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RE: France Wound My Heart
Hi Johnny,
I didnt get a chance to hear the first version but this is a funny little song. I like the guitar arrangement very much and I think they carry the rhythm very well. I dont know what you did to the drums but I like that they are not overdone and the guitars have more of a groove that way I think. I LOL'd during the explanation of the word langour. How did you get
that radio effect ?   All in all it was fun to listen to.
--A dude at RMMS
Laughing my butt off.
I got the chance to check the site out and was totally laughing my butt off. Great job and keep up the great work!
Love The Music
Cris, I love the music! And the name (fubar)! I'm putting up a link right now along with a post to send people over your way.

Thanks for the heads up!

Right We Are!

A Bullet Is Too Costly
When listening to Johnny Fubar recently, I decided that a bullet is too costly to put this man out of his misery. Actually, I enjoyed his music becuase I was on acid at the time and now wonder what might be wrong with Mr. Fubar.
--The Nyork Tymes, April, 15, 1867
Strange Things For Strange People
I believe that Johnny Fubar is very strange. His music is very strange and you should like it if you are strange.
--Psychosis Weekly