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Jonathan Larson/Jonathan Larson
Copyright 2011 Jonathan Larson
Wed Feb 23, 2011
Rock : Progressive Rock
Take charge
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Our hopes for Resolution can only go so far;
We can't live our lives wishing on that shooting star.
Dreams must give us direction,
Reality; our pause
Each dream a connection
Towards the greater cause.
We can't hold the whole world in the palm of our hand,
But if we open our fingers it slips through the cracks like grains of sand.

Waiting alone in silence, anticipating without a word
Sometimes we don't get an answer, sometimes the prayer isn't heard.
But when our hopes are realized, we can finally see
That we can break our way through
In Slow Degrees.

You ask yourself questions about the lessons you've learned:
"Why try and reach for the stars if you know you're just gonna get burned?"
Sometimes we need to see in Black and White;
To know when to stand back, and when to stand and fight.
We can carve our own purpose within this Grand Design.
Is it simply the human that we perceive as Divine?

When we've arrived at the peak of our ambitions
And see the things that have passed us by,
Do we remain with the things we've always hoped for,
Or, for the sake of a Dream, leave it behind?