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from Phil Dirt - Reverb Central
The Reverb Rockets mix great rock and roll and cowboy vocals with fine unpretentious instrumentals. Their music is very high quality root rock oriented, with excellent musicianship and great writing. Well produced and infectious, this CD will surely please anyone who appreciates real rock and roll the way it was designed to be played. "Sweet Little Girlfriend" is a very cool fifties single targeted track with the hooks and the melody and the sound. Recommended.

Picks: Ghost Surfer, Lobster Tank, Sacrifice, Single Coil Theory

--Phil Dirt - Reverb Central, Santa Cruz, CA
"The debut from this Virginia trio holds a light-hearted mix of vintage-sounding rock n' roll, country, rockabilly, plus a splash of surf rock."
--John Wirt, Baton Rouge Advocate
"Don't get the idea by the surfin' cover or the rock-a-billy name that the Reverb Rockets are some run-of-the-mill retro band. As the group's excellent first CD reveals, this talented trio of Richmond-based pros is the real deal. With a rocked-up groove that digs deep to explore the outer limits of tone and themes both musical and lyrical, "Test Rocket" is full of fun. Sure, there are surf and rockabilly sounds, but there's much more as each of the 11 songs rolls with an energy and presence that's a pure delight.

All three members contribute as writers as well as singers and players. "Cowboy's Work" is the wonderful tale of a lazy cowboy, and "Armchair Quarterback" rocks with equal humor. For the instrumental tune "Single Coil Theory", guitarist Mike Lucas plays with inspired and crazy frenzy, while bassist Clark Ball and drummer Rob Lytle punch out tight time changes. "Ghost Surfer" mixes mystery with fluid guitar runs and whammy bars. "Hellbender", the mock-serious tale told by a hooked fish, is handled with appropriate Spinal Tap flair as the guitars again go berserk. And any CD that includes a but where the nonsense chant "Lobster Tank" repeats at odd intervals over big guitars and rhythm is tops in my book."

--Ames Arnold, Style Magazine, Aug. 2001
"The Reverb Rockets debut CD is a long overdue solcae for our surfabilly sensitivities, adding some crisp bacon to the California sushi roll. It's twangin' heaven".
--Page Wilson, host "Out of the Blue Radio Revue" WCVE, Richmond, VA