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2k7 darkgreen productions

Thu Jul 19, 2007
HipHop : Alternative Hip Hop
Take charge
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in the streets...

none of y'all so-called stone guards can hang
when my bros and sisters, get to blowin death kisses
aint no thang about how we roll gonna change
sick gear, get it on right here, got the the bang bang
oomkin giving groups the ill spell crit aura,
send the rogue ahead like a ninja explorer,
and next thing you know you're sapped like a maple,
then you're sheeped..gettin bleeped, behind the stable.
and you'd rather take the gear hit, and the rez sickness,
then try to f*** with n.i.t.f. business

pvp, alterac
pvp, warsong gulch
pvp mother f***er!
in the streets..

i'm untouchable for many reasons,
in tune with the seasons, i generate the life forces.
of course if we cross blades and blood's drawn,
i won't rest until your corpse is on a burning pyre pissed on by horses.
yes of course, i'm gonna clown you by name,
cause n.i.t.f. always brings the a-game.
our strategy is borne of a tactical brilliance,
your druid's throwing spells but he can't top my resilience
how you feel when whatever raid you bring,
ends up with all y'all, with asses in slings.
we rolled up to kharazan, parked at the entrance
coming too close was a f***in death sentence
how you feel gettin ganked by my apprentice?
and you know you're owned..


better soul stone and call for help from a safe zone,
cause we'll swarm it like a hornet's nest, with the what the f*** pwn.
making sure we hold the line, and makin heads get flown
n.i.t.f. the mighty set, where's my terrocone?
cause i'm about to whip up a stack of the sickest elixirs,
f*** a mixologist, i'm azeroth's master mixer!
rollin through the bone wastes about to rally at the crypts
saw my cat, and these busters split!
those that stick around get heated up quick,
and die with a curse against me on their lips
breakin fools in two with my mace,
kenwicke y'all, reppin not in the face! come get a taste..

3v3, the arena
1 on 1, get it on
raid on raid, mother f***er!