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Steve Cass - acoustic guitar, lead and back vocals / Kerry Jackson - electric guitar, bass and back vocals/ Kaly - back vocals / Dan Tomlinson - drums and percussion
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Words/Music by Stephen Robert Cass
1998 Solid Walnut Music/ASCAP All Rights Reserved
Follow Him Home
Sat Aug 21, 2010
Pop : Contemporary Christian
Take charge
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About the song
A lyric written out of dispair at all the divisions in faith among the people who say they follow Jesus. It was not a feeling that I had it all figured out, either. It was the feeling of, 'Well, what are you gonna do about it? Not a thing.'

One particular day was the catalyst in writing this lyric. I belonged to the Christian Songwriting Organization where we critique and share each other's work. This one particular day there was this discussion going on about certain church practices and how one denomination empasizes x, but this denomination doesn't like that x, and so they do this differently...Ahhh!! Maddening to think about sometimes.
I'll be alright today
I sometimes don't know what to say
But in those times of doubt, come what may
I'll seek him in a brand new way

I'm traveling along this road
And I sometimes wonder why I am
It's sometimes hard to see the sunshine
And to think about the master plan

But I know that I'll be alright
If I could just accept the simple truth
And You come and wash away my fears
And show me how to make the move

I've come across this great divide
And I wonder what you're thinking of
It's plain to see that there are many
That are thinking 'bout the life above

And He will either bless me
Or he'll show me that I need to make a change
He knows my life is in His hands
No matter what I do, the Spirit reigns