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In Your Arms
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third place winner of KVR Audio's January 2010 Songwriting competition - vocal punk with loud guitars and synths!
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Dan Dreibelbis
copyright 2010 Dan Dreibelbis

Thu Feb 04, 2010
Rock : Rock n Roll
Take charge
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About the song
it was a long slog, but I managed, after several years, to finally get into the top three in KVR Audio's monthly songwriting and recording contest. I chose to sing and add some heavy guitars and eighties synths.

vocals - me through Shure Summit mike
guitars - Epiphone Les Paul, Squier Tele Custom II through Digitech RP-250
lead guitar - Les Paul through NI Guitar Rig 3
bass - Peavey Millennium BXP through IK Mutimedia Ampeg SVX
synths - NI FM8, discoDSP Discovery
drums - Drumcore
why don't you invite me, vite me
you wanna incite me, cite me
you really excite me, when I'm in your arms

I like how you tease me tease me
I like how you please me, please me
just watch where you squeeze me, when I'm in your arms

Come on over
Here on the sofa
want that thing that you do
red hair, soft lips
my hands on your hips
let you know that I love you

I'm glad that you told me, told me
You wanted to hold me, hold me
You really control me, When I'm in your arms

You want me to be here, be here
You want me to be dear, be dear
You're showing me no fear
When I'm in your arms


It's getting near daylight, daylight
I've been with you all night, all night
And everything's all right
when I'm in your arms

Now tell me you love me, love me
There's no one above me, bove me
You're just thinking of me
When I'm in your arms