Push Thru (W/Hook Breana Marin)
Instrumentals with Hooks
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Stone Marmot - 'Babes of an Alien Persuasion'
"... mostly a joy to listen to ..." and "... that several of them ("Environmental Poser," "The Choice," "Ms. Frumpy," "Sensitivity") are amazing says some truly scary things about the way Marmot's brain works." and "... the marvelous harmonies, caricatured pop hallmarks and utterly ludicrous themes are surely worth the price of admission."

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--Scott Harrell, "Weekly Planet," March 3-9, 2004
Stone Marmot - 'Babes of an Alien Persuasion'
"Happy. Quirky. Up-beat. Positive, yet non-preachy. Yes, pop music could use some of this. And so here is Stone Marmot to deliver."

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--Steve Allat, "The Muse's Muse," Feb. 23, 2004
Stone Marmot
"Close your eyes and imagine a marriage between the B-52s and Devo. Kinda scary, huh? Well, the folks in Stone Marmot have a cool, catchy tune here ..." and "... the lead and backing vocals are very well recorded and perfect in the mix, capturing the Fred Schneider style in all its glory ..." and "A talented bunch are the Stone Marmots ..."
--"Recording" magazine, Jan. 2004, "Readers' Tapes" column