Re: Sad Today
"Axella Johannesson, the longest name in folk music today, brings us a soothing track from her self-released CD Mama Never Told You About Me. Autumnly breezy vocals, leaf-trickling guitar work and a gentle piano wind, Axella gracefully moves us in this three-minute ode to the ups and downs of love. Vocals and guitar wait for no introduction, plowing into the sadness from beat one. A piano adds an elegant touch to a track already full of class. Carey Grant with a cigar. Grace Kelly and a martini. Sad Today is a loathing, yet uplifting pep talk, as Axella convinces herself shes both pathetic and hopeful at the same time. Its what we, wandering confused through this unknown thing called life, deal with day to day. Life, death, love, loss. Axella has captured the paradoxical expression that is nothing less than the essence of human emotion."
--Eric Myers,
Re: The Unrequited Blues
"This is a tune that is so comfortable in it s genre, you ll start feeling good about it from the get go ... Unrequited Blues is one of those clever blues songs which mananges to talk frankly about heartbreak, while it offsets the pain with a bouncy tempo and smile in the vocal. The singer delivers a heartfelt message with the authority in her style; involving you in her plight without taking the whole picture too seriously. Don t miss this one ...the instrumental track is swinging and the tempo is right on...Mary Chapin Carpenter with a decidedly Blue edge."
--Patti Sterling
Honest and Heartfelt

"Very honest and heartfelt. With pounding bass and drums, husky vocals, a subtle sense of humour and a intelligently weary understanding of the slings and arrows of life. An important counterpoint to the somewhat dubious current popularity of bimbo style pop production house divas- this Rough and Ready vocal style hints at, perhaps, one too many late nights and drinkin early mornings at various saloons in the antipodes."
--Mark DiMarzio
Unique Voice
"Axella Johannesson s unique voice makes her stick out next to strumming waifs-with-guitars. In fact, her husky vocals sound more than appropriate next to the psychedelia-tinged, guitar-heavy songs about pub life, break-ups and depression. Truly beautiful in an understated way."