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'Chained To You'
Gripping and emotionally poignant!! My good god Maria and Paul, you drive the message straight home to the bone with this one ... this is one painful crying out loud eulogy in memory of Shepp ... heart wrenching lyrics, Paul's blistering and crying blues guitar solos ... and your voice Maria - powerful and emotional, quivering and wavering fervently and painfully in all the right places ... you send chills all up and down my spine gal, spilling your heart out painting this picture of Shepp's horrific pain and misery, left alone, sitting, lying, chained and starving, eyes searching and waiting till the very end and that last lonely, helpless dying breath of life ... hungry, tired, cold, wet and alone ... for god's sake Lord, where are You? Where on earth are You? This is one awesome song in every sense of the word - lyrics, vocals, instruments, arrangement, production ... and purpose - humanitarian. God bless you both for such amazing music!!

Neil W Young
The Legendary Bear Creek Band

Chained To You
What an absolute honor to discover this talent here, another unsolicited jewel and at #1 on the blues charts - little wonder there - no critique required here, again the total quality of this one definitely speaks very clearly for it's self, but if I may, an improvised review while I stream it in respect to this doll of a singer and one hell of a band - let me start the song over here and. . . ok, beautiful arpeggiated melody in two chord descending luster perfect for the mood of the song - vocals unsurpassed in all of IAC that I’ve heard thus far, bass line kicks in right when I wished it would and now an excellent ascent with a crunchy chord match to the arpeggiated chords and oh my God the lead guitar now so beautifully yet full of soul telling it like it must feel for the poor girl, you two must be very tight friends or cosmic experiencers of the same moment - crescendo now - w/ bad azz melodic tight perfection, now heavier runs up and down the scale and into oh I did not expect this, a sudden pause - my God I got the chills followed swiftly by screaming for relief of pain lead riffs way beyond the like of Eddie Van Halen both in precision of stops on the neck and definitely more emotion present then a lot of the masters, and totally out of this world from the empathy in the notes and velocity of emotionally guitared technical precision in the hits on the scale, oh my Lord, have mercy on this child, I’m crying now, my God I'm crying such fat tears as whole composition especially guitar riff relays so perfectly the feeling of this kind of dilemma and I'm very empathetic as I can relate and now, into a perfect, perfect stunning ending, sudden and without drawn out warning just like the heartache sung about here probably and leaving me wanting to hear more. . . . absolutely masterfully produced and full of musical and lyrical genius . . I will play this often . I got to stop and compose my self God bless you child and heal your heart love . . . beautiful song. . . simply beautiful and very, very, soulful, not since I sat in Janis’s garage in Texas and listened to her rehearse as childhood friends have I heard such heart and soul flow from a woman. . . you have the voice from the God sweetie, I love the song, truly, absolutely love it. . . . . RESPECT SISTER . . . . AND BAND!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock Makes A Comeback!

'I don't think the UK has given us such powerful music since the glory days of The Who and Led Zeppelin!

True rock is mostly about attitude and Maria has it in great supply! Her songs, co-written by guitarist Paul Killington, kick the proverbial arse.

It is clear at first listen that they are well on their way to musical greatness! But just what is it that makes them so amazing? I think it is the obvious enthusiasm that they put into every note of their music. The great heart and power of the vocals and the quality of the song writing are paramount, but, there is an indefinable thing that happens when someone is born to sing and perform and you experience that rare and precious gift listening to this music.

If you mix Janis Joplin and Melissa Etheridge and add a dash of Gretchen Wilson, you will start to comprehend the powerhouse that is Maria Daines'

Joey Stuckey
May 2008

Music United For Animals
Music United For Animals is a collection of music that focuses on the plight of animals in the modern world, and one can only hope that this pioneering work inspires other artists to take up the theme. Meanwhile, the voiceless victims of human cruelty could not have wished for a more effective advocate than Maria Daines, accompanied by musician/producer Paul Killington. The language of poetics speaks of the "pathetic fallacy": the ascription of human qualities to inanimate nature. A far more significant--and deeply tragic--fallacy is the failure to ascribe human qualities to creatures in the animal kingdom. Maria Daines offers a powerful antidote, assuming the person of abused, exploited animals and singing their desperation and pain with a depth of authentic emotion that can't fail to touch any but the most calcified spirit. Maria communicates her profound sympathy for the very real and deeply feeling awareness of animals with undeniable, irresistible conviction. And those who share Maria and Paul's concern for animals will be able to identify with the emotional range of the album; for, while some songs, like "I Am The Owner of This Coat," are poignant laments, others explode in angry outrage at the crimes perpetrated against helpless animals by human beings. If you feel anger at the greedy exploitation of puppy mills, at the slaughter of wild horses and whales for profit, at the vicious obscenity of the fur industry, you'll hear your own feelings pouring out in the remarkably powerful voice of Maria Daines and the passionate guitar work of Paul Killington. Maria's voice is a rare instrument, a haunting sound that cuts deep and true, combining exquisite beauty with raw emotion. Hers is a very special talent and one you will be thrilled to have discovered once you make her acquaintance. There are many ancient fables of champions sent by Heaven to fight for the oppressed. Thankfully, such fables sometimes describe a present reality. I'm very, very glad and grateful that Heaven has sent Maria Daines to fight for voiceless animals with a flaming sword of a voice that might cleave through even the ugly armor of human cynicism. If you want an album of richly satisfying music coupled with a message that's moving, meaningful and long overdue, you will love this record. The first song alone is worth more--much more--than the price of the entire outstanding collection. You can't go wrong.
--Gary Frederick Edwards -
Downbeat Magazine, March issue 2007
Maria Daines: Treebone (Maison Alas; 65.41) *** Daines, in England, has the tremendously exciting voice of a blues diva in the making. Her bluesy rock album with Paul Killington on guitar and all other instruments tantalizes as the precursor to her straight blues recording promised for release later this year. Many vocalists go an entire career without reaching the rarefied heights attained by Daines on the edgy, atmospheric 'Ain't Nobody' and the potent ballad 'Bring Your Love Along.'
--Frank-John Hadley
Black Mariah
Big staggering, swampy, fat-tone blues. This is a real bottle of corn whisky this one. This really steps down into the southern ponds and churns up things from the bottom. You just can't get away from the beat on this one, it's like trying to swim through molasses with two open bottles of JD in your hands that you don't wanna spill. Just love it.
Steve Gilmore 4th Stevies Awards, Tracks of the Year 2006
Maria Daines/Paul Killington - I Am The Owner Of This Coat

Last years Artist Of The Year has been suspiciously inactive for much of the year, at least on the online scene. However, my puny, insignificant membe... ummm award paled into the background when the full glare of internet publicity (Ed: ain't that a hoot?) fell on Maria and Paul when they also won IOMA's Artist Of The Year 2005 Award. That, my friends, is pressure. Nonetheless, I've been keeping tabs on the Cambridgeshire contingent and know that they have lots of real-world stuff happening (a live band, gigs, opening of supermarkets, that kind of thing) but they've also become highly involved with animal welfare; as is typified here in the most heart-breaking song you are ever likely to hear - whatever your thoughts on animal welfare are. With its understated arrangement and production, I Am The Owner Of This Coat leaves Maria to fully express every single emotion it is possible for that tremendous voice to pour into an already emotive subject. The CD Music United For Animals has just been released and boasts this front and centre as track one - which it is, in every respect. (Ed: right, and this would be the vocalist you keep referring to as The Gob would it?)

Telegraph India, Review Music United For Animals
Music for a cause is nothing new but music solely devoted to animals does seem novel. Maria Daines, a British singer and songwriter has just released a CD entitled, Music United for Animals, that is aimed towards the cause of animal rights and welfare. Says Maria, “As a child I had many pets and my mother taught me how to respect animals.”

Indeed, her album espouses the cause of animals in a medley of situations, starting from dogs in Romania to the horses of the US. “I can think of no better reason to create music and I would like to make a difference that I can feel in my heart, and share with others,” remarks Maria.

The CD features 13 songs, all of which are thoroughly enjoyable. The best song of the album is the ballad, I am the owner of this coat, to make people aware of the horror of the fur trade. Maria has also voiced her concern for Indian animals. Recently, she wrote a song for a protest concerning an elephant polo match organised in Jaipur. She has also performed on BBC recently.

“Everywhere, the animals need a friend,” says Maria. The animals surely have one in her. (The CD is available for order from her website:

-- Jan 2007
Treebone review by Bryan Anthony
Maria Daines comes on like a Janis Joplin crossed with Genya Ravan, Juile Driscoll (This Wheel's On Fire) and Tina Turner. You know that, with a title like "TREEBONE", she, and Paul Killington (on guitar), gotta be up to something that's gonna be more than just a "piece of fluff". Well, you're in for a treat. The moment you hear the first song, "Ain't Nobody",   you will know, instinctively, that the rest which follows has to be just as substantial. It is! The next song, "One Good Man", confirms this. It starts off nice and gentle, and then, in comes Maria's bluesy vocal. When was the last time you heard raw emotion like this? I bet you'll say "not in a long time".

       The album moves on into the next song and, for a slight change of pace, Maria and Paul dive into something almost countryish, "Bring Your Love Along". The blues edge never goes away. Move on to the slower moving "Brandy Queen". It's still there. And there it is again, in the sheer rock and roll pleasure of crunchy guitar laden "Tear Down The Walls".

       At this point, you gotta ask: " when was the last time you got your hands on an album you could listen to, start to finish, without having to skip tracks to find something that will grab your attention and keep it?" Every track on this CD drips with energy and raw emotion, even the quiet songs. A well paced album that delivers from beginning to end what others only promise. This is not a pale watered down imitation of classic rock blues. This is the real thing. So, if you're into music with a bite, then "TREEBONE" is just the ablum for you, a bonafide must have.

Rock My Soul
Streaming Country Station

LOVE this track by Maria Daines. On this song her voice reminds me a tad of a young Kim Carnes. Maria's voice has that distinctive quality that makes her stand apart from the everyday - WOW is all I can say! This is a great rocking tune and the guitar work is top notch. Too cool!

I don't wanna fight no more
From - Anti Desecration Of Planet Earth Station

Once again Maria & Paul hit the heart...what a beautiful and inspiring song...I FEEl the pain of the animals involved in this barbaric 'sport'...thanks to M&P for their tireless support of all the charities they have written for. Their songs are worth a million dollars EACH!

I Wanna Run Free - Message of Support from Willie Nelson
Maria, love your song   
you are also a great singer
sincerly Willie
Review of video film/song 'I don't wanna fight no more'
My God! How can anyone enjoy such stuff as this! Terrible, terrible, terrible. A true Southern Gentleman loves his dog almost more than life itself! I'm no vegetarian and have no aversion to leather, but this is really sick. Your words and the spirit conveyed by your voice is almost overwhelming. Your passion is highly commendable, Maria. I think you have found your purpose in this life. If only the tears you make me cry could cleanse the evils from this world! -M-
-- (blog review)
Maria...I can't help but cry for Andrew...your beautiful voice and words honor his life, and his death...and hopefully will bring more awareness to the plight of the sweet, sweet, tormented souls.

--Lynn April 13, 2006
Street Kids
Beautiful - I have tears in my eyes...Thank you both so very much for this. Gordon xx Mar 5, 2006 10:03 AM
Dear Maria & Paul,

Words can not express just how grateful we all are to you both for writing this beautiful song about our beloved Andrew. It was so very sad to loose our No 1 ambassador but the thousands of messages of support and now this wonderful (and very emotional) tribute to Andrew show us all that he certainly did not die in vain. His memory lives on with us all and once again strengthens our determination to end this barbaric suffering once and for all.

Andrew has and will continue to play his part in a unique journey and we thank you for playing your part in this journey too. Andrew’s memory will live on in the words of this song.

Best Wishes,


Dave Neale

UK Director

Animals Asia Foundation

Find out more about our historic China Bear Rescue and Friends or Food? projects by visiting the Animals Asia Foundation website at 13/04/2006
I Am The Owner Of This Coat
Maria Daines and Paul Killington,

Facing the truth is sometimes more than some can digest too easily.

Here, in your song, I Am The Owner Of This Coat, I find that you are truthfully revealing a tragic and desperate situation.

When I first listened, I had this funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. Of course that wasn't caused by the great instrumentation and your always emotive and strong vocals, but, that feeling was caused by the content of the lyrics.

I am so sorry to even have to hear of this sad situation. But, if we need to hear about this tragedy, and then become well informed about it, and act upon it, I say, there's no better people to spread the message than, Maria Daines and Paul Killington. Well, that's my opinion anyway.

I am listening to this song several times in a row. The impact of the imagry that you convey is simply disturbing to my minds eye.

I am saddened by the fact that there exists a scenario that even has to be addressed by our community of this tragic nature.

Thank you for the wake up call !!!!!

I am copying the lyrics into this review so others that stop by my band page and take a look at my written reviews can also have a chance at seeing the lyrics and become interested enough to listen to your very important song.

I Am The Owner Of This Coat

I am the owner, the owner of this coat
Brown eyed, small
Without a hope,
Soon to perish, soon to cry
Just so you may wear, my fur with pride...

You may not wonder, how I feel
N' you may not know, my pain is real
But I wonder, how you live with YOU
As you live with me -
Now I'm through...

Yes I grace your neck, oh I keep you warm
And through my death, there's your careless arm -
Oh you're stroking oh, what once was alive
My heart, my bone, laid aside...

Now I'm merely, dirt and dust
Just a memory, of broken trust
Just an animal, for you to KILL
A trinket made of life, for your fashion thrill...

Oh I have no voice
Oh I have no name
Just a wretched piece of meat
Drowning in vain
Oh speak for me now
Oh please hear my plea..
Oh don't, don't, don't, don't turn your back on me...


I am the owner, the owner of this coat
Brown eyed, small
Without a hope,
Soon to perish, so soon to cry
Just so you may wear, my fur with pride....

(c) Daines/Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP



Sometimes the truth is a bitter pill to swallow. Yet, when it is being communicated in song, I believe the accessability of the message being heard is just that much more likely !!!!

Thank you, Maria and Paul for a very humbling and enriching experience.

Afterall, getting a reaction is what you are trying, and, succeeding at with all of your music and lyrics. We need you Maria and Paul to stand up and speak for those that can not defend themselves. Kudos to you both for having the conviction to care, and, do something about it !!!!

My prayers are with you and I hope the changes you are initiating through education and careing with your great music will be answered for the defensless in all aspects of our planet that humankind is plundering for their instant gratification and flashy fashion.



P.S. I am happy to know that there are defenders of those that can not defend themselves. And two of those people are, Maria Daines and Paul Killington.


Maria and Paul, you are truely making a difference !!!! :-)

-- Reviewed by: ZEST 12/28/2005 Zest Radio
I am the owner of this coat
Don't you two ever sleep.....   

Every time I look at the board there's a new and brilliant piece of work from you.

This is incredibly powerful. Great message but delivered without a sledgehammer but with passion and a wonderfully crafted set of lyrics.

Delightful picking by Paul sets the scene. Maria is, as you'd expect in fine voice and her phrasing is just so right.

Really like the bass line and the separation in the mix is spot on.

Love the powering up of the chorus and Paul shows yet again that a guitar doesn't have to be loud to sing. Gorgeous lead break.

No doubt you'll have another couple up next time I click in. But who's complaining.

You've done it again.

--Reviewed by: selftort 1/5/2006
I Am The Owner Of This Coat
I love the fact that you are so in tune with the planet and issues of great importance. Yes we have voices and my personal belief is that for those few minutes we have an audience's attention we should endeavor to say something and do our best to open a few eyes to issues as well as entertain. Being a dog lover, and lover of all the planet's creatures great and small this abominable trade must cease. Maria and Paul, Thank you for once again touching our hearts and souls and opening our eyes in such a graceful and tasteful have my utmost respect.
-- Reviewed by: exhippiedude 1/6/2006
I am the owner of this coat
A worthy cause and great song   

Well, there are 2 things to address here, the song and the issue, as usual, Paul and Maria belt out a song that is just stunning in quality and oozes passion and sincerity...just top notch performances and production..then there is the issue of the fur trade...which I agree it is pretty sick to use a part of a living thing to use as an adornment...there is a difference between using animals for sustenance, which I believe God has given us that right, but I don't believe that we have the right to abuse them and use them for vanity. I applaud you for bringing this issue to the forefront with this spectacular song.
-- Reviewed by: M3 1/26/2006
I am the owner of this coat
Just HAD to Review this one FIRST!   

For the cause!!!!!! Say NO to the "Fur Trade"!

I love that picture of the Artic Wolf. The Wolf is one of my favorite animals. Dogs are so like minded to humans, I believe. :)

Bless your dear sweet hearts(Maria and Paul)!! For creating such a heartfelt and touching peice of music, for these poor babys(animals). Who have to suffer for the sake of fashion! When it is TOTALLY uncalled for(there are plenty of materials out now to keep you warm and looking chic' without harming a single living creature)! I LOVE all creatures great and small. So, this song is one that truly moves me. When I saw the sites(videos and photos included), it really saddened me deeply! I cryed so see the horror they must endure for this "fun fur" stuff. Those poor little Racoon Dogs!! Oh my goodness...I just hated to witness that. I wanted so bad to reach out and hold them in my arms and take them away from all of that! And the pregnant minks who have no where to give birth in peace...pacing back and forth on the bars a crummy old rusted cage. How could people stand to work like that??? I wish they could see that these poor sweet babys are inocent. Taking their life...and for what? For glamour? Even more surprizing to learn that it takes several animals just to make one full sized coat! It's bad enuff they are beaten to almost death and then skinned alive! But the living conditions on these fur farms are discusting! I am still so shocked to have found that this was taking place in the world. I highly commend you both, and everyone who has come together to put an end to this horrid act of barbaric proprotions!

Your Lyrics are BOLD and sooo STRONG, and really convey the emotions that run through our minds(anyone with a heart to know how wrong this is) on this subject. Your Vocals are as smooth and clear as ever. Very crisp recording quality! Perfect Production...for a fantastic song! As it should be! A song tributed to a GREAT cause...let's all do our part, and help save these dear animals who haven't a voice for themselves!!!!!!

I give this tune 4 YES...I highly Recommend EVERYONE to take a matter what your genre! There is a POWERFUL message here...that we all NEED to HEAR! Keep on healing the world with your art guys!! It means allot...Thank You!

Peace & Love,


--Reviewed by: GinNger SparklezZz 2/7/2006
I am the owner of this coat
Time to Change   

We feel helpless, when we see what people are able to do to other people, to children, to animals... for egoistic interests, for money.

We have to stand up and to find a way to open their eyes, and try to stop them together... Maria Daines' message and engagement is a way.

This is the one of the most beautiful and sad ballads I have ever heard.

Thank you, Maria & Paul.

-- Reviewed by: SYNGULARITY 2/10/2006
I am the owner of this coat...
Incredible song...   

The lyrics on this are so moving. Whan you couple them with your powerful vocals this is just an amzing song, that everyone should hear. When my wife and I both listened, we couldn't speek for a while after, the impact was so great! It's good that you've brought this to light as so many people don't know what's going on all around the world.
Excellent work to you, and Paul who did a great job with the production and strong playing.

Paul Oakley

-- Reviewed by: Paul777 2/17/2006
I am the owner of this coat
This was too easy   

Easy because I am already a fan! This track offers up the same rich music that I am used to hearing from you. You never let us down. Rich vocals, rich guitar work....both grab my ear and wont let go. This track is more of the same things I eat up! Keep them coming Maria! You are an inspiration to many! I love ya!


-- Reviewed by: Gare 2/20/2006
Powerful, heart breaking song
Powerful, heart breaking song   

Here I am at work, bawling. I hope nobody comes in!

Magnificent voice, such a sad song but so important to get the message out there especially as fur seems to be once again be gaining more popularity in the "fashion" world.

Do these people not care or are they just clueless? Maybe both.

This would be a great song to put in a documentary on the fur trade. I know some of the news shows (Dateline?) ran stories on the cat and dog fur trade, maybe they could be persuaded to re run those stories and add this song.

The horse slaughter song is also a wonderful work, thank you so much for your efforts!

--Reviewed by: summerhorse 3/1/2006
I am the owner of this coat

Tonight on BBC TV, Sir Paul McCartney is on a documentary about the cruelty in China to cats and dogs. for the fur trade.
Just seen a run up on BBC breakfast TV and along with an Animal Rights chap, there was someone defending the fur trade, and virtually saying that the cruely doesn't exist.
Anyone seeing the videos on Maria's site will know just how horrific and extensive the practice is.
I don't get mad very often, but man, I was furious and disgusted.
(missed the first bit, but I guess he was a clothes designer)
-- Reviewed by: Carol Douglas 4/19/2006
I am the owner of this coat of the best songs ever.   

What can I say? It made me cry. And if I listen to it again, I know it'll make me cry again. My God, it's a beautiful song, and your voice is awesome. It's outrageous that so much trash is currently playing on the radio all over the world and this song isn't at the top of the charts everywhere. An absolutely brilliant work of art. Anybody who isn't touched by this song ought to worry about the condition of their soul. Thank you for devoting your tremendous talent to helping the helpless. With your help, they won't be "without a hope."
-- Reviewed by: weirdoboyfriend 3/4/2006
Beautiful Song for a Beautiful Animal
I burst into tears listening to this song such is the power of the emotion that welled up on hearing the words and music and thinking of Andrew's tragic life and death!
I wish this was a real hit song that millions would hear and maybe then some more would get done to save these beautiful bears!
--Review of 'Andrew' 4/13/2006 Bard of Ely
Great musicians with a great intention
Like to say that we admire your engagement for people and animals who are in distress. And you do that with the best thing you can do: your great, great music. The ORPLID Blues Band is sending you best wishes and like to give you support. All the best from us . Erik
--by ORPLID 4/4/2006
True Artists of Today !
Hello Maria and Paul,

I just had to add my name to your fan list because i am truly a fan and love ye're work. Your music is very inspiring and creates deep emotion and i can tell you give it ye're all and fair play to you. The combination of you two Paul and Maria just amazes me to a point where i feel every word in your lyrics and music. I sincerely wish you continued sucess in all that you do. Best Regards, James C.

-- by: sheamrock 6/1/2005
From the first song I listened to you early last year, I knew you guys had that something special that sets you above most of the others. The music is always spot on and the way you deliver the vocals, well just sweet music to the ears. You just keep getting better and better and you're already the best. I just love the music you make, it's refreshing to hear.
-- by: Jerry And The Zeros 6/22/2005
Treebone has me felled.
I honestly cannot say enough good things about Treebone. So I am not going to try LOL Perhaps its best I say what I don't like about them.................................... .......................................................... not a single thing. Highly Recommended and up with the very best on Mixposure. Thanks for sharing your talent and music with us. Gerry
--by: Gerry 7/12/2005
So kind...
I just had to write a quick note to tell you how enjoyable your interview was! You had me almost rolling on the floor reading about the goings on during recordings sessions. It's very similar for me when I do it... except without the animals! I record in the basement, and I seems there's always a load of laundry or something that interrupts! Mickey
--by: mickgrasso 7/13/2005
Maria and Paul
I cant begin to tell the both of you how wonderful the promo you did for my show was when i dj, it cracks me up every time and then to have written a song for me, I'm just overwhelmed and it ROCKS just like every tune you two record, it just rocks, I'm a lifetime fan, that means til I die, love ya
-- by: carol lowery 7/18/2005 Cygnus Radio Presenter
Love Your Passion.
Firstly of all, I like to congratulate you and Paul for being the Number 1 hit song Rollin'. This is definitely a great sense of honour in both of you now. And most of your tracks are going fast too. This is absolutely a very very good sign too. Secondly, I like to thanks you for the wonderful and generosity of your kind reviews done for me. Lastly, it has been a wonderful pleasure listening to your music, a experience that will never get from ordinary musicians.
-- by: piperon 7/24/2005
I've been listening to your songs, and I'm just floored! I hardly know where to start: you have great lyrics, great music, powerful vocals, wonderful musicianship, sharp arrangements, and excellant production values. You're a world-class talent all around. On top of that, you have a ton of songs. And, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to hear the rest right now.
-- by: Lazlow 10/14/2005
Hi Maria
- just a note to let you know how much I've enjoyed listening to your wonderful voice & music. I'm very much a blues fan (and all forms and styles it encompasses), so it's great to hear such an expressive artist such as yourself do the genre justice. Very tasteful guitar playing too by the way; really a pleasure hearing the talent & artistry come through the recorded tracks. -best, Carl
-- by: Carl Eichman 12/6/2005
Maria and Paul,

congratulations for the awards and nominations! You surely deserve them! Thank you for your kind message! I wish you a wonderful and very successful 2006! Paul Nery

-- by: paulnery 12/29/2005
Hi Maria and Paul,

What a year it was for you in 2005! You blasted onto the internet like there was no tomorrow!! gathering loyal fans, and making true friends everywhere you've been. This, I'm sure is because you truly are musicians of the highest calibre, with so many emerging talents (over and above those we already know and admire you for!) Added to that, your total commitment to your craft is clear, as is your endearing sense of humour. 2006 I'm sure will really be the making of you both, and WE'RE ALL ROOTIN' FOR YA! Love, Carol.xx

-- by: Carol Douglas 1/5/2006
Great radio show
Hiya, Maria and Paul, Congrats on the radio appeareance, sounded cool from here, listened on the net, great interview and some cool tracks were played, :-). U came over really well, relaxed and interesting, I loved when the travel people were late and u got to talk some more, hehe. It was a good spot for your band, but also good for net musicians in general, encouraging, and lets more people out there know where the good music is at these days! :-). Nice one, Soot
-- by: Sooty 1/16/2006
Thank YOU :)
From ' fans ' and from your friends - we thank you for this special gift that God has given to you - the gift of song and music which you have so powerfully used to help so many causes ! And a gift that people world wide can just sit back and enjoy as your music reaches people in every walk of life :) there is definately something for everyone to be found in your music ! Many hugs from Mary Alice, Chris and all the ' fur and feathered ' kids on Jollity Farm here in Cornwall ! You guys are just SIMPLY THE BEST :) ! AND WE LOVE YOU !
-- by: moonflower 2/12/2006
Back on Top!!!!
Yes folks...Mixposure's best from the UK are once again holding the #1 song on the site, a title that they have had before and will have again...because Maria & Paul aren't just great artists, they're wonderful people who make the world a better place. Congrats to you my friends!!!!
--by: Pinedog 3/4/2006
Set us Free
Dear Maria: What a voice! At last a Grande Dame, who is in the same league as Aretha! The total sound is fabulous. Great vibes. I truly dig it. Come play the (in)famous Paradiso in Amsterdam!
--Sherill, Mar 5, 2006
Track review 'Business AIN'T Music
Bad Ass!   

If you guys ain't makin some serious waves in music some time soon then I will be shocked. Excellent lyrics get your message across wonderfully and once again powerful chord sequence backed up with that terrifying voice [thats a compliment] and awesome lead. Credit to ya.
--jburnstar86 9/30/2005
Song title 'I Can't Give You Love'
As far as im concerned this is the ulitmate song for maria and paul, they locked me in from the beginning and this song is the ultimate to me, that's all i know, it rocks my soul so very much im in love with this song
--Carol Lowery 11.6.05
Applause from your Welsh friend!
You know that I'm a fan of your work and this song 'I can't give you love' was the last one I hosted on myspace. Proudly so too. Gosh, you guys get better and better and I didn't think that was even possible! It's a pleasure to listen to those powerful vocals and the production is always spot on. Paul, what a musician. Can't fault you. Both, incredible songwriters and the perfect team. To top it off, you're both wonderful human beings too. Who loves ya baby?! ;-)

Erin x

--by ErinSimms 12/6/2005
Never Give Up
The time will come when the things you sing about will be the accepted way of things...never give up and there is no better voice to voice the call to sensibilities of the masses....

This is an amazing song and the idea behind it is the sentiment that needs to flourish....I believe it will and it is the doing and believing that keeps me hopeful....AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU GUYS who are prepared to voice your support for the earth as a whole without looking for something to be IN IT FOR YOU...just using your medium to get the message across..great work!

Lyrics have so much attitude..reminds me of a heartfelt Dylan song when he sang songs that meant something.


--Badmouth, review on (Peace Wins The Election)
Inspiration leads to inspiration leads..

Maria Daines,

WOW !!!! Peace Wins The Election, is an anthem for the times !!!!

I believe this song should be an award winning composition !!!!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the added work you have taken on to promote the Greg Allen interview !!!!

I will reciprocate as I can, and spread the word that Maria Daines is in for the long haul in terms of your committment to your music, and, the rejuvination of planet earth !!!!!

Your spontaneous recording and vocals are full of live and conviction. The guitar playing is also magnificient. Paul really knows how to tastefully embellish your lyrics, vocals and guitar playing like the sensitive and talented person I have come to know through both of your fantastic and wonderful artistry.

You are such amazeing people. I am very fortunate to know and interact with you. Many blessings to you both, and to your loves ones too !!!! Best regards,

Paul D. Richmond

P.S. Greg Allen, also extends his appreciation of your kind support.

Maria, it certainly seems that there are a lot of meanings and words to describe peace. However, only those that truely live in peace can know its ultimate freedom !!!!

Let us pray that there will one day be a more understanding relationship between our chosen leaders to take a lesson from you and all the other people that are trying to make this planet a better place than it is now.

I am in your sevice. You have my ultimate respect and gratitude for being such a staunch advocate of the actions we all must endear ourselves to in order to achieve millions, no, billions of humans hopes for world peace, and, rejuvination of planet earth.

This is a great moment in history where, as it is said, one person can initiate change. I know that you are perhaps the one that will, with others, educate, and motivate us all towards this difficult goal that we all share. PEACE !!!

Thank you again for all your support and hard work. But, also, thank you, Maria, and, Paul, for being active and creative contributors that enhance the universe with the beauty that is both of you through your dedication and heartfelt careing !!!!

PEACE !!!!!

--Paul. D. Richmond, review on 14.11.05
Buy this album! Buy it, buy it, buy it!!!!!
I absolutely cannot understand why this woman does not have a massive record deal and why she is not world famous. I know there are a lot of great voices out there, but Maria's just absolutely blows me away. I found her on one of the Internet independent artists' sites, and she is generous enough to permit MP3 downloads of all her music on I did download all of it, I listen to it all the time, and I bought the CD from CD Baby because I didn't want to be a cheapskate. I'm ready to listen to anything that Maria sings, and the only other artist I'm prepared to say that about is Elton John. He and she could sing the London phone book, and I'd be the first in line for the album. God bless you, Maria! How do you solve a problem like Maria? Buy her album, encourage someone to give her a contract!
--Reviewed by Karl on
Steve Gilmore Reviews....
Steve Gilmore Reviews.... Treebone
posted: Oct 02, 2005

Posts: 2045 Location: United Kingdom Status: Posted: 20 May 2005 12:49 am Post subject: Steve Gilmore Reviews: Maria Daines and Paul Killington ----------Regular readers will already know of my propensity to talk about the small band of musicians we all know as being part of a 'scene', a concept that is about as difficult to nail down as jelly. Apparently I rattle on so much about this that someone emailed me the other day asking for a review because 'I seem to know everybody' according to my reviews. An impossible task innit? After all there are over 270,000 artists just on Soundclick alone, never mind the other sites I frequent. I do, however, know an awful lot of musicians, both from my extended stay at Soundclick and the many friends I made long before I came to SC. There is no doubt that among the sites I inhabit there is an amorphous, hard to grasp 'scene' - a collection of like minded people who basically know what they are doing here, and are busy getting on with it. The scene I am talking about stretches over three main sites right now - MP3 Unsigned, Songplanet and Soundclick, with little pools in various other sites. What all this pompous pontificating means is that the collective mind that I know as a 'scene' has been blown away in double quick time bu one Maria Daines, aided and abetted in grand style by Paul Killington. In what seems like a couple of seconds, Maria and Paul have come to attention of almost everyone I know and socialise with, and along the way become firm favourites of radio almost everywhere you look. Part of the impetus for this increased visibility has to be the cracking job they did on Carol Douglas's Va-rog, Va-rog which I reviewed last month and was so favourably impressed by Maria's vocal style that I decided right then and there to give them a closer look. The real surprise here is that Maria - despite the impression Va-rog may have given - is a good, old fashioned wailer of the blues. Not just ANY old wailer of the blues mind, a truly authentic voice that should rightly belong to a (slightly shop soiled obviously) angel and music that not only backs up that claim but can probably stand up well enough on its own. See, here's the problem. Do you wax lyrical about the guitar licks, the clean bass, the mix to die for?? Or do you just carry on orgasmically how Maria has the smokiest, sexiest style you've heard for many a year. Great if you love blues - which I do - but even great if you don't because this duo of extremely viable talent will still deliver a musical poke in the eye to any detractors. Take Black Mariah for example, a rough, dirty bar room blues in the grand manner, where Maria delivers a blues vocal you would swear was from an old trouper who has spent 94,000 years touring every gin joint in every hick town in the USA's old Deep South. It's the authority this lady brings to the vocals that really make the tracks stand out but take a moment to savour just how good, tight and fluid this music is. As hard as it is to draw your attention away from this incredible vocalist, the music really deserves immense plaudits for it's freshness, dexterity and feel. I may have started with Black Mariah but this is one artist who you just CANNOT listen to once... So far I've listened (and downloaded) almost everything these people are up to, and it's ALL up to this incredible (nay impossible) standard. Rollin, Ain't Nobody, One Good Man and let me tell you early Tina Turner is the best touchstone here, and I mean that as the highest compliment. Take a listen to the enormously captivating Brandy Queen for a great example of this. Rollin' also has that feel too it, more so since it's one of the only fully rock (ie bass drums et al) produced track on there, and when I listen to it I can see that younger Tina Turner and yes, I still get all hot and sweaty in that prescence. For a extra treat, get a listen to Number 13, the first number from their upcoming Treebone project and see just how good M&P can be. Or, failing that, the absolutely incredible emotional roller coaster that is You Don't Love Me. There's just too many good ones to be able to choose. A sure contender for my 2005 awards methinks.... Steve Gilmore (Forum review) (Forum review)
The translation -

Paul sounds modest, the “I Want” of Maria aren’t that easy to all be realized, the duo Daines/Killington, independent artists from Cambridge, England, are in my humble opinion on their way to soon present a bit more than fuss. Their album “Treebone” ("an eclectic mix of all that we are and some things that we're not. Whatever it is we're proud of it." M & P) could be a breakthrough to sign a contract with a major label. With the opener “Ain’t Nobody” it sounds as if ‘our’ Dani Klein & Vaya Con Dios resound through the speakers. But soon Maria Daines proves with the bluesy ”One Good Man” and the (soul)jewel “Bring Your Love Along” why, at her home base, her voice’s considered as a combination of the voices of Janis Joplin, Elkie Brooks, Maggie Bell, Melissa Etheridge and Aretha Franklin. “Don’t you know I’m crazy” or the relation between women and brandy is explained in the beautiful acoustic “Brandy Queen”. As to me...the ‘sea of fire’ and the tempo are being pulled up with the little blues rockers “Til I Feel Better” “Too Bad Henry” and “Tear Down The Walls”. Paul Kilington’s rockin’ guitars and Maria’s voice are the fundamental tools! A bit less speed with some country sounds on “Pack-A-Punch-Mama” roots/rock on “You Ain’t The Pickety-Po” (with a very ‘fat’ laugh) and the fortune hit “You Don’t Love Me”. It’s been yeeeeeeeears since I’ve heard a song with so much hit potential as this ballad. Totally suitable to scream out your pangs of love, in the car or in your room, it makes you take out your handkerchief as movie soundtracks do and Radio 1 (a very popular radio in Belgium) should be playing the tune over and over and again... “You Don’t Love Me” on it’s own would justify the act of buying this wonderful album, but also the other songs on it, all made by the duo Daines/Killington... let there be no doubts, it’s a first class album! A voice that gives you the goose-pimples, an awesome guitarist (Les Paul) who even plays all instruments + has the role as co-producer... it’s a recommendation... “This is a woman who sings with her heart in her mouth” You can always view an extensive interview on Written by François Braeken.

--Reviewed on August 05'
I Am The Owner Of This Coat

I'm a close friend of Mary Alice Pollard who was the one who guided me here to Maria and Paul's music. Mary Alice is one of the most dedicated people I have ever known to work on behalf of all animals everywhere. And now this work by many people worldwide has been greatly enhanced by this tremendously talented duo of Maria and Paul. Powerful voice, great music, superb and heartwrenching lyrics all combine to help bring forth the message of the animals.

Now perhaps, their voice will truly be heard through this powerful song, and in this New Year, maybe...just maybe...we will all listen for once!

Thank you Maria and Paul for this awesome song!

Canada 1.6.06
Maria Daines - Treebone
I love it when a fellow Brit emerges onto the scene with a refreshingly brilliant album and Maria and Paul have done just that on so many levels that it's actually quite laughingly astonishing! What Paul's stunning musicianship and production do to this classic album is beyond words really but then Maria's eye-widening and intuitively passionate vocals are what provides the necessary balance for an award winning soulful performance.

The album opens up with the unmercifully amazing Ain't Nobody - an Aretha-esque adventure into the land of the heart and soul enriching audio realm where few vocalists of the same standard are adorned with praise and appreciation. Beautifully expressed vocals and stunning bass and guitar work are so well complimenting that you're hit on a whole load of emotional levels in a kinda state of awe! One Good Man delivers mesmerizing vocals and guitar work that is the stuff of the greats and I do mean the 'true' greats darlings! Wouldn't you love to live next door to Maria and Paul just to have the pleasure of being kept awake by the rehearsals and recordings going on in that house? Yep... told yaaa!

The dreamy guitar riffs that open up the rather unforgivingly lovely Bring Your Love Along have obviously been imported from the other half of the sky... and the part where the sun is just happens to be in the hands of Maria's stunning vocals for this incredible masterpiece in songwriting. If the record industry hasn't woken up to this amazing artist yet... then the medication they have taken must be absolutely lethal!

Brandy Queen is the kind of Janis/Tina song my Aunty Mary would have given up a whole carton of Embassy Mild and three crates of Guinness for! Very clever vocals and lyrics are married in such a way that firmly establishes Maria as one of the Best British Female Vocalists of our current times. The versatility and style meanderings that occur in this song are rather amazing to say the least... I'm already getting the impression that Maria's TV license and Council Tax must be provided free of charge as a token of national appreciation! But then we arrive at Tear Down the Walls which is, without a doubt, one of the finest examples of rock and roll that I have heard come out of England in many, many years! Startling vocals and fantastically meandered fret board work make this song a real classic and Maria and Paul should truly be walking on air having their names assigned to the responsibility for this song! What an intensely amazing live performance these guys would have us enduring!

Til I Feel Better is the song that almost had me booking a flight back to the UK just to say hello! mesmerizing and soulfully enchanting vocals are of the kind that pierces all the right places at once. Again, we are reminiscing on what made Tina Turner and Janis Joplin and Patti Labelle and Millie Jackson divas of their time cos it's just happened here to Maria. There's no doubt that we are indeed not only feeling 'treated' to something wonderful here... but you feel rather 'blessed' at simply having the opportunity to listen. It's that good folks... get your credit/debit card ready and tell British Telecom they're gonna have to wait!

Pack-a-Punch-Mama is what my partner Elley Wilson describes as 'pure unadulterated head bliss for the soul!' with it's country connotations and communions that leave you suitably impressed and in no doubt of Maria's vocal range and prowess. The guitar playing is incredible and at this point I'm gonna ask Paul to send me a guitar pick of his to hang on the R Cat office wall that I can have blessed to ward off evil!

Wicked Eyed Mule delivers that delightfully clever Stevie Nicks/John Martyn style vocal right into the heart of your lap, then your chest, then deep into your soul! After the first minute, the piano arrives to pack in the prizes besides the guitars and you feel like you're in a kinda 'Music R Us' Superstore without the security guys and a huge shopping trolley full of Maria Daines songs!

Too Bad Henry meanwhile, is perhaps one of the best female-fronted rock songs I have heard in decades! The production is superb (as it has been throughout the album) and the arrangement is stunning. Lyrically, the elements of wit and sarcasm work brilliantly and you realize that the scale you set earlier for good ole classic rock has just been extended! You Don't Love Me follows your complete and utter disbelief from the previous vocal performance with some even more meaningful disbelief in the truly classy vocal performance here. 'You don't love me' is a beautiful and passionately delivered song filled with a heightened sense of realism that we can all relate to.

We revisit 'Henry' in Henry's Mother and again we are treated to some very clever songwriting with the kind of arrangement some of the world's best producers must dream of working with… The thing is they'd have to at least equal or surpass Maria and Paul's production here and I honestly can't see that happening can you? It takes some doing to get vocals this well recorded and they've done it perfectly. Brilliant!

You Ain't the Pickety Po takes us back to the kind of vocals that classic female artists build careers upon. I really do hate comparing cos it's silly really when you're this good a singer but you'll find hints of Buffy Sainte Marie, Cher (at her best), and Janis Joplin to name a few. If you let go of the comparisons however, you get Maria Daines at her throat engaging best. A consummate artist with a magnificent arrangement and startling production all over again!

Number 13 is the final track on the album and I really do wish it wasn't. You see... magical performances are drug-like once you get the first few's a long time before you can be truly rehabilitated. With this song... with these fine vocals over such a superb song... you don't wanna be rescued or de-sensitized from anything. You just want more and more and...

Maria Daines and Paul Killington are without a doubt, two of the finest musical virtuosos ever to have mastered their craft in England, packaged it up, and made it possible for us to share in many, many years. Treebone is an important album in many respects... buying the album should be made mandatory and, for Her Majesty's Government, Maria and Paul are assets that should be given their TV Licenses and Council Tax vouchers free for life at the very least simply for making such wonderful music possible.

Colin Lynch - November 06 2005

--© 2005 R Cat Communications International Online Music Website
Review of 'Black Mariah' 31.08.05

Yes indeed...this smokes! Very incredible sounding female blues singer. Flawless intonation and soulful execution...If Big Brother and the Holding Co had found this lady before Janis, well the rest of Rock and B history would have to be re-written. Brilliant guitar work, drums and bass as well. Two thumbs way UP!
--by exhippiedude -
Rock Of Love
by selftort 9/8/2005

The velvet gloves disguises great power

This track is incredibly powerful, but it doesn't beat you about the head. It starts off in a gently menacing way...with sparse backing behind Maria's sensational voice. It then builds into a more powerful vocal bridge before everything powers up in the hook. The band play with power but give Maria sufficient room for the vocals to shine. The drop back into the verse is seamless. The solo is fluent and melodic and leads perfectly back into the bridge.

A wonderful example of songwriting, performance and production. Ignore at your peril
Maria Daines

Authored by: texasjake on Sunday, August 28 2005 @ 02:37 PM BST
Maria Daines is one of the most talented singers I have ever heard.Some people like to compare her to this or that, becouse a truly original artist doesn't come along very often. Her music is straight from her heart and soul,and with the help of Paul[an extremely talented guitarist]they make music that is in a class by itself.Her new cd "Treebone" is increadable! I keep my copy hot on the player 24/7!
Do yourself a favor and visit her website and order your copy is destined to be a real classic!
Texas Jake Lee August 28,2005


--Texas Jake Lee - posted on
Maria Daines Rocks

Friday, August 26 2005 @ 05:18 PM BST
Its perfectly great to see this dynamic duo from Britain being featured. Talk about diversity. From moving ballads to downright dirty ditties caressing the delta, these two cover it all, and with such professionalism. Truly, these two are examples to be followed within the independent community.

The sheer volume of their quality material is enough in itself to wow listeners and artists alike. I do not doubt in the least that the blues world will change due to their efforts.

Keep rocking us Paul and Maria.

William Troniak

--William Troniak - posted on
Comment on 'Holding onto the past'
Jul 11, 2005 11:31 PM
I wasn't wrong when I first heard you sing Maria, I thought to girl can sing, and not only that, but put the feeling and emotions of the song across. You see a lot of people can sing, they have voices, but to make the lyrics believable, that's the sign of great singers and you got it girl. Paul is an amazing guitar player too, in that he's tasteful and plays to support the lead vocal and not to trip out on his own. Those two elements make this song unbelievable, sure there are great lyrics in it, but making the lyrics come across and heartfelt is where the trick lies, and you have achieved that. Your vocal range, simply awsome, your pitch dead on, the melody, classic blues, the type I can never get enough of. I mean the word is out, already there are a lot of people talking about Maria Daines...this will continue, because of songs such as this, "Holding Onto The Past", a sure ten.
--Evan Paul - myspace
Guy Michetti Reviews Treebone
Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2005 5:18 am

I posted this review in the general forum and I thought I would post it here:

Treebone by Maria Daines and Paul Killington
CD Review by Guy Michetti July 18, 2005

Treebone is the new CD by Maria Daines and Paul Killington from the United Kingdom.

This is one of the best CDs I have heard in a very long time and I cannot recommend it enough. Beautifully recorded and sung by an amazing vocalist! The songwrting is superb and the performances are on fire!

Maria Daines is a distinctive singer, who knows how to belt out a song and leave you dying to hear more. But since time immemorial people always ask for comparisons and so if you allow me to indulge myself… if you mix the vocal styles of Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Melissa Etheridge, and throw in the soul of Aretha Franklin and the phrasing of Barbara (yes Barbara Streisand who’s vocal phrasing is almost as amazing and unique as Frank Sinatra’s) then you have an idea of the marvelous talent Maria Daines is.

Paul Killington musicianship should be envied, in the best sense of that word, when you hear his playing on this CD. Paul is the King of Tastefully played Guitar! His playing and the sounds he magically summons from his instruments will take your breath away. He also mixed and mastered the CD and it is a sonic gem. If you want to record, mix and master an independent CD look here to see how it is done.

The song “You Don’t Love Me” is worth the price of the CD even if it cost twice as much as it does now! This song, should be on the Radio, on a Film Soundtrack at the top of the charts on your car and home CD players!!

Some of my other favorite tracks are:

Bring Your Love Along
‘Til I Feel Better
Pack-A-Punch- Mama
Wicked Eye Mule

If Maria Daines and Paul Killington were on a Major label, that label would be bringing in a small fortune from this CD, and would be looking forward to a King’s Ransom in the short term. However, Maria and Paul are independent musicians whose talent is rare and only need that magic “word of mouth” promotion that will spread the hot fire that they have ignited in the heart of the United Kingdom! The word has been given! Pass it on!

Most recent fan mail
by Pinedog 7/11/2005

Treebone is Awesome
Hey there you two! Guess what the mailman brought me today...straight from Jolly Old Egland! I was impressed with the artwork and layout and i figured the Cd would be good. It wasn't. It was fantastic. I don't know how the hell you did this at home...i guess maybe it's called talent, hard work, and determination. Well it certainly paid off in my book. This is a really great CD full of assorted blues styles that never gets boring. I could go on and on but i'll just say to others that if you haven't ordered a signed, limited edition copy yet better grab one. They won't be around long if they even still are. Treebone is HOT! Great job you guys...Congrats!!!
Number 13 - Reviewed by Denny Tate
Date: May 20, 2005 @ 10:17 AM
Maria you are simply amazing !
You never cease to amaze us with
the energy and performances of your musical theatre. You always set the stage ablaze by your magnificent presence of emotion. We, the audience are left breathless every time.
The angel of the opera, the bag lady,
the folk hero, the southern-gospel soul diva, the sassy-elegant madame,
the cowgirl, the mystery-woman, the beatnik, the gypsy, ext.
God gave you to us. You are definitely one talented, and gifted diva !
We Love You !
--Dmusic - M&P's song den
Maria Daines (You Don't Love Me)
Reviewed by Mary Gottschalk on (29 May 2005)
It’s a shame the audience for blues has almost disappeared or has changed drastically from the way I have always known it. It just seems that the new sounds these days are not what I would really be called Blues. I guess it depends on what you call blues.

It’s not every day that you would stumble across a song that grabs you instantly as soon as it starts to play but for some reason, Maria Daines Blues tune, “You Don’t Love Me”, did just that.

This is a soft ballad, full of meaning and heart moving feelings from the very first seconds to the last fading sounds. You can’t help but enjoy every instant of it; the instruments, voice, the words. Speechless is the best word to use here to describe what I have to say. The song simply speaks for itself.

“You Don’t Love Me” is a perfect illustration of Maria’s love of genre and her ability to incorporate folk and blues into a seamless entity. I find this track brilliantly executed and exquisitely produced.

As for Maria’s voice,,,,,what can I say other than ,,,,,Unbelievable!! I can’t believe how much her voice grabbed me the instant I starting playing her track. It's a rare kind of sound, a sound that once you've heard, you're not going to easily forget. It's also a sound that leaves you wanting more . . . and more . . .

Maria has a rich deep vocal tone that expands in range from low to high with great control. With her unique voice and well expressed dynamics, she is able to capture her audience with this heart wrenching song. If anyone has felt love in their lives, Maria displays the overall emotion when a heart is broken. She brings life to the song with displayed emotion and ranging vocals. Although Maria has a distinctive voice, she does remind me of Amanda Marshall, Michelle Wright and a young Janis Joplin. The guitarist and backing band were exceptional and combined with Maria’s voice a #1 hit and in my opinion a seller!

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed as I was very impressed with the overall production of this track.

From Maria Daines News Page

Here's what Paul has to say about Maria:

As long time guitarist, co-writer and soul-mate with Maria, I guess I'm the one who knows her best artistically and personally. I was always impressed by the gut-wrenching intensity of her singing style, and her emotive intuition has spilled over into her writing, the scale of which inevitably forced us to come off the road as a band and throw ourselves into recording.

Once the sessions began, her endless stream of consciousness and ideas was quite staggering and her grasp of melody and lyrics astounding. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, as a lyricist she's second to none.

For me as a guitarist, she's a dream to work with and the power and emotion of her voice is the icing on the cake. We were thinking of putting out a double CD, but the fact is we've already written enough material for twenty albums!

I sincerely hope the soul of these songs moves you as it did us. Incidentally, Maria is spoilt, bossy and selfish (she was once caught eating chocolates behind the cupboard door after telling everyone they'd all gone, and the boys in the band used to call her 'The General'. We made sure we looked busy when we heard her footsteps coming up the stairs of the rehearsal room). But I love her just the same.

- Paul

--Dorraine Bennett's Music Muscle Website
Va-Rog Va-Rog Written By Carol Douglas
Maria Daines & Paul Killington (right)

are two of the most talented, innovative, and prolific Blues/Rock artists at Soundclick.

(They have almost 100 superb songs uploaded there now)

I'm thrilled that after seeing my "ad" below, they were very touched and came forward and offered to record it using the original backing track.

Given the genre they work in, it was a huge and pleasant surprise. Maria's got a very distinctive powerful voice,

full of soul, plus a heart of gold.

I've been waiting for a recording of this quality for 6 years! Especially with the powerful build-up near the end, they've managed to capture exactly what

I was hoping for, and hopefully, it will now be

deemed strong enough to be used in some way

to help the children.

Thanks a million guys!

--Carol Douglas
'I Would If I Could (But I Can't) Reviewed by Guy Michetti

Reviewed by: guymichetti 5/5/2005   

You Could If You Would - And You Did!   

I just met a girl named Maria!

Oh man!!!!!!!!!!!! What a down right smokin' soulful vocal performance on this song!!! Sheeesh!!!! This lady can sing the blues like she was born to!!! Oh my sweet lord!

Great track. Everything sounds great. Great lead guitar!! Locked into a killer blues pocket that will kill you dead!!!

But man on man, you just can't escape that vocal. This is one of the best vocal performances I have heard in a long time!

This lady has one big heart of soul and she's sings like there's no tomorrow!

They say once you see Naples, Italy you can die and be happy! Well, if you get to hear Maria Daines sing you can die even happier. Of course, you'll want to keep breathing so you can hear her sing for as long as you live! Lord love ya Maria! You just made my day!

Download Recommendation! BIG TIME!!!


all the very best,

Brandy Queen....
Reviewed by: KMP 5/4/2005   

great lyrics   

The lyrics to this song stand out so much.. beautifully written. Vocals remind me of Tina Turner which is just great. Very pro sound you guys have. Its a wonderful song. Radio ready material. Accoustics are top notch. Hard to find any faults to it.. congrats.
--KMP -
Bowillie of Knightmoods......

Reviewed by: knightmoods 5/5/2005   


paul and is such a pleasure to listen to your songs..the talent
and diversity you guys show is truly wonderfull.
i believe your art will truly stand the test of time....
Fantastic in your face blues rock
fantastic in your face blues rock
this talented artist is the find of the century.what a performer and that voice.raunchy,sexy,in the face and up front.what a truely fantastic talent.

this lady will top the heap very soon so move over Bonnie Rait.

so come on those promoters of music and get your act together as this lady has it.

i must also give special mention to the backings and production behind this music it is top class A NUMBER 1

listen and enjoy.

wow wow wow

rock my soul!!!!!!!

greg buck

perth australia

Bag Lady, I love you

Reviewed by: David Pendragon 5/4/2005   

BAG LADY,I love you   

There is almost a performance theatre piece here.The imagary is very very strong,I felt at the end of the song that I had met the character and spent time in conversation,even a faint whiff of brandy hung on the air.Very cool expression all round,I love that light and shade in the delivery,guitar and vocal both.I would like to have more conversation with this character,is she going to appear in other songs I wonder?Very fine work people,high recommendation from me.
'You Don' Love Me'

Reviewed by: guymichetti 5/5/2005   

I Am So Totally In Love   

I am just about speechless!!

This is another tremendous vocal performance singing a very very well written song!

This song has one of the best "moods" I have heard. I'm am totally lost in emotions. I can't even begin to talk about the mix, the production, cause this song is so good and it is being sung by an angelic voice!!

Ok I'm am about to faint from pure ecstasy from listening to this song and performance. And let me just define ecstasy so you'll all know how I feel:

Ecstasy: A state of emotion so intense that one is carried beyond rational thought and self-control!

There should be a new entry in the dictionary to say: this is what you will feel when you hear Maria Daines sing!

If he don't love you after hearing this the guy doesn't have a beating heart!

Download Recommendation!