"A Question Of Time" CD review
Here we have an album that, at last, features a wide range of exciting and innovative style and production approaches with compositions that cross boundaries between new age, classical, and progressive rock themes. Indeed, there is so much beauty, commitment, and synchronicity in each contributor's work on this album that the listener is kept constantly occupied and often mesmorized by the sounds flowing out of the speakers. And for Paul himself, it must have been a pure joy to assemble and complete such a collection of truly wonderfully assorted riches.

Before I look at the music contained within this beautifully designed CD pack, I have to say that the artwork that wraps itself around the front and back of this album is absolutely outstanding. It's the kind of artwork we lost some time ago when vinyl moved over to CD and I have to admit that I had convinced myself that those days would never return. The days when we all used to sit there for seeming ages in awe and appreciation of album cover artwork. Paul has managed to being it back to us and really, all we need now is to have an accompanying poster that we can hang above the hi fi as we delight in the music below.

And so this beautifully packaged album begins with Aura - a majestic promise of a track complete with keyboard riffs and sparkling guitar work that makes your mouth water and your eyes widen with delight. The arrangement is positive, bright, and so colourful you have a hard time trying to get yourself back down to the planet where things are not always so vividly coloured. I love the moog/melltron styled sounds that take flight and leave traces of blue between any grey cloudy sky lurking on the horizon. It's a superb piece of music and for the four and a half minutes of it's existence, you find yourself well and truly absorbed.

Heart of the android meanwhile is almost eight and a half minutes of pure progressive magnificence cast and molded into an exotic sculpture you could never afford in a million years but one that you hopelessly yearn to own. Again, the guitar work and synth arrangements broaden the horizon and again you find yourself transported back to a time and place when the very best music you ever heard on earth came from. Little hints of Rick Wakeman and Jimmy Page don't escape your attentive gaze and that's a gaze of unrivalled excellence rather than one of comparisons. You see, what Paul does here that's very different from his 70s and 80s predecessors is he enriches your delight with the myriad of sequences he holds together in this magnificent piece of recording. It's an excellent track that's been crafted out of love rather than decadence and it's such a welcome change in in industry that is somewhat bereft of engaging progressive artists.

Miriam is a lovely piece of balladeering brought forward with acoustic guitar, sitar, bass, keyboards and percussion that are so well woven together that they form the kind of tapestry that would have hung proudly at Abbey Road over decades of craftmanship that took place there (and still does). What's particularly inescapable here is the rich and very uniquely bound arrangements that Paul tends to produce whn his heart is in the right place at the right time with the right inspiration. Bright cloud on the other hand begins with the kind of sounds that Enya managed to purvey across the planet. It's a really nice piece of work by any standard and the care in the musicianship is absolutely wonderfully realized in the production.

Waiting for the time has something colourful attached to every sound you hear whether it's guitar, sitar, or keyboard born. The thing is, it's blatantly obvious to anyone with any sense that Paul nery has well and truly mastered the craft of providing a firm and solid bridge between inspiration, imagination, and audio realization. The track has been mastered and produced into an epitaph of sheer beauty and I guess it's one of the most requested of Paul's tunes from this ear adorning album.

With Ed Drury, Paul Nery is dangerous to any senses already working overtime. Tales from an Australian landscape is capable of getting you to the outback faster than Quantas ever could.. and the ticket is equalled by the price of this CD. I love it when you get virtuosos working together.. it's like in plate techtonics... one continent drifts and the other works it's way around the move until you end up with consequences beyond comprehension. This piece is certainly one of those events but instead of resulting in an earthquake or tsunami, you end up with a valley of consummate artistry.

A question of time takes liberties with your ears that few other artists dare venture toward. There's a kind of magic sprinkled into each note with the kind of affection normally afforded lovers. Watch out for the outstanding drum work and guitar/keyboard enrichments... a true masterpiece in soundscaping if ever there was one! Of course your entire sense of well being is further amplified by Come stay with me and the kinds of fretboard and drum kit meanderings that occur less frequently these days than they used to. It's an enormously inspiring prog rock track with hints of Yes when they were at their best and you feel all the much better with your place in the world for just having listened and enjoyed!

Tokyo at night approaches 2005 like a late party guest equiped with everything you need to 'really' get the party going in another direction entirely. It's another case of beauty in sound that you need every glass on earth to be filled with. Ahhhh if only! Naturally, the keyboard and drum work is outstanding not just in terms of the skilled musicianship but also for the outstanding presentation in the arrangment. All I keep thinking is 'whatever next?' and I'm sure Paul will be able to elucidate sometime soon.

Vampire slugs from Jupiter has an awful lot of ingenuity and skillsmithing going on in abundance. It's the kind of track that would go brilliantly under that Paul Nery poster in a situation where everyone could gather around and debate the order of the universe and our place among the stars. With some magnificent guitar treatments and some effervescent mastering, this is one of those tracks you'd be awfully stupid not to point out to the next head that pops itself around your living room! What a hugely unpredictable and welcome little music thing this piece is!

Thoughts of love gets the Isao Tomita styled whistling intro that I haven't heard since 1978 before it envelopes your auditory senses to create a state of harmony and peacefulness whatever mood you found yourself in before you pressed the play button. I love Paul's guitar playing... tight, accurate, beauty on the frets.

By the time you get to Alone at night - the last track on this album, you feel more like you've been blessed than privy to Paul Nery's audio skills and aspirations. It's yet another dleightfully composed and produced tracks that provides further evidence that innovation in progressive and new age genres rises like a tidal wave in the right hands. Paul, Ed, and Graeme have made all of this possibvle by working together over huge distances. They've been helped by Zilli and Reis and the rest of us who can listen, appreciate, and become absorbed in one just one sitting. The thing is... you'll find yourself stuck in that lotus position for a very long time if you're not careful but then what better company to be stuck in than that of the inimitable Paul Nery.

Colin Lynch - December 05 2005

--Colin Lynch is not only a great artist, but also the main person behind RCat Communications
A Question Of Time
I just received this fine CD from Paul Nery and it's a sweet one. Right from the starting track, which is Aura, the brilliant artistry is obvious. The CD cover art features the wonderful vision of Paul's drawings with a norse godlike figure seated backdropped by magicall images of far away lands and a brilliant night sky. Graeme Cammack of Scottland put some of the polish on this finely mastered product as well as appearing as a guest artist on "Vampire Slugs from Jupiter."

Heart of an Android is probably my favorite track on the Album with brilliant 12 string acoustic sound and soaring synth leads. Nice pauses and smooth movements of angelic electronic music make this truely an aural treat to be savored and enjoyed. Once into the body of the piece, it rocks with a nice mixture of progressive rock and Celtic grooves. A new age masterpiece! Wonderful! Topped with some cinematic orchestral movements as well. This track, for me embodies the central theme of the entire CD and is fully worth the price of admission on it's own merit. Just Epic!

Twelve tracks in all, and each one telling a portion of a big story. Paul's journey through world music is timeless and he provides a continuity of expression which is I think important in world music. The way this collection of track is sequenced and timed is most compelling and enjoyable. It is art rock in the tradition of bands like the Moody Blues, Yes and Genesis. True to his artistic roots, but bold enough to go beyond. Paul has created a monster of an Indie CD, one of the best I've heard ever. From the acoustic dancing of strings contrasted with soaring bowed strings that is Miriam to the Epic journey of Heart of an Android, there is truely something for everyone.

Ed Drury

--Ed Drury is a brilliant artist and music teacher
Another wonderful review !!
paul man, you've got me sitting here strumming air guitar and shaking my head about like a mad man with a giant smile on my face. It's been a while since i've listened to a piece of music that has effected me in such a way. Believe it or not i'm now onto my 10th or 11th consecutive'll probably be 50 consecutive at this rate...i want to hear it again and again and each time it sounds even better.
I haven't listened to the same piece of music so much at the one time since i first got dark side of the moon many years ago now.
--Solipsism is a great artist with music in various sites
This one is great!
Hey listnin to " come stay with me "
absolute great progresive Rock like it alot acoustic alot of the way thrue with tons of insterments doin solo stuff and great harmony parts sorry but gotta be extreme a lil here "KEEEEEP KIKKK ASSSS"
hehe great stuff
--Thumper aka Robert Glutch is a great guitarist , with many amazing tunes
About "Aura":
I´ve been on your page the last couple of days and your track Aura dedicated to your Daughter is brilliant,I love that synth sound.. I'm sure your beautiful daughter is proud!
--KMP (aka Harout Kalandjian) is a great musician and producer from LA
The coolest review I had until now...
Hi Paul !
I'm very glad to discover you and your music !
"Come Stay With Me" - great composition ! You have a new vision on rock-music ! You use a fine melodic line instead of usual riffs together mighy rhytm section in background it makes a very new sound ! Great ! I like it !
"Aura" is great composition indeed ! Filled with love and very good emotions it has an outstanding sounding and lovely melody !
"Waiting for the time " - nice and catchy tune ! Arrangement is unique ! It takes me to Dali paintings ( not only a picture - I guess it's just a clue )- the same feelings I had in a little Dali's museum om Mormartr !
"Bright Cloud" - fantastic thing ! It's like a flight! Really bright music !
" Miriam" - another fine and clear tune !
"Alone at Night" - this lead sound with ac.guitar makes the mood of the song !
"A Faint Scent of Incense in the Air" -
Very good arrangemet and sounded a little like hymn ! Good with unexpected guitar solo !
"Afterwar" - you put all words by yourself ! And it's great that you are able to express all the meanings of the words in music !
"Night Breeze" - possibly my favorite of yours.
"Going to Jamaica" - Oh Yeah - It's just reggae with a great sounded electric guitar !
"Canon - progressive style" - so good ! Guitar plays a violin style - great !
"Thursday Sadness" - the style I like - great simple and catchy melody and tasty sound ! It's Ritchie Blackmore playing here :)- No! It's PAUL NERY !!!
With big respect
Serge N

--Serge N is a Russian artist , plays in various styles and had many songs at the top of Web charts