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OGDEN -- You know you can't go wrong with a Celtic concert that features a Jimi Hendrix cover song.

Fri, Mar 12, 2004
Standard-Examiner staff
OGDEN -- You know you can't go wrong with a Celtic concert that features a Jimi Hendrix cover song.

On Monday, in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, Peery's Egyptian Theater will present "An Evening of Celtic Dance and Music," featuring two musical groups and one dance troupe.

The event, which begins at 7:30 p.m. in the theater, will feature the Celtic/folk-rock fusion band Callanish, along with the Celtic Beat Irish Dancers and the Galloway Pipe Band.

The event is part of the theater's Oasis Series, designed to bring local talent to the Egyptian's stage. Admission is free.

Monday's program will begin with the Galloway Highlanders pipe band from Clearfield. The group of traditional Scottish pipers features three generations of musicians.

The band, patterned after the famous Black Watch Pipe Band of Edinburgh, Scotland, has performed at a number of competitions and festivals throughout the Intermountain area.

Anchoring the evening's performance will be Callanish, a Celtic/folk-rock band from West Jordan.

The band takes its name from a group of stones in Scotland called "the Stonehenge of the North."

Callanish features James Douglas on electric bass, Brad Armstrong on electric guitar, Mary Beth Cresse on flute and Jennifer Bogart on violin. All four musicians share vocal duties.

Douglas said it's the mixture of traditional and modern instruments that gives the band its signature sound.

"It really is unique because I play bass and Brad plays guitar -- and that's the electrical part of the sound -- but then we have the other two playing traditional Celtic instruments," he said. "The combination of the two is pretty modern-sounding, but also authentic."

Callanish has a handful of original tunes it plays, but the majority of the repertoire is old Irish jigs and reels, and folk songs.

Oh, and that one very special song.

"We even have a Jimi Hendrix cover that we do," Douglas said. "It's called 'Little Wing.' "

Callanish formed about a year and a half ago, out of the ashes of another Celtic group called Kings Irish.

"My roots are from Scotland, and I've always loved Celtic music," Douglas explained. "But being this day and age, I'm also very fond of the popular music that's out. My idea is to fuse the two together. It's not a new idea, but I just love the fusion of the two. I feel like it really brings out the Celtic sound even more so."