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Kate, You're Beautiful
Here is a Letter From New York. To Kate. You're beautiful, I love you; I know I'm totally out of your league, but you had to hear this song, Kate. ~L
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FusionFall - Infected Zone
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Dangerous and unpleasant, the Infected Zones set the stage for the game action
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Mike Bennett & Michael Duran
Mike Bennett & Michael Duran
FusionFall Project
Sat Mar 31, 2012
Metal : Progressive Metal
Take charge
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About the song
Mike Bennett; Drum sequencing, bass, keys, and guitars
Michael Duran; Guitar solos and FX

While Fuse’s minions are found all over the world, there are some places where they have really made an impact.
Most Fusion Lairs are located inside these Infected Zones.
Many missions will take you into Infected Zones where gravity has gone berserk, causing masses of the area to start levitating.
Pools of fusion matter cover the ground and humongous Terrafusers only worsen it.
These areas have been isolated by force fields to try to stop the spread of the Fusion Matter infection.