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Aethyria - Manifestations of 99-02
AETHYRIA is the solo project of one Jeff Woodruff, and a grand one, at that. Jeff has a remarkable creature on his hands. Imagine a moodier old EMPEROR or laid back IMMORTAL, and you have at least a small inkling of what AETHYRIA is about. Do not expect a ton of keyboards, because they will only be found in thankfully sparse amounts. Jeff lets his guitars do the talking, and I thank him for that. Here and there throughout this record, thrash riffs creep in. I'm not sure if this is a personal best-of or if it's a complete collection of AETHYRIA's recorded works from 1999 to 2002, but at any rate it's a worthy collection, and it flows like a full-length album. Even a track from Jeff's project THE AWAKENED ONE is included, which I remember receiving flyers for around 1999 or so, which would be accurate, since that is the oldest material here. This is a CD that I pop in when I want something heavy but brooding, but with a black/death feel. If you want some excellent guitar work and great songs, AETHYRIA is a sure bet.

Reviewed by TTDWarzine