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The Scotsman
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Kicking off the "Heroes" series. The Scotsman & Samurai Jack, another of FusionFalls' "odd couples", this one is for the 2014 CBC St Patrick's day challenge.
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Michael Duran
Michael Duran
Sat Mar 15, 2014
World : Traditional Celtic
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About the song
Heroes - The Scotsman

Music by Michael Duran
Recorded with Masterkey 61 keyboard, using Magix, Vita, Kontakt, and DSK instruments.
Orchestral Drums - Magix/Vita
Electronic Drums - Kontakt "Street Knowledge Kit"
Violin and Cello - Magix
Alto and Soprano Trumpets (herald) - Magix
Mini-Moog - DSK Instruments
Tuba and Contrabass - Magix

The Scotsman is one of Samurai Jack's most prominent allies, even though they constantly argue about everything.
Among his more charming attributes, he sports a machine gun for a leg, spits when he talks, and has a pronounced Scottish accent with matching temper.
He's a strong fighter, nearly on the same level as Samurai Jack, and was probably the most wanted man on the planet, that is, until Jack appeared.

Similar to Jack's sword, the Scotsman's sword can cut through nearly any material without effort, and despite its size and weight, the Scotsman can easily wield it and fight at the same speed as Jack.
The Scotsman's sword is also magical, as it has been inscribed with ancient Celtic runes that make it indestructible, and increase its destructive power.

In the FusionFall game, The Scotsman could be found in Townsville Park, next to the Infected Zone, The Fissure, along with Numbuh One and Grandpa Max.