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Thu May 16, 2013
Acoustic : Acoustic Folk
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I know I need to practice if I want to play guitar
As well as some of these folks whom I worship from afar
With their clever touch and tuneful ways of using the fretboard
To make music, to make music,
To make music using more than just three chords

The pads upon my fingers are as hard as hard can be
From years and years of fretting strings from bottom to top E
But still I cannot bring myself to practice bloody scales
I am broken, I am broken, I am broken and so are all my nails

My playing it can hardly be described as edgy, so
I do not want to waste time practicing arpeggio
I know I won’t get better, but I’m what I am, you see
I’m accomplished, I’m accomplished,
I’m accomplished if it’s in the key of C

I know I'd like to try and play some songs in different tunings
Constructing an accompaniment that compliments my croonings
And playing clever Celtic stuff just like the others do
But what’s DADGAD, it’s in DADGAD, it’s in DADGAD, and what the hell is Csus2?

I know that on the 12th Fret I can find a nice harmonic
And I could be much better if I knew what diatonic
Meant, I know unless I practice I’ll remain distinctly so-so
Don’t harangue me, don’t harangue me, don’t harangue me or I‘ll get quite bellicoso

To practice more, my good intentions out the window went they
Left me sitting here alone with my guitar feeling dolente
And practising while upset would only make matters worse
So I’ve decided, I’ve decided, I’ve decided that this is the last verse.