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Steve Cass - guitars and vocals / Fred Chao - Cello / Winfred Tse - Violin
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Words and Music by Stephen Robert Cass
1997 Solid Walnut Music/ASCAP All Rights Reserved
Wisdom -- Discovery of the Word
Sat Aug 21, 2010
Pop : Contemporary Christian
Take charge
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» highest in charts:   # 148   (127,090 songs currently listed in Pop)
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About the song
A tough day in the salt mines and jumping through a few hoops had me go home one day and write this lyric. It's hard to do, but I had to stop and remember the big picture: I need to sharpen my skills for the good of all people; so I can bring home the victories. Matt. 6:33 and 34. 1 Cor 12:12-26.
I can spend my days with my mind adrift
Wondering what has become of me
There are times when I think the machine can bring
Too much lust and the fear of disharmony
In the playground of life I can see the uphill climb
But then I think of all Christ has done for me
And the promises that He gave
There are times that I know what He has in mind
For my faith and my love blessed with harmony
One thing's for sure, He was nailed so I'd be free

We live to glorify His name and I will do my part
So joy can fill my heart so I can stake the claim
We live to glorify his name and I will bend my knee
For all the world to see we live to live to glorify
To glorify His name

I have found myself chasing after things
That I thought would bring victory
There are times when the chase seems the thing to do
And I scratch and I claw and I try to be
Something I'm not I can feel so left behind
But then I think of all Christ has done for me
And the promises that He gave
There are times that I know that He has supplied
All the gifts and the grace and the tools I'll need
One thing's for sure, I must build the best I see

In the great design of life
The things that matter most are the gifts you have and that you share
'Cause that's the way our Savior planned it
It's how you lend a hand that builds us up and makes us strong
'Cause we live to glorify His name