my appetite for large, pass me dinner, didn't come
early around noon??? today stay alone zoned out, other wise purple
dinosaurs make there way to the petting zoo, new it before seniment
clout, im out of words searching certain diction controled only to
explain my name k, the indicated mainframe fast on the draw, poverty
cinderalla perpella hellicopter is trying to dock walk backward until
heard, ripple ocean stop and think another lesson continued, wait for
the toxic ink to drip,
dribble away, handgliding mainly pondering clay folded behold it
invisible, if this mineral could purify liquid disinigrated propaganger
mending the vicegrip
might slip if pleading the evening will navagate while i create
portals, open cyclone land awaken the drums taps pleasent studder a word a
nuclear phraseology, sweet dream and wishes once thunder strikes a
pose, foes suppose i idealisew the ghost in the shell, finally felt well
he is this, i is who runned, squid living long enough to disappear
clear, eyesite, parasite eve, my way of taking things apart, first we start
mirror reflected pertected exposure about to lean a little to the next
equalized, treble level up, generated plus if stimulated i hope the
summary, memory,
plus the generations to add to......