Abandonless Possibilities
Stuck to the mantra of the infinite vaccuum, a blessed account has been atoned. Far off in the future Nam June Robot's present day sound has been established for the past and in honor of this, the siamese twins of light have had their palms read and bookmarked. Fortune shines upon us this night for we have seen the sound of a new tin pioneer, against a backdrop of insanity and hatred, blindess and faith, death and mayhem it glows like a beacon in the aurora.. 'for no one provokes it with impunity.
---Camel Toe Annie, The Strangler, 02-15-2003
Buried Under A Mountain Of Tundra
Equalizing the soundscape of the ages and burrowing holes in minds usually vacant of thought, an aural unity has been formed in one of the last places you thought you'd find it. Not one but, eleven frequency walls have been born into this undiscovered country for the taking, each more beautiful than the next. There are but 11 plains cracking the concrete in the valley of tar. Nam June Robot will welcome your ears.
--Tron, The Global Speculator, 08-26-05
Solid Fluidity and the Temples of Silver Guilt
I found this band to be systematically cultivating reordered chaos in an intangible but definably barren plein air landscape of fruitfull growth. Tessellations of sound cover the stereo image in polygons and a metamorphoses occurs to the extent that the sound occassionally breaks free. Nam June Robot has nothing to do with mathematics. Math is more concerned with the gate than the garden that lies behind it.
-- --Maurits Cornelis, the Nova Clone, (1898-1972)
The Value of Having Two Ears
Barbed tubes of air wash the slate clean once again making your frontal lobes free to cry and solve problems. Nam June Robot hopes to stimulate your space-specific-neurons to create maps of auditory space based only on frequency for your benefit. Even if you navigate and locate new music by echolocation, you'll be able to find some fun from these noisebursts. So brush up on your ability to recognize variations in sound and give this Robot a chance.
--The Owl Gazette 08-26-00
Bald White Wall Tires
In all my seconds in this gravity swirl, never have I hocked up such a flyswatter swordfish of a kool-aid jug. While other frequency mutilators wave their equations to the wind, Nam June Robot gets to the artichoke heart of the anti-matter by writing music for the gases...
--Corn Bread, the Hobo Chronicle, 2-06-75