Tyler's Song
" I heard the song before knowing the story. I invited these men to discuss the music because I liked the song and wanted to discuss their child abuse foundation. Knowing the background to the music and the foundation, I can say folks, this is a beautiful, wonderful, powerful, inspiring song that together with the child abuse fund they established, is a admirable effort to fight the horror of child abuse. I hope you folks consider buying a cd or tape or sending in a donation"
--Paul Irwin on the Paul Irwin Show on WICR/FM on April 12, 2000
The Tyler Fund/"Grandpas and Little Boys"
" What a wonderful, awesome way to make something good out of an awful thing."
--Barbara Presutti interviewing Robert Parsons and Darcy Troville on the Trinity Broadcasting Network Public Forum Show on Feb. 3, 2000
Deborah Norville on Inside Edition
"This a beautiful song intended to help children"
--Deborah Norville on Inside Edition, NYC
Larry King Comments
"These Are Wonderful People Who Are Making Something Good Out Of Something Bad"
--Larry King on Larry King Live LA
Attorney Alan Dershowitz Comments
"These Are Good People With A Good Cause"
--Alan Dershowitz on Larry King Live, LA
Song Creates Link between NH and Indiana
" This is a beautiful song, powerful. Composed to help fight child abuse and educate the public"
NOTE: Song can be heard on newspaper info line ext. 5505
--Jillan Safer- reporter-The Nashua Telegraph- Nov. 1, 1999
Grandpas and Little Boys/Tyler's Song
"A creative form of expression that might save other children."
--Natalie Holzer-Top Story News Report/WISH-TV. channel 8 ( CBS) Indianapolis, IN Nov. 14, 1999
"TROV", Grandpas and Little Boys
As a civil rights /employment law attorney, and a radio talk show host, I am exposed to a lot of personal drama and emotion. Usually I can handle my own emotion.When I first heard the song, Grandpas and Little Boys while sitting at my office desk, I broke into tears.This was before I knew the background of the song. It's tenderness and sensitivity really hit me. My reaction was to the song, not the story. Later I learned the story behind the tragic and bizarre alleged murder of 6 mos. old Tyler Shanabarger. How sad and unfair. This song is a wonderful memorial to him and a great tool in the cause to PREVENT child abuse as well as address it.The truth and powerful message is presented in the most simple of words. When a song addresses events as simple as swinging and running,hearing it causes a gut wrenching reaction, something special is happening. The little boys voice at the very end just pulls the last effort to withold tears and you succumb.Its been a long time since a song has had such potential in so many areas. From charity to commercial appeal. This song deserves to be heard. As a radio personality myself, albeit small, I will do what I can to see that other stations pick up on this song and play it. Beautiful melody, sensitivity with a powerful message and affiliated with a charity. What more ingredients are needed for success. I recommend it to my peers for aiplay, and to the public to buy it and/or send in a donation at the very least..
--Nancy Richards-Stower, ESQ. Radio Talk Show Host of " The Law Show" on WSFM-1590 AM, Nashua, NH. Nov.3,1999
Grandpas and Little Boys
--Bill Whyte-WFMS-FM 99.5,Morning Show 10/13/99
" Grandpas and Little Boys "
--Rafael Sanchez,reporter-WRTV channel 6 ABC. Evening news 10/12/99
Trov Critique
As for a critique of Grandpas and Little Boys, I will say that I was very moved by the song. I will also say...that as someone who does not sing very well at all, the thought did strike me that as beautifully arranged and written as the song and melody were, it must have been equally difficult to sing. It struck me as I listened, that a "name" singer, would have been honored to be handed this kind of material and that THIS SONG MAY BE HIS BEST WORK EVER!( a signature song perhaps).And with the body of work that name singers already have, THIS IS SAYING A LOT ( about the song)!
Secondly, as heart rendering as it must have been to speak those lines at the end of the song, the feeling and sincerity for Bob Parsons he would bring to those words. I am thinking as a creative person, who has worked with sound bites and real people on tape for 12 years now. It is very powerful stuff.
As a father of a 3 year old daughter, I was barely able to see from the tears in my eyes from the outstanding effort as it is now in this song.
--John Collins, reporter/radio newscaster - 10/10/99- The Nashua ( NH)Broadcaster
Tyler's Song
--Rich Van Wyt 9/21/99 WTHR channel 13 news