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Paychecks In Longnecks
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Gary D Gray

Wed Nov 07, 2012
Country : Honky-Tonk
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"Paychecks in Longnecks"

Bossman if ya could, help me out please,
I'm in a terrible jam, one with special needs,
this here new bride of mine is bleeding me dry,
so instead of paying me a check each week, let's give this here a try

I'd like my, paychecks in longnecks 24 to the case
then I'll feel ,I've earned my wage with evry little taste
and when my wife ask for jewels or a swanky fur
I'll just hand a six pack or two on over to her

Ev'ry week on payday, she pockets all the cash
and barely gives me enough money , for lunches and gas,
now she don't want to see me, until payday rolls around,
then she's ready to make-up, and spend it all in town

****music breaks ****

Now it might pose a problem payin bills without a check
so I'll just have the bossman send 'em theirs di-rect
and for my yearly bonus , here's what you can do
instead of making out a check, I'll take an extra keg or two

Yeah ,I'd like my paychecks in longnecks 24 to the case
a man's got a right to unwind in this united states
If my wife wants some cash- she can look for a part time job
I'll just take another drink- and thank almighty God

When it's time for taxes, and they ask how much I cleared,
I'll make a note to the IRS that I got paid in beer,
I don't mind hard workin, but I'm tired of being a wreck,
if all I gonna end up with, is the stubs of my paychecks

last CHORUS)
So, I'd like my paychecks in longnecks jus load em in my car
then when it comes quittin time, my home becomes a bar
with each one I'm a'drinkin I'll be satisfied
and if the bossman wants overtime, it's 2 for 1 past five
and if the bossman wants overtime, it's 2 for 1 past five

Copyright ©""Paycheck in Longnecks"
"by Gary D.Gray All Rights Reserved 12-31-2012(BMI)