Painted Water The Kings Rescue (Mastered
Painted Water has a real composers touch with fully realistic and delicately handled instrumentation. Art in the music and music in the Artist.

-Larry Ludwick

Review of Glastonbury by Larry Ludwick
Its seems hard to indicate to others how wonderful Ians music can be sometimes. I bet many dont have the temperament to understand his music and much other music that gets pushed into the New Age cubby hole. It is not a failing on anyones part, but just like some people can distinguish the delicate differences between fine and not so fine wines, while most cant and dont care to. I think I have an ear for this music and I can appreciate the subtly for certainly it is not a music that overtakes your senses, but more one that draws you closer and closer. Ian has an artists touch in many ways and no more well illustrated than in this piece. Soft, delicate music like a faint sound in a forest or a change in the wind.
--Larry Ludwick
Review for "The Chase"
Artist: Painted Water
Title: The Chase Ft John Holgate
Link: here OR Download

Back to the rock right now though, although Painted Water first made me sit up and listen with an absolutely knockout World track - Feastia of the Sun (August 2010) - so this is another side of him. From the looks of things on his Soundclick page, he does a lot of collaborative work with guitarist John Holgate who you may also know. It's actually billed as guitar rock and for sure John Holgate sets the place on fire with some incredibly powerful licks, and some sterling acoustic work thrown in for free. Certainly if you have never heard any of John's work before, this will inspire you to check him out.

Painted Water is a minority musician insofar as he plays keyboards and considering we are eyebrow deep in rappers and elbow deep in guitarists, a welcome change of pace. What particularly impressed me with Feastia Of The Sun was its incredible attention to detail and it's even more staggering production values, it was a track that leapt out of your speakers loudly shouting how good it was. I'm really happy to say that the same attention and time has been spent putting The Chase together so obviously this is a musician of some considerable strength. After all, Feastia go a well deserved Must Have from me on all those things and so does The Chase.

What really singles this guitar instrumental out of the millions upon millions of of others is the seamless way these two musicians work together, a truly complimentary pairing. Now obviously it IS a rock guitar instrumental but certainly the score that Painted Water builds up behind that is most definitely world music, showing that this is preferred genre and speaking as a world musician myself, I can see I'm going to have to up my game because I sure as **** wished my tracks sounds this good. A totally dazzling combination of raw rock and world music that just blows me away...

MUST HAVE Rock/World hybrid.

Steve Gilmore

Review for "What it is to love"
“What it is to love”, the newest release from Painted Water encompasses all that we value and love from New Age music - masterful juxtaposition of original music with the beautiful cover art. The entire record is consistent, mature, nuanced, lovingly crafted, expertly produced and what is mostly important a bearer of the whole palette of human emotions. Each song express unique sentiment, which lead to uplifting dramatic inspiration. If you need a bit of mental and physical time out, and a relief from the stress of life, sit take a deep breath and put on the Painted Water’s CD and relax and listen......very calming and very easy to get lost in the melody and ride with the ocean of emotions at least mentally and in spirit! -
--AMAdea Records, BULGARIA