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GRB2013 Round 2 Vs Pace Beats
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Mon Aug 19, 2013
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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Hey pace beats
you got a nice name
did you have
a slow tempo
for like
every one of your dates?
or did you get it
when you lose your
v card
at the ripe age
of not yet
yo you sleep in
a race car bed

and that sh**
didn't have to rhyme
cuz that sh** s
your life
I aint have to lie


its kinda sad
lets be honest
that you failed
to be engineer
ever flunking

diabolic s little brother
except a little softer
that goes hard on beats
after he checks
the closet for monsters

why bother
why try
yo pace
whats Stuart little like?
did you guys have a snack
maybe some cheezits and sprite?
did you stay for story time?
did they read it right?
with devotion
and emotion
kinda like your mother does

yo wait

hold up cuz

does pace have a word to pray
to wird of pley
to write his sh**
so he can
get the win today
cuz that's the only way
f*** Benjamin button
thinking he can go
toe to toe with me?
quit the stunting

stunting like your growth
Jesus f*** ing Christ
you been the same size
since you were like you were 9

let me clearly define
on paces arms
there's no hair
I can find

and then I look at mine
you got a swimmers physique
and some 90s sounding beats
man they sound
matter of fact
hes got an accolade in rap
"whats that?"
hes got a song
with abreact

man that's great

but yo

whose that?

p.s nice avy pic
I can smell fear
its so real
actually i think
Burberry b*** ?
yo why you look
like mad child
with a baby face
and no pills
but you still
waste your life away
still staying
where your parents stay
but hes gonna go on vac ay
to grandmas house
how the f*** you buying loud?
god damn bro
I think its time you
move out
you f*** ing loser
go outside
get off the computer
heres some social
just try it
hes like
"no mother nature didn't supply it"

Who really stands
by this dork
that sweats when he tries
to bench press

a fork

I just gotta know

you think this f**
spits illa?
y'all got me battling
midget mac miller
next round give me punches
cuz im tired of filler
or give me Joe
so when I advance
I upgrade the wigger