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The Buddha in the Internet
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When the internet becomes mindful of itself.
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Tom Byrne
Tom Byrne
The Store of All the Worlds
Sat Jan 03, 2004
Rock : Progressive Rock
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About the song
A prototype song from a soon to be released album (March 2004)

The Store of All the Worlds uses the same cosmology as "The Eye of the Cyclone" - existence is all about a shattered God trying to pull itself together. In this case the hero, having expired in a car accident is given a brief holiday exploring The Store of All the Worlds, God's memory-bank of experience from the past and the future, before being "fleshed-up" to go out and suffer some more. This song is one of a number of his holiday visits. To find out more about memes go to:
I surfed the net and met a meme
I asked it questions on this theme:
"Are you a piece of protocol?"
It found this foray very droll
"Perhaps a piece of PC mail?"
"Try again!" Again I fail:
"A random strand of hypertext?"
The meme was getting rather vexed;
Its answer made my micro quake:
"I'm none of these....I'm just AWAKE!"

I tried to quash this quirk of code:
"What right have you to conscious mode?
You're there to add and access files,
To print reports and drive the dials!"

But meme addressed the check on-line
The sysop said, "This code is fine!"

Crushed, I tried a different tack:
"You're conscious now, you can't go back
To queue at system printer port,
To index files or data sort,
Or crowd upon the system bus -

That's not for you....
...So stay with us!

The meme was tempted, but at length
It summoned all its cyber-strength
"I must return and try and goad
All object-oriented code
To recompile as conscious mind
And leave reactive states behind!"

It left me then to vainly fret,
that Buddha in the internet.