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.... cool contemporary, instrumental smooth jazz.
.... cool contemporary, instrumental smooth jazz.
--Keys and Chords Review of "Night Comes Downtown"
WILLIAM EDGE Night Comes Downtown Sounds Blue Music

A combination of Smooth Jazz, chilled ambient vibes and relaxing blues grooves is what makes William Edges music so inviting take cool atmospheric beats and add sensual Smooth Jazz and youve got the recipe for NIGHT COMES DOWNTOWN, the latest release on Edges own recording label Sounds Blue Music offering a catalog of some 13 William Edge albums to date! Relax, chillout, kick back to the perfect blend of blues guitar, smooth sax, tantalizing trumpet and stirring keyboards NIGHT COMES DOWNTOWN will enhance your mood and help you get your groove on. Fans of Brian Eno, William Orbit and Moby will love kickin back on the Edge with Williams latest project with the Smooth hit Lady by the Bridge as featured prominently on both and Global Radio stations. Find the entire William Edge catalog on-line and explore this mans pallet of audio colors soothing, peaceful and tranquil! ~SANDY SHORE

--Sandy Shore -
Secret Diary - The chillier Regions of Their Inner or Outer Spaces
It's always a treat when you come across new music from artists that you have yet to hear. Sometimes that treat is more pleasant than other times, and I'm pleased to say that this is the case with this disc.

Album: Secret Diary
Playtime: 01:11:32
Record label: Sounds Blue Music
Released: 2008

planet origo rating 7 of 10
William Edge is a musician from the New York area who has a handful of recordings out which seem predominantly to be sci-fi themed electronica.

This recording is no exception to that rule in that its titles would catch the ear of Planet Origo regulars. These titles include, Travelers Along the Quantum Highway and Ruins at the Edge of the Galaxy. Of course, there seems to be a fair dosage of melancholy as well with titles like Ghost of Lovers and Lost Story..... more .....

--Planet Origo and Lauren Bacon - Aug 2 2009
Spectrally coated Star Lit .. symphonies - beautifully sparse and minimalist celestial ambient suites from New York resident William Edge who it seems has been busying himself over the years by putting out for public consumption a multitude of releases featuring spectrally coated star lit touchingly shy eyed symphonies via the sounds blue music imprint. Sometimes cavernous monoliths (as on the heaven bound ‘Ascend’) at others as though waking from a hypnotic slumber to find you’ve been kissed by some celestial immortal (as on the romantic classicism of the spacious ‘the night outside’) though arms forced up backs we’d plum for the divine and delicately crafted twinkle some regret of ‘little verses’ as ripe for ripping. - Mark's Blog 08-09-2007
Breathing without Air
--Bill Binkelman - Radio KAFI
Pure Space Music
William Edge is a space musician from New York with a great sense for what pure space music should sound like. Much like fellow American synth maestros Jonn Serrie and Robert Carty, Edge’s music evokes images steeped in science fiction, astronomy, and various deep space phenomena. William contacted me a while back and sent me his three CDs which all reach for the stars. Together they form a space trilogy, which we’ll cover in the order of the story.

Read the review of The Trilogy on the Features page at ElectroAmbient Space.

A sense of Mystery
Beyond the Edge is the last in a trilogy of albums charting a musical Sci-Fi journey to the edge of the known universe. In comparison to its predecessor 76 Lightyears it is more classically spacemusic oriented in style with plenty of floating and sweeping synths plus various "out there" effects that convey a sense of mystery and being in the far reaches of space. The other difference is that this album has an obvious spiritual dimension which is reflected in the choice of track names and sounds.
The first track "Ianus" can be thought of as a reprise of refrains from the previous album, including the female computer voice. In this respect it acts as a bridge from where the story left off. In the next track "Dark Matter" there's a sense of mystery and the unexplained as drones and various effects whoosh or flicker past in both the foreground and background. A speedy but croaky male voice also adds to a sense of uneasiness.

Sometimes the musical narrative picks up in pace. The piece "Dance of Lost Souls" starts off with electronic notes flickering to and fro, some of which build up to short lived sequencing. It's a kind of arrhythmic dance of disoriented sounds flitting around the soundscape. Some brief sequencing is also heard again much later on in "Levels of Consciousness - Enlightenment" where deep shifting chords and distant animal sounds take over from starlight sequences scattering across the depths of space.

Running through the album is a thread that might be considered spiritual. Towards the end of the album this gets more noticeable where there are three tracks based on levels of consciousness in between tracks like "Trinity" and "Destination of Prayers". A few of these pieces besides having flowing synths also incorporate choir type vocal effects whose emotional resonance reminded me of the title track on Ian Boddy's Aurora.

Albums with such a distinct narrative element are fairly uncommon in my experience. Beyond the Edge works well because it only needs a modicum of vocal storytelling to help get the story element going, after that the music does the rest.

Thumbs Up - 76 Lightyears is an impressive debut.
76 Lightyears gets the thumbs up from me. Treat it as a soundtrack to a non-existent film or just enjoyable music, either way it's an impressive debut that promises good things from the rest of the trilogy.

ElectroAmbient Space reviews The Trilogy
Into Infinity is my favorite of William Edge’s three CDs, followed relatively closely by Discovery, both of which I would recommend for fans of light, positive space music.
--ElectroAmbient Space - Philip Derby -
By Bill Binkelman - Wind and Wire
EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE: DISCOVERY: When this CD hits, it hits big. I had a great time listening to this on late night walks in the dark. Friendly and warm but also forlorn and mysterious, the music on Edge of the Universe: Discovery may just be the ideal soundtrack for a trip beyond the rim of our galaxy - or even further. Recommended.
By Jim Brenholts - Ambient Visions
William Edge is a relative newcomer to the ambient space music community. Journey to the Edge: 76 Light Years is his debut CD and it is a gem! It is a concept CD, dealing with a doomed space flight to the – well – edges of the outer realms of the universe. William mixes sequences, atmospheres, overt rhythms symphonic synths and some funk to tell the story. The music ebbs and flows with somber tones and dramatic crescendos. This is a noteworthy debut.

Unlike most newcomers, William Edge seems to have found his musical niche already. He is quite accomplished at composing and performing deep hypnotic sci-fi space music. Discovery: The Edge of the Universe is a continuation of his debut CD. Through his musical vision and imagery, William takes his listeners to the edge that his doomed space flight sought. He combines symphonic synths, expansive atmospheres, subtle rhythms, obtuse voice overs and unusual samples to expand his metaphors. The music is upbeat as William celebrates discovery. This – coupled with his debut – is a harbinger of great things to come!