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U2-2 support 19th November 2010
Another great gig for Rosewood supporting U2-2 at The Ferry tonight.
As a support band for possibly the world's biggest band (in tribute form anyway!) there could not have been a better choice, Rosewood were simply fantastic.
Only a matter of time till Rosewood break into the 'mainstream' support world and grace bigger and better stages...and it will be totally deserved, they are simply awesome!
A nice comment from a visitor to the website...
''It takes some mighty big balls to claim you are the best rock band in the world, but damn if you don't back it up with GREAT MUSIC!''

--Appeared on Rosewood message board
Thunder Supports - November 2006
Rosewood had a great time on the Thunder tour... the following are some comments that have appeared on the Thunder chat forum....

"Fantastic doesn't quite do it justice, one of the best Thunder gigs I've ever been to.
My first ever "last night of the tour" show..... totally blown away, the guys seemed to be enjoying themselves more than previous shows I've been at. "

"Simply Amazing. I Didn't take pics, I didn't remember the setlist, just had a fantastic night!!!
Come back soon Thunder, I hope the Banjo playing locals didn't scare you.
PS - Rosewood were good too!"

"Well i went to my 3rd Thunder concert last night in Glasgow. A fairly recent convert thanks to my husband's obsession. Thoroughly enjoyed myself, the 'sea of hands' was just amazing to watch! Read a bit about what you lot think of Rosewood and i have to say they got better the longer they were on and i think it was the 2nd to last song they did that was great. However, i agree with someones comment about the front man not working the crowd very well and i felt soooo sorry for the guitarist when his string broke, at least i think thats what happened but we were a bit far back to see. Anyways, hubby is going to be dead impressed that i have signed up to the message board - will tell him when he gets home from Inverness tonight! Thank you thank you thank you for finally agreeing to come up here and play by the way - journey to Glasgow is shite!"

"The band were fantastic last night!!! Loved it.

As for the support band, Rosewood, they are gonna be HUGE!!!!!!! For a support band, they just rocked the house - brilliant sound, and great tunes.

Was it me, or did the left handed guitarist have his guitar strung upside down??? Either way - great stuff."

--Thunder Forum users
Daily Record 'Soundcheck'
IT seems this Scottish five-piece are on a roll. Not only did they send in their 10-track CD, Based on a True Story, but three new songs too, which I've chosen to review.

The band mix the spirituality of Joshua Tree-era U2 with the swagger of The Cult's call and answer guitar sound.

It's A Wonderful Word is an upbeat rock anthem, part Cult part Echo and The Bunnymen.

Her Believer is familiar to any fans of U2 with traces of the Irish band's With or Without You. Final track Wired, with its ballad tempo and lazy guitars, owes more to Bon Jovi.

Rosewood are aiming for stadiums. ''

--Rick Fulton - Daily Record - 11th August '06
Cathouse - 23rd July '06
Great night again, thanks to the hoards of Rosewood fans who made the journey, we appreciate it.

Special mention has to be made for the facepainting, banner making, thong wearing nutters.... good work fellas!

Some pics of the gig posted on the 'pics' page (funnily enough).

p.s. Special bonus prize to anyone who got the next pic of Emma when the top went up further?? Or is that just wishful thinking??

--The Band
ID required at some Rosewood after show parties
Please note that Rosewood aftershow parties will require those of young appearence to produce suitable ID to prove the meet the age restrictions imposed.

There have been isolated cases where particular Rosewoodettes have found themselves in the embarassing position of being refused entry to certain establishments.

Can you all ensure that you have ID when attending these after show get togethers to avoid these problems in the future.


--Rosewood Security
The Cathouse - 12th May
Thanks again to the loyal Rosewood fans out there for their good showing at the Cathouse tonight, nice one fellas... plenty of noise being made and few choice dance steps were noticed too!!
Special thanks again to ever stunning Rosewoodettes, Kellie, Vikki and Emma; modelling their Rosewood T-shirts to perfection!! Hopefully post some more piccies on the site soon, curtesy of the lovely Fiona (the Rosewood Happy Snapper!) Thanks Fiona xxxxx

Hope to see you all again soon, looks like the next gig will be at Fat Boab's in Kincardine... keep an eye on the 'Live' dates page for confirmation.

Thanks again y'all for the support, the band all appreciate it!


--the band
The Cathouse - 12th May
'Crackin' night - must have been, my ears are still hurt! Roll on the
Fury Murray's - Ayr
Thanks to the loyal few who tunred up to watch the band at Fury Murray's, the band appreciate the support!

Despite technical probs with Chris's new guitar it wasn't too bad!

Sure the next gig at the Cathouse will rock!!

Best Wishes for James
The bands heartfelt condolances go out to James after getting into the gig on Friday night a little too much... seems he tore half his calf muscle out whilst dancing to Rosewood!!

All the best mate... hope the leg gets better before the next gig!!

Extra points next time if you manage to actually break something though!

Renfrew Ferry - Glasgow 24th Feb
A big, big thanks to all our fans who made it to the Ferry gig!! Especially the georgeous Rosewood(ettes) with the special Rosewod T-shirts... they were stunning.. and so were the T-shirts! boom boom

Really though, the band had a great time and hope you all loved it as much as us.. thanks again!