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"Best Man"
Hi Mate, really dig this tune... added Best Man! That's some 1st rate stuff!!!

Love the funl feel of this one, mixed with rock. Superb, man!!

--Mike Kohlgraf/ 21 June, 2005
"Not Quite Kelly"
Alright, here's goes "Not Quite Kelly".

Okay, very very very tight track, you have an incredible voice, and the track empowers it, oh wow, that's some real production. I love the premise of the whole thing, A girl you met who looks like a girl named Kelly, that is awesome. The lyrics rock, the chorus is catchy as all Hell, with some great backing vocals. The guitar solo has some great, fast-fast guitar... thingies. INCREDIBLE song. I mean, with the description you give to her doppelganger, God only knows how much of an angel Kelly is (or demon, I don't care, she still sounds like a hottie).

--Kenneth Nishimoto/ 20 June, 2005
"Wow" - "Get it Right This Time"
Wow... this is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard on the site. Although the author classifies it as country, it really is more in the New Jersey rock tradition, with beautifully played piano very reminiscent of E-Street's Roy Bittan.

The singing too, really reminds of the Jersey sound, and the lyrics which ride the fence between sublime and child-like (the word sublime is in the lyric!), are also highly typical of Jersey rock.

What a beautiful song, a true joy to listen to. If I have only one criticism, it is that I would have used rim-shots and not a heavy snare during that first verse. :-)

--admiralbob77 8 January, 2005
Good funky fun! - "Light the Flame"
First off, I love when I see a funk tune in need of review. You guys got it nailed. Supertight bass and drums, and nice funky guitar pickin. The production is perfect on this tune, everything is heard very clearly. Voice is real good too, Very original and with conviction. The only thing I would suggest is maybe some backing vocals to fill it up even more.
Still all in all this is a fantastic tune, tight and fun, and funky too!!
Great job, Killer sound.

Aaron (ethic)

--ethicdrummer/ 12 June, 2005
Holy sh*t - "Mid Life Crisis"
Hell yeah,ass kick rockin zztopish tune with great lyrics!
This tune has it all, Musicianship,vocals,lyrics, power, and humour too! Another radio hit for sure, this song lacks nothing. I'd love to see this one live.
Simply stated: You've got it!

Aaron (ethic)

--ethicdrummer/ 12 June, 2005
best man gets on down and does the funky chicken - "Best Man"
kingcongaman loves the groove of best man...funky ckicken...mashed potato...the orangutan stomp.. i danced,i fell down,got back up and straightened the furniture then danced some more to the cool organ groove and tasty guitar licks....this song is a great party groove to shuffle your feet and wag your bum to...well done!

--kingcongaman 5 June, 2005
I smell a hit! - "Best Man"
Wow! Once again with the supertight rythem section, and once again killer production. I love lyrics, great story and quite sad, I know alot of guys who've asked that question. I could see this tune doing extremely well commercially. Again my only comment would be a couple of female backing vocals, especially in the last chorus so that it would sound as if the congregation was singing. Just a personal opinion though, There's not a thing with this song just the way it is.
I'd wish you luck with this song, But don't think I need to. All you've got to do is market it right, and you've got a hit!
Best Regards, Aaron (ethic)

--ethicdrummer 12 June, 2005
I absolutely adore this - "Best Man"
I grew up on the funk of the seventies, with a particular affection for the Tower of Power horns. Self Tort captures that groove here (even without the horns), in a funky arrangement very far from the quantized funk of today. The song is dynamic, has a great drum performance, and delightful little interjections of guitar that hints a little of 70s jazz heavies like Benson or Scofield.

The lyrics however, are right out of the Robert Cray playbook, full of betrayal and romantic duplicity. This is one of the best entries I have yet heard!

--admiralbob77 8 June, 2005
Ok you got me - "Best Man"
well i have to say this song is interesting. the lyrics are great. the music is nice and tight like i like it. i just have a little problem with the vocals. too much reverb on the vocals and it sometimes goes flat at time. but i kept listening to the song over and over and the song got better and better. so basicly it works. you got me.

--lovebites - 17 June, 2005
"Welcome to Soundclick"
Here goes:

'Best Man'
Great music, great delivery. In regards to this style/genre, It's my opinion that you delivered this with excellence. I wouldn't change a thing.

'Mid Life Crisis'
Again, an excellent tune. Flawless delivery.

'Get it Right This Time'
Nice work here also. By now, it's clear to me that you're a seasoned performer. I'm impressed.

'Light The Flame'
This reminds me a bit of the 'Red Hot Chili Peppers'. Diversity seems to be one of your outstanding qualities as well. Very easy to get into the groove on this one.

'Not Quite Kelly'
Wow, I really enjoyed this one. Great pop-rocker. I'm hearing some cool 50's-60's elements that really make this song for me.

Final notes: Lot of talent, great production, good mixes. Very enjoyable stuff. Keep making music!

--hragan - 17 June, 2005
"Not Quite Kelly"
Not Quite Kelly

Pros: I like the feel of this track, for the most part, some nice guitar work here, such as in the solo. The lyrics are great, sung with sensitivity and diction, not an easy task.

Cons: I think it'd be much better if the riff, instead of repeating Am E three times, went Am F last time, because that sets you up with the 5th of the major (C), and would give the riff a greater sense of progression and movement. Mix-wise, the vocals are a little too sunk into the mix, and need something to spark them up, because your voice isn't quite doing it for me right now - compression or a little better suited verb might work (currently your verb sounds very processed, fades too quick, and bounces). The drums are a little weak sound wise - a little quiet, a little muffled and the snare needs a LOT more attack. I'm not convinced on the piano, it needs to be played with a lot more groove, Elton style, to help rather than hinder the track in lifting off. The backing vocals also need to be sung with more sensitivity to the groove.

Ironically, I think in the end the track "lacks a little charm, lacks a little grace". It's nearly there, but needs just a few pushes/shoves in the right direction

--that singing guy- 19 June, 2005
"Best Man"
Best Man

Nice voice

Good groove

Good mix

Although I don't hear a hook here this is a good CD filler


--John D Ranger/ 17 June, 2005