Apathy At The UN Collab with Desolate Soul ,Bobby Dodd
Apathy at the UN, a good hook but a sad note on those decision makers. sounds like your heart is in the words & reminds us of the times, in which we live. a most excellent job on the words, vocals and guitar work, all carry this message home. more people need to hear it.
your song really works, for i have erased 3 messages, while thinking on this Apathy. that is what such a song is all about, the stiring of emotion & looking for a solution and the reason. shadowland is shinning, the hope is that someone at the UN hears!!!
my brother just spent over six months in Nigeria & is also wondering why a land, with so many natural resources, is so poor & ever at the brink of civil w....   i listened a couple times the other night & dl the song but it made me think of so many players in the game & the only solution.... the song is easily a hot on the box. keep making us think my friends.   bwel   pRr
--newwine posted on Thursday April 12, 2007