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One of the Old Boys.mp3
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The Friday Project
Tue Apr 24, 2012
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One of the Old Boys
c. '12 The Friday Project

Used to be how we would try and think how we could be three, but now we see, that ain't the way it's gonna be, not you and me and her makes three, not even you and me
Now I'm just one of the old boys, 2x

Now and then, I think I see how it coulda been how it shoulda, way back when, how it coulda been, if we hadda yacht or a silver pot to piss in, way back then and then again
Now I'm just one of the old boys 2x

So now yer gone and I'm barely holdin' on, and she's gone too, mebbe she left with you and you can find another man but then again, do you wanna see, someone else like me
Now I'm just one of the old boys 4x


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