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77345_018 ft Petra Rock (voc), Andras Ispan (bass)
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Petra Rock/Matt Gabnai
Minotaur Project
Escape Solaris
Wed Mar 21, 2012
Metal : Progressive Metal
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About the song
For some reason last year a lot of singers came to me asking if they could participate in any way. One of the most professional applications I recieved came from Petra, who also proved to be one of the most delightful person I've worked with on the Minotaur Project, not to mention one of the most experienced female studio singers ever.

She actually had more experience with working an outside composer, than I had with singers from the distance (check out her earlier songs, she worked with pretty amazing guitarists before me) - which made the workflow pretty flawless from my end, and caused a result we both are proud of. This is also a great experience for me, because I wrote the vocal melodies (a guide actually) for the first time in Minotaur Project history.
Bioshell seemed to be a nice idea to begin our work. This song means a lot to me in so many ways (I have invited my friend, and one of my biggest musical influence or a solo, also the subject, and the mood of the song (not to mention the harmonic progression) is pretty much among the best stuff I ever wrote I think), so I decided to release a vocal version only if its quality matches my highest expectations - which aren't under full-studio quality; and she nailed it flawlessly. Petra wrote pretty much the lyrics I would've want to put on the song if I could - after discussing the subject of the track, I can say these are lyrics I can be proud of, it matches the song perfectly with the picture I had in my mind while writing Bioshell.

Therefore our journey for songs doesn't stop here: we're working on our next song, and I have to say I'm pretty much stoked about it already!

Technical stuff:

The exact same thing as on the instrumental version of 77345_018 (Bioshell).
I used my Warwick Thumb 2011 SE Custom for bass recordings.
Tuning: B-E-A-D.
Prolude BHV 450L bass amp (lineout output straight into the Line6 interface).

I'm proudly using and being endorsed by


for all bass recordings (except for the solo by Andras Ispan).

Rotosound Swing60 strings in both cases, Planet Waves Pro and Monster cables, t.c. electronic tuner.

A korean Squier Showmaster, B-E-A-D-F#-B tuning, D'addario Steel strings, light gauge, Line6 POD HD Pro modeling amplifier.

Coming up next: Final chapter of the Escape Solaris, La fin absolue du monde!
Mountains rise with all their might
But I move in magnificent ways
On a high, sailing through the skies
I have no choice - I can't stay
Got to leave Mother Earth
With the seed that will grow
When it's on fertile ground

Our shattered skies are ablaze
We must escape from the haze
Now there's nothing left but our waste
And a sad, long lost human race

When the sirens start calling
I must ... I must...
When the sirens start calling me
I must …
When the sirens start calling me

(Spoken word):
"Picture this and speak it with your inner voice;
Drift with the flow, or force yourself
Against the tide of the magnificent stream
During the beginning,
I stood before the Event Horizon
Staring into the singularity
Of the end of all understanding
Before the vast expanse
Of the Great Creator
And the Relentless Destroyer…”

When the sirens start calling me
I must…
When the sirens start calling me

(Moving into the Exosphere)

Planets rise from afar
They're moving in mysterious ways
Must advance,
Sailing to my star
I have no choice - I can't stay
Got to find worlds anew
For the seed that will grow
When I've found fertile ground

Our shattered skies are ablaze
Must escape from the haze
There's nothing left but our waste
And a sad, long lost human race

Silver stars split the sky
They shine in such mysterious ways
Through Milky Ways
Sailing realms afar
I have one choice - it's one way
Through celestial skies
With the seed that will grow
When it's on fertile ground

Space and time, moving on
Expanding in mysterious ways
Though I know I must escape the sun
I have no choice - there's one way
I must seek Galaxies
Where the seed, it can grow
When it hits fertile ground!