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Continuing the "Heroes" series with Kiva, Jamie & Coop in their giant robot MEGAS, kicking some Fusion butt.
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Michael Duran
Michael Duran
Sun Jul 13, 2014
Electronic : Games Soundtrack
Take charge
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About the song
Composed and performed by Michael Duran
Drums composed with Magix Music Maker MX
Bass played with Carvin LB20
Carvin SH65B & the Roland GR-55 Synth were used for guitars and shred.
Carvin DC127 & the Fishman TriplePlay were used for choirs and orchestration.

MEGAS was one of the Heroes that frustrated Lord Fuse.
No matter what Fuse threw at MEGAS, it just kept coming, so he could only slow it down with mountains of Fusion muck.
But Fuse knows that will not stop Coop and MEGAS for long.

In 3037, Earth is fighting a losing war against an alien race known as "the Glorft".
In a last, desperate attempt to save the planet, the human resistance steals a prototype giant robot from the Glorft and modifies it into a powerful war machine, renaming it MEGAS (Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System).
The idea is to use a device called a time drive to send MEGAS and its assigned pilot, Kiva, two years into the past to the Battle of the Last Stand, which was the last major offensive fought by humanity against the Glorft.
Humanity lost that battle, but the members of the resistance, particularly Kiva, believe that MEGAS can tip the scales and hand the Glorft a decisive defeat.
Before the plan can be executed, however, an attack by the Glorft forces them to send MEGAS back in time before proper preparations are made.
The time drive, damaged in the attack, sends the now-crippled MEGAS, its head blown off in the attack, all the way back to the 1930s.
MEGAS languishes in a New Jersey junkyard until 2004 when it ends up in the hands of a slacker mechanic and video gamer, Coop & his buddy Jamie.
Coop turns MEGAS into a hot rod project by repainting it with a flaming paint job, replacing its head-cockpit with a classic muscle car complete with game controllers to activate all the "system thingies", and naming it "XLR" for eXtra Large Robot.
Kiva travels back in time to retrieve MEGAS and finds she is unable to pilot it because of Coop's modifications, she grudgingly decides to train Coop, who is now the only person who can pilot it.
However, the entire Glorft force has followed her through time and, much to Kiva's chagrin, it is now up to Coop to defend Earth, which he coolly does with annoying self confidence, defeating the Glorft in 2004, therefore eliminating them from the future, but trapping Kiva in the past..

there goes that mucking about with time machines again..

actually.. Coop went after the time drive with a sledge hammer after he couldn't figure out how to make it work... but he didn't tell Kiva that.

That unlikely chain of events put MEGAS directly in Lord Fuses' path.