CDBaby recommendation!
Kelly McKee's You're Lost, possibly the finest current CD in the neoclassical / symphonic rock realm. This is a concept album of works inspired by history and civilization, which achieves higher than typical commercial quality in recording. Try it on a digital theater or hi-fi system, as a full dynamics stereo test disk!

The compositions presented on You're Lost draw from classical composing form, at a level of depth and artistic performance that set it apart from other offerings in the neoclassical realm, while establishing many firsts for the genre. The tracks are instrumentals, with one vocal song performance by the guitarist. Each song takes you to a different place and time in history, and achieves textural realism with only the use of the instruments of the rock band.

Artificial use of common digital synth devices, such as oohs and ahhs, are largely absent leaving an overall arrangement style that is analagous to chamber orchestra, and allowing the handcraftsmanship that beautiful music has always had come through clearly..

'Battleground', and 'Into The Night', have two of the fastest staccato guitar solos ever recorded on them. Kelly has mastered both staccato and legato playing, and this album features incredibly well composed solos. Also employed are subtlety, dynamics (soft to loud instrument expressions), and precise orchestrally-done percussion rather than conventional rock drums.

The music here even features a new, 3 dimensional musical arrangement style that brings to life imagery, morphology, and texture. For example, 'Into The Night' achieves a 3-dimensional quality, like being inside of a cathedral, in addition to being about one! The singing on the piece has proper 'affect' - the singing style matches the setting and intended character part of the song.

In addition to the advanced use of musical representation throughout that would compare well against any prior classical music in world history, there is the beautiful opening rhythm section of 'Turn Of The Century', an adaptation of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" rhythmic style for electric guitar.

The victorious return march of forces back into Athens at the ending of 'Battleground' is one of the most unforgettable and stunning coda/finales ever done in the genre.

Kelly's composing stresses substance over style, yet results in some of the fanciest guitarwork and arrangements yet done with guitar.

Though it is not pop-metal by any stretch, You're Lost is an indispensable part of any BaroqueandRoll CD collection. Fans of fast guitar will find fiery guitar soloing; and listeners of all ages can feel the drama of real history.

Summing it up; it will blow your hat, and then your socks off! 10/10