RedEyeC - Cleopatra (entrance)
Forgive me if I rave on here...but this track has really won me over. I've played it about four times before starting on the review trying to absorb all that I can. This is a superbly crafted piece of music that is just perfect for its subject matter. You can picture exactly what the artist describes. It starts with background synths and a harmony bass/vibe run, before some excellent acoustic lines come in. The motif then recurs with percussion and some swirling synths in the background before a wonderful organ sound joins in. Then an electric guitar plays variations on the main motif before it's joined by a brother guitar harmonising on the motif. Then comes some flaying guitar lines, more organ......Wonderfully textured piece of music. Congrats Redeye C. One of the best things I've come across on this site.

Highly recommended

--Brian Ralston - Selftort / Mixposure 10/31/05
RedEyeC / Syngularity - Tomorrow's Yesterday
Right off the bat this track grabs the listener, a stomping jaunt into the unknown, the guitar is on FIRE!!!

A surging of power pushes the track from within, this is hard to create but you nailed it, and those bursts of heat from that awesome guitar sound and playing are sheer bliss, there's a rippling layer of electricity in this track, it's like I can't think of a genre for it - maybe ambient power, startling work. This should be in the next James Bond film, elegent and dangerous - WOW!!

All the best to you, THUMBSUP!!!

Great creativity and accuracy, not to mention superb polished production.

--Maria Daines - Mixposure 11/24/05
RedEyeC / Syngularity - Quantum Mechanics
Well I actualy reviewed this one yesterday just as mix decided to go down :)
Here's what I said :)
Red Eye,one of THE best guitarists around today IMHO.
Pascal, a sound magician.
Put the two together and we have a crossover of ideas and styles that lend into something WONDERFUL.
If this song had been done by one of the legends of progressive music,they would have been hailed as reinventing the genre by going back and yet going forward.
They would have spoke at great length how this song has reminded them that the MOST important thing about music and musicans,is HOW WELL YOU CAN PLAY,not how fashionable your new look is,or your new dance routine.
My congrats to you gentlemen,this is CLASSIC.
4 x yes.
--Nigel Potter - Mixposure 12/10/05
RedEyeC - Ella's Sorrow
Another instrumental ballad which moves me very much. A serious tune with such a fine balance for all the instruments, symphonic flair, sensible expression on organs and piano. Such a touch of sadness... "time is ticking" at 3:30. This is one of my favorite tunes of yours now, shows your artistic depth and a master structure, with love for every musical detail and impressive development of the message. Thank you, your Friend Pascal.
--Syngularity / Pascal Gregory - Mixposure 12/6/05
RedEyeC / Syngularity - Tsunami
One SMOKIN' tsunami...& just LOVIN' that guitar, man! Makes the listener FEEL the waves rushing in, hopefully viewed from a HIGH POINT (the song structure contains JUST the right kinda' energy to MAKE ya' high - not that I'd know anything about such). This one gets an IMMEDIATE rating of MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from my energy-starved ears!
--Zzaj Productions - Mixposure 8/4/07
RedEyeC - Beside You
WeLL ThaTS HOW ThiS MAkes ME FeeL ... Im FloATinG AwaY TO a DReaMY STaTe OF BliSS ... JuSt PURE JoY TO LIStEN TO YOU ... HELL DoWNLOADinG FoR MY DReaMS .. WhaT MOrE CaN I SaY Ya a MAstER ... Im a SlaVE TO YoU WhEN yoU PlaY ... TAKE a BOW ... KaT 4xYES
--KaT - Mixposure 10/16/06
RedEyeC - Adieu
Just wrote a review concerning the level of difficulty in conveying emotion, and here, that goal has been achieved. A very powerful piece, that speaks to anyone with the good sense to listen. I particularly love the way you hold those notes at the end of a few of those runs, and bleed them . . . RJ
--Robin James - Mixposure 12/29/06
RedEyeC / Syngularity - She's So Fine
sorry i missed this here now and what a dramatic buildup!!bottom end bass line is catchy as hell...good to hear you burning again on that six string!!pascal,great synths and drums!! laying it down nicely for bob and his sizzling work!! cheers gents!! bless those collabs!!
--Mark Cloutier - Mixposure 3/29/07
RedEyeC / Syngularity - Velvet Impressions
well bob... this is more than lovely... i hear immediately that pascal's music inspires you as much as it does me... everything just comes out special with syngularity... was that tapping i heard... or you just have very long fingers... but that second segment... what melody... man you know your harmony bro...
you left the simple scales, blues and major, behind a long time ago... you must be somewhat like valkir and me... a holdworth fan you see... someone who shows an afinity for the master of harmony... gotta hear this again my's all just brilliant but that bit at 2:10 is profoundly deep... the simplest part technically but so rich musically... i think it's when you articulate those brief changes to the four minor in the middle of that I-IV-IVm major progression that's so beautiful and deep... yo... dawg... you is awesome... thanks for the DL man... IPOD pix x4
--Rapster - Mixposure 5/12/06
RedEyeC - Chariots of Judea
I have to say I think this is one of your best Bob!! You've put a lot of thought into the melodies and keys and I love the whole structure of this. The bits that really stand out for me are the Malmsteen-like run around 2:15 after the break, the note at 2:34 and the awesome piece at 3:09 - speed with melody! 4xYes Paul
--Paul Oakley - Mixposure 11/7/06
Top Review for "Her Oasis"
I can say without fear of contradiction that this is one of, if not THE best piece of music I've heard on this site. Heck, why limit it to this site. I'm really lost for words which is probably a good thing because otherwise I would just start gushing.

Seamlessly this track builds from a gentle pretty track into one of incredibly awsome power and again seamlessly drops back into the tranquil.

I'm a bit confused as to whose composition it was. I'm assuming it's Bob's and that Pascal has "added the extras" but whichever of you is responsible, you have created a masterpiece and to the other congrats for your imput.

I love the delicate interplay between the flute and piano sounds in the beginning. Harp and strings then fill it out. It's just so beautiful. The introduction of the rhythm builds it ever so slightly and then it just keeps building and building. I can't include all the highlights in this review so I will stop now.

This is a must listen to. If you don't download it you're nuts.

--Brian Ralston - Selftort / Mixposure 1/10/06
RedEyeC - Shalia
I’ll get the disclaimers out of the way first. I have known Red EyeC, Pascal and Minouche on another site for some time now and we have become good friends. I've also been in a couple of collabs with RedEyeC.

Although Red Eye C (I’ll call him Bob for ease of convenience) is one of the finest guitarists I’ve heard, he has recently been doing vocals and this is the first example of his work I’ve heard where we get both the guitar and his vocals.

The song itself is a beautiful ballad. Bob has a gentle but powerful voice (if that makes sense) with a wonderful timbre in the upper register. It’s a perfect voice for this love ballad. The synth pads (I assume that’s Pascal) behind the vocals fit perfectly with the tone of Bob’s voice. The chorus is just gorgeous and the use of delay is beautiful.

The guitar work is powerful yet lyrical at the same time.

A wonderful collaboration with lovely lyrics from Minouche.

Highly recommended


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--Brian - Selftort / SC Critics Corner 4/2/07