One of the most unclassifiable projects in rotation on Groovera, a music reviewer once termed Samann "world dance", because he couldn't think of anything better. One quarter musical inspiration, one quarter musical talent, one quarter technology, and one quarter pure-blind luck, Samann is one of the most prolific projects - and longest running - that we on Groovera have the joy of showcasing. Despite its escape of neat and cozy labels, you sense the many flavors of Samann's sound - Latin/Cuban, pop, house, rock, R&B, new age, jazz, and many finer distinctions best left to the discerning ear to identify. And with these flavors, it is no wonder the titles in the Samann catalog read like a traditional Dominican cookbook.

Today, they release all their material on the MGZC imprint, as well as a number of other projects.

Samann has been a long time coming being presented as a Featured Artist on Groovera. Be sure to stop by CDBaby and pick up one of their releases!

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