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WA Blues Society Paper
Here's a small post in WA Blues Society Paper on Gypsy Piano Blues new song In The Long Dark Shadows(Reigning Calamity) Gypsy Piano Blues,Wasn't home,missed this GPB on Feb 12th podcast.check it out!
--WA Blues Society Paper 02/12/17
The Music Release Today
Jul 19 12:37am 2017
Gypsy Piano Blues
--The Music Release Today 07/19/17
A Little Bit Of Information
--Exposed Vocals /Gypsy April 7th 2017
Here's a small post
2017:FEB Here's a small post in WA Blues Society Paper on Gypsy Piano Blues new song In ... Gypsy Piano Blues,Wasn't home,missed this GPB on Feb 12th podcast.check it ..... WABluesSociety, The Blues Music Review. March 12th, 2017
Post From ReverbNation Page from AINIGMAS MANAGEMENT UK
Here's a post from my ReverbNation Page:
AINIGMAS MANAGEMENT UK: just love whats going on with this artist just a pure pleasurable listening experience so many twists turns and the music is just layers of enchanted genius best wishes trajan May 04
--May 04,2011
Musicians Corner..BSWPA (Blues Society Of Western PA.)Newsletter,01/11
Pittsburgh Museum examiner described Denise Peachey's Gypsy Piano Blues as having livened up the Avenue in the Nov 2009 performance series in the Bloomfield section of Pittsburgh.Denise,known for her keyboard,blues organ,harp & vocal skills,has released 3 CD'S and has appeared on the Code Pearl CD(proceeds went to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts).Peachey appeared at The Baltimore Jazz & Blues Fest,The Federal Hill Jazz & Blues Festival with her previous band Gypsy &Crazymoon,(2003)Her Inspirations have been Elvis Presley,&The Rolling Stones,Her influences include:Dr.John,Jerry Lee Lewis,Fats Waller&Leon Russel.
Listen to her current song,"When The World's Got The Blues"
--01/11 Jonnye weber
Profile:Gypsy Piano Blues
The blues styling of Denise Peachey's Gypsy Piano Blues has been said to liven up the Avenue in the November 2009 performance series in the Bloomfield section of Pittsburgh. A proud native Pittsburgher, Denise has released three CDs, appeared on the "Code Pearl" tribute CD to Janis Joplin (of which the proceeds were donated to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts), and has played for the Baltimore Jazz & Blues Festival and the Federal Hill Jazz & Blues Fest with her former band Gypsy & Crazy Moon. Peachey has received radio play on Bzoo Homegrown Radio, Pitt Radio, Crossfire Radio, Fat Cat Radio and Nette Radio and has also gotten airplay in Australia, France and England.

At the age of four, Denise learned began her studies in music and piano with her mother, who had majored in music and was a music teacher at the University of Indiana PA. Eventually, her mother became her music and math teacher at the local Catholic school she attended -- something she notes she wasn't particularly pleased with. Denise lists Elvis Presley andThe Rolling Stones as some of her biggest inspirations.

One of Denise's most treasured memories of her life as a musician is when she played for 5,000 people with one of her earlier bands, Gypsy &The Crazymoon, at the Baltimore Jazz and Blues Fest in 2002 for the Federal Hill Blues Fest. One difficulty Denise mentions she faces as a musician is not being able to drive due to a heart condition she has had since she was a child, therefore needing people to drive her. When she was growing up, doctors told her she most likely wouldn't live to the age of 30 and wouldn't be able to have children. A testament to the fact that miracles to occur is that Denise is now in her mid-forties and has two children.

Over the years, Denise has played at roadhouses "in the middle nowhere" with Gypsy & Crazymoon, showings for which large audiences always showed. She has played for towns in Pennsylvania she didn't know existed, for colleges such as State College and Leigh High Valley, and has been played for Womens Radio in Nevada Live 365 and Blues & Boogie Live 365 in rotation.

--02/12/2010 Pittsburgh Museum Examiner
Seeing Blue Set to Make Fans Happy
Seeing Blue set to make happy fans

       Los Angeles, CA Gypsy Piano Blues has announced the impending release of a new album, Seeing Blue, whose title track will be the vanguard single from the CD. Gypsy Piano Blues is a solo performer and also collaborative. The core of the act is Denise Peachey, who frequently offers her piano and vocal music. But she often works with musician friends, resulting in a variety of instrument combinations. Sometimes its Peachey on piano and vocals while a guitar joins her. Other times, drums are added to that mix. Sometimes bass guitar or saxophone gets in on the mix. And then there are those Peachey-only moments. The fluid nature of the solo/collective Gypsy Piano Blues makes for living, dynamic music. There's always something new waiting to happen.
       Seeing Blue shows off the sultry, stoned and sensual blues grooves of Peachey's project. Downtempo hooks meet passionate vocals and gritty melodies in a blend that touches on subtly psychedelic. It's like a massage of music, sinking its hooks in slow and deep. Seductive and atmospheric, Seeing Blue unleashes the heady power of Gypsy Piano Blues. It demonstrates her faithfulness both to old school blues and to rock-infused varieties. It's more rock-blues than traditional yet there is plenty of traditional blues too, says Peachey, yet it brings in all the other styles blues evokes.
       Peachey began this project in 1994 in Pennsylvania and it has grown steadily since. Two prior albums have helped Gypsy Piano Blues solidify its popularity: 2004's Cry of the Gypsyand 2006,Roll With Me Daddy. Peachey has also appeared on the Code Pearl CD, a tribute to Janis Joplin, on which she performed Chain of Fools and an original track, All Out of Lies. The proceeds of that disc were used to assist in the Hurricane Katrina disaster. She has played the Baltimore Jazz & Blues Festival ,the Federal Hill Jazz & Blues Fest with her previous blues band Gypsy &The Crazymoon Blues Band,and has received rsteady radio play.
*Update cd is now released!*       Her new album is scheduled to be released in Spring 2009. Spring and summer of 09 will see Peachey go on tour to support Gypsy Piano Blues' latest CD. She is currently unsigned
       More information is available by visiting

--A&R Los Angelos CA. Feb 1st,2008
Gypsy Piano Blues Seen at
**** The Free Artist has GPB charts listed at (May 20th)Top New Songs In The Top ten 1.Blonde Devil In Disguise 3.Groove State 4.Seeing Blue ****************************************************************** Song Vault Charts May 19th on may 19th listed the Top Forty Blues 20.Seeing Blue 21.Blonde Devil In Disguise 22.Groove State ************More Charts To Come Just Have to Update******************* tibii said: posted on Mar 15 at 12:55 am Good stuff. I especially enjoyed "Groove State", it sounds like a session between Booker T. Jones, Jimmy McGriff and Bo Hansson. ***************************************************************** GPB at MEVIO.COM look for Gypsy Piano Blues ****************************************************************** SongVault Charts Week of May 1st found on May3rd ****************************************************************** Gypsy Piano Blues buy cd at Promo FM --Gypsy Piano Blues --April 25 was Number One My Music!!!!!!-- ***************************************************************** Groove State is No.2 in Soundclick under funk and I believe 241then 124(april 8-9,2008) under pop in Monster Vox Billboard Charts Blonde Devil In Disguise is No.1 at Pitt under country blues Monstervox Billboards Groove State 124 ,Tearz On My Piano 224 04/8-9/2008 ***************************************************************** GYPSY PIANO BLUES ***Featured Unsigned Artists at Westwill radio April 24th****************** ***************************************
Getting to Know Denise Peachey(Gypsy)Music World 3D Featured Artist Jan 19 2008
Getting to know…Gypsy Piano Blues

Denise Peachey, known in the music world as Gypsy Piano Blues, takes her name straight from what she plays. Her music is piano based blues of various styles, as well as some blues rock and a bit of funk. Her voice has that husky, just woke up quality to it that makes the songs come to life. These are the songs you can just sit with, alone or with others, while you think about life and have a drink.

Gypsy Piano Blues has been performing since 1994. Sometimes it is a solo act, and other times Peachey has other musicians join her. She has played with many other musicians, especially when she is traveling. Her line-up being in a state of perpetual change ensures that no two shows will be the same if one goes to see her play live. In this time of recorded, lip-synced shows that is a refreshing and welcome change.

Influences for the music of Gypsy Piano Blues range from the rockabilly pieces of Elvis Presley, to The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and even Jerry Lee Lewis. No matter where the inspiration comes from, you will hear a heavy dose of emotion in each song you listen to. And with such influences, her music will feel like a cozy, worn-in sweater to fans of the genre.

Peachey is always working on her music. Sometimes she practices in bed, and has been known to fall asleep with her keys in bed with her. Now that is a love of your art!

When I asked what Peachey thinks of the idea of the music contract as the great goal of musicians, she shared this;
“A good thing as long as you can be creative and write what you want. I signed with A&R to license my music for films and to distribute my new upcoming CD yet I still remain an independent artist…”
She also thinks it is important to play out often, keep writing material and always have CDs available.

Gypsy Piano Blues will be releasing a new CD in Spring of 2008 entitled Seeing Blue. The title track is currently available to hear in her jamroom at Please visit her site and learn more about the artist and the songs that will hang on your heart.

--Music Worl 3 D january 19/2008
Favorite Band
Favorite Local Band
Favorite Local Bar Band
--posted on signs in various Pittsburgh venues July 2006
Popular Blues
Popular Blues & Boogie Band
--Pittsburgh Post Gazette,Nov30,2006
"Websters Bookstore"
As I was walking in ,soulful piano blues was drifing out into the street from Webster Bookstore Cafe &Gypsy was playing her hit ,"Roll with me Baby",picked from out of 136 women by Janis Joplins Estate,down to 36 women for a compilation a Janis Joplin Tribute,Code Pearl,coming out on 2006
--Voice Magazine,State College PA.,Nov 2005