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before the bg pops
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all gettin the raid ready vaporgriffin serves up more sweet saxamaphone
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2k6 darkgreen productions + vapors quartet

Thu Jul 20, 2006
HipHop : Alternative Hip Hop
Take charge
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i rock it old school like level 10, like way back when,
you got a talent point and became women and men.
my gentle approach is worthy of boast,
because the moonfire burns up horde like toast.

from the savage coast, to baradin bay,
to nightsong woods, i got the goods and i'm ready to slay.
and i got a pallay and a priest on the way...
what we need is a tank to keep mobs at bay.
and the hurricane can rain down pain on any aggro in range.
plus 3 percent to crit, to the click, is the moonkin thang
bang bang! we need a warrior...

i know smetona gets a boner when a raid needs a tank
tauntin bwl bosses while the dps flanks
makin with the shield bash
and forward slash spank
pullin aggro and earnin his rank

give smet that aggro baby you know he can hang
he's buffed up ready steady lets do this thang
focus fire and just keep him healed
and you know trash mobs' caps will get peeled

wait hold up
we need to get a sap on!
yo monkeysama let's make it happen
your name sounds like it comes from nippon
and when it comes to rogues you are ichiban
phenomenon, who keeps the action,
steady movin' puttin horde in traction.

watch out becuase he might log your toon;
and have ya all up in ogrimmar your ass to the moon.
give him some distracting shot, and pull that lot,
and he's creepin while the druid's sleepin the dragonkin;
and he's in position, to backstab and distribute poison.

vaporgriffin? what you sniffin? smells like ass-whoop soup in the kitchen!
thanks for riffin' on the track nox is flippin!
why dontcha come with the cat and throw a rip in?
and then make with any feral stunts in the mix,
me nox smet vap ez who's the sixth?

wait ya aint heard about e z?
oh dang, i skipped over eznewall excuse me.
eznewall, is like the hardest rhyme of all.
so i just call him e.z. when we brawl.
he's smoother in the groove than the great lou rawls.
and his greater heal spams roll without pause.

i cruise the best in the flesh, puttin bosses to rest...
rollin so hard that there's no one left.
clear the way when they see the emblem on our chest,
or get straight pwned by nitf!!

sakka just hopped on, let's get him here!
we could use the shadow power and a helping of fear.
and he's almost all geared out in tier 2
it's just silly how much extra damage he'll do!

agren says she's laggin' but she's bout set to go.
so all we really need is just two more.
i'm gonna grab barensanji and diro!
oh noes!
the pwnage will be hard to stop.
so imma grab a brew before the bg pops.