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Generally, listener reaction to this song was positive. When asked to rate this song on a scale from 1 to 10, reviewers reported a 7.7 on average, which ranks this song in the 95th percentile of all songs analyzed by Crowd Review. Most listeners rated your song a 9, and did want to hear your song again after listening to it once. When reviewing your song, the most commonly selected words were lyrics, voice, vocals, music, good. According to a sentiment analysis of those written reviews, listener comments were generally neutral. Based on the results of this study, this song is very well liked, and is likely ready for promotion to a wider audience.

The beat of this song is so catchy. I love the vocals and the lyrics are speaking volumes to me today. I love the chorus and I want this song now. I would definitely download more music from this artist.

I liked the lyrics and thought there was a lot of emotion in them. I also thought the music was really good as well. The only problem I had was the lyrics didn't really match with the music at times.

I liked the introduction for the song, and I like the lyrics. I especially like how symbolically complex and metaphor rich the lyrics are, and how there's a story that is being told. I like the lead vocals, the voice is really good for singing this genre of music. The background instrumental matches really well with the singing.

I like the strong, female vocals. I like the sad tone of this song. I like the subtle backing music and fine production. Both of these elements combine to keep the focus on the beautiful, female vocals. I like the lyrics and the story that they tell. I can feel the pain of the singer. I like having empathy with the singer.

The beat of this song is so catchy. I love the vocals and the lyrics are speaking volumes to me today. I love the chorus and I want this song now. I would definitely download more music from this artist.

This is a really nice pop song in general and I like it a lot. The element that I like the most would be the huge and strong nostalgia factor that is present in the instrumentation and vocalization.

I thought the vocals was what made this song. The singer was really talent and made the track what it was, the instrumentals were good but the lyrics and vocals is what I enjoyed.

This singer has such an angelic voice and you are able to feel the emotion transmit throughout the song. It is a very personable number and audiences are sure to relate to it.

It almost sounds like an Evanescence song. It is fairly solid, and I can see it being a hit like other songs in the genre. It's got a slower vibe, but it works in its favor.

Woman has a sweet young voice that reaches a wide range of vocals and she sings on key. Sings with the music and I can understand the lyrics. Great music in its simplicity.

The vocalist for this song has an amazing voice, but it feels like she is not able to use it to her full potential with this song. Around the chorus it is better at least.

I like that it has a classic r n b feel. I really like it and think it could be a top 10 song. I like the vocals and the lyrics. The tempo and everything comes together.

I liked how the vocals kicked in right away and went into the first verse. This had really good production behind it. She had a very nice voice on her. Very good listen.

I dislike the song title. I like the instruments and beat. The music and lyrics go together very well. The singer has a really good voice. I think this could be a hit.

I really like the way the singer brings heart and soul to the lyrics making me want ot listen and join right in with song. I like the way the song moves together

This was a good ballad, and the vocal was very good. I didn't think the song was that strong melodically, although her dual vocal in the chorus is pretty cool.

The artist has a very beautiful voice. The song was just amazing. I love the lyrics. To me it would give me motivation to reach a goal I was trying to obtain

Great song.. I like the way it starts with a smooth tune that really catches your attention and makes you want to listen. The artist also shows great talent

The song is soft and lyrics are easy to follow. The singer has a great voice and it is comfortable to listen to. Nothing I dislike about this song.

I really enjoyed the sound and tone of the vocals and felt they paired perfectly with the music. I liked the mellow tempo and rhythm of the music.

Her voice really is quite lovely. She sings with a great deal of emotion. This is very movement. I like that the lyrics to this are so uplifting.

I really like the story that the song is telling. Her voice is also amazing. The lyrics are also very emotionally and her voice is very touching.

The song has an uplifting message, which is delivered with emotion by the singer. The verses are a bit slow but there's a memorable chorus.

Interesting composition we have here. It has the sound of some vintage Pat Benetar to it in my opinion, or however you spell her name.

--July 2017
This one just sounded like a "real" country song. It wasn't the country pop junk that is flooding the radio. It is real country with fantastic, sweet Southern vocals mixed with excellent country musicianship without a rap beat or lyric in sight. This one borderline on Southern Rock to the excellent guitar work. The singer was excellent she reminded me a bit of Gretchen Wilson and as she sang the lyrics they were certainly believable. If she did not write the song, she had me fooled because it sounds like she lived it. This song is a ten all across the board. This one has huge hit potential.

I liked the vocals and energetic tempo and drumming. Instrumentals sounded good. SOund quality was great. The main melody was fun and upbeat and the arrangement was cool and kept me interested. I also quite enjoyed the fun lyrics. Overall a memorable song.

This track was fun and catchy, the lyrics made it fun. The beat enjoyable, but I couldnt help but feel like I wanted it to pick up on both! Im not sure I would enjoy hearing this song on the regular, I most likely would not seek out this track.

I am not particularly fond of the country genre, and this song is very much a prototypical entry into that. The vocals are excellent and the instrumentals are also great, but they force all of this into the "box" of country music.

The beat is energetic and makes you want to dance. I also like the voice of the singer, her voice is smooth and well-pitched. The song would be awesome live. It's a great country song and I think it could be a big hit.

Overall a good audio track in which the female artist has a great voice and made listening to the audio track enjoyable. I would be interested in hearing additional audio track by this artist.

I am not sure if its her tone in this particular song or the way she sings, but there is something about this young female artist that makes me think of Pink, which is a different genre.

Wow just amazing I loved the introduction the vibe of the song was right on and this could be a chart topper if it were on the radio THE song was modern and in style very clear and cool

The twanginess of this one made my nerve flail, not fan but it does seem veyr lively and well composed, usually I hate contry and female vocalists but this one is okay I suppose

Once again this artist did a great job and doesnt let us down. The music makes you tap those toes and smile from head to toe. I could see this being played in a movie easily.

This song is okay, and the band seems talented, but it doesn't do a lot for me in the long run. The instrumentals seem really flat and need to be mixed differently.

The lyrics of this song are really cute and fun to listen to. The beat is just plain fun too. I really love the voice of the vocalist though, she makes this song.

This country rock song has some elements of punk showing in it even with the abundance of country vocals. I love the style of this though and everything is there.

I really like the beat and the lyrics were great the singer has a great voice and great vocals the upbeat tone of the song was really nice production was great

The song has a great and fast paced beat that is fun and interesting to listen to. The country singer has a voice that well matches this song to a an aplomb.

I could really imagine this song in a comedy movie with the main character leaving rural Texas and heading to Hollywood to become a star. Thank you.

Very middle of the road song for me, it was good and the vocals were really solid it was just something about the instruments lyrics are good though

Loved the fast pace and tempo of this country song. Loves her voice. The vocals were on point and the mix down was pretty sick sounding as well.

I enjoy this song it has a solid beat. This song has a rich variety of instrumental. The artist makes the song interesting to listen to.

I really like her voice and the lyrics seem to pull the song together. I would probably like to listen to this while I'm commuting.

REVIEWS OF " RING " From Reverbnation March 2017
This singer just has a fantastic voice. This song had all the qualities to be an excellent country song. It felt very "real" and not manufactured. The singer seems like she is a legit country singer and not a pop singer pretending. I have had the good luck to hear a couple songs from this artist on audiokite. I certainly will be searching this artist out on my own. I believe she is going to be a big star. She has true crossover potential into pop and country music.

I liked the vocals but they lacked energy. The drumming was okay but again, it also lacked energy. Instrumentals sounded good overall. Sound quality was good. The main melody was upbeat and fun and I liked the arrangement. I juts felt that this song was a little flat overall and a little monotonous. I liked the lyrics.

The beat was a little slower paced than preferred but still fun and had me moving a little while I listened, the vocals sounded good, and I enjoyed that I could understand them! The lyrics where also fun, I might be willing to seek out this track, it was not my preferred tempo but still a bit of fun!

I liked the tones of female strength and independence. The song is sassy and strong. The beat is energetic and joyful and it does a great job of making the listener feel it. I also thought the lyrics and beat really complimented each other.

I really like female vocals in general as they are catchy and put me in a good mood. This vocalist had a very sensual and catchy voice that made me enjoy listening to her. I would definitely keep listening to her voice.

This song would be nice to listen to like ona roadtrip or something, it reminds me of that stretch of nevada thats just nothingness amd desolate for miles with the exception of a few homes up around client

I like her tone and the sassyness in her vocals I like how she slurs her words and the melody of the song . Like why isn't the on the radio this was a good performance I like her style

I feel the guitar playing in this, but I hoped the vocals would be more energetic. The song itself has the lightning. She has a little bit of rumbling, but no rain. Good song though.

I think her voice is too drawn out, but I still like the song. The music should probably speed up so that it sounds more energetic. I would probably look her up again.

The song has a lovely soft beat that is addicting. The singer has a lovely and sweet sounding voice that entices me to listen to her much more while she's singing.

While I do not think this particular song could be a huge smash hit in the mainstream, I did enjoy listening to it and think it was a overall, a decent experience.

This is such a pretty song, I love the lyrics, they're very clever and almost adorably engaging. I like that the vocalist makes her appearance in an honest way.

I can imagine this song being used in a bank robbery scene that is led by a strong female actress. It might have a bit of humor in it as well. Thank you.

The artist has a unique sound but sounds like alot of other lyrics. I fill like it could be better. I would like to hear a different song by the artist

I really like everything about this song. The artist has a great voice. The song has a catchy ryhthm and beat. The lyrics are smooth and toe tapping.

She sounds like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood on the vocals. I liked the very heavy bass line on this. I turned up the volume on this.

I like everything about this song and the artist. The beat is catchy and engages you from the start. The artist has a lovely voice.

This is a fast fun song that I would expect to be playing in a nice country bar, very solid song and it was fun to listen to

I liked the vocals of this one and I found it to be quite well done and I hope to hear more

This singer had a fantastic voice with excellent and was able to emote perfectly via some excellent, emotional lyrics that were very well written. The only negative I would have is this song did not have much of an introduction. An added musical intro probably would benefit the song. The music itself in this song was pretty subdued, but excellent. It melded well with the emotional state of the vocalist and let the vocals speak perfectly contrasting a bit with the mellow sound.

The beat was good and the vocals sounded good and sweet but very slow paced. I would need to be in a mood to be relaxing or in need of something to calm me to enjoy this track. Im usually in a good mood and prefer upbeat tracks, so I most likely wouldnt be seeking out this track to hear again anytime soon.

I really liked the vocals in this song. They had emotional depth and the singer had a beautiful voice and delivered the lyrics perfectly. I loved the main melody. I absolutely loved the mellow arrangemetn and instrumentals sounded great overall. Sound quality was good. Lyrics were really good.

The song is about heartbreak and the emotion of this resonates in the vocals and lyrics. The song actually made me a little sad. The only criticism I would have is that at times the lyrics don't seem to match with the beat.

This song has a a universal appeal to it. The instrumentals are not particularly powerful, but this is a good song nonetheless. The singer's voice is excellent and I would love to hear her sing a more strict rock context.

The song was very appealing I like her style and the tempo of The song I think this song has a bright future and will have a good audience if put on the radio the song was very clear and professional

A very good audio track in which the female artist has an amazing voice and made this audio track a potential hit. I would be interested in hearing additional audio tracks by this artist.

This song is good even though I usually dont like female singers this woman has sexy voice albeit a stupid name, I wouldnt calll her shimmer so much as kinda shiny but not noticeably so

The song has a wonderful and lovely tone. The singer has such a nice voice that makes me feel at ease. The song doesn't exactly sound like standard country though.

The artist has a really nice voice. This song has interesting lyrics. I would like to hear more from this artist. I can see this song playing in a romance movie.

Her voice is really magical. I really like the tempo of the song and the way it ties in with the lyrics. I would probably add her on my spotify account.

Good voice and execution of the vocal levels. I think she has the right rhythm and could definitely get plenty of hit songs out there if she keeps up.

The vocals are pretty good, and they are the strongest part of the song by far. The rest of the song is pretty decent, but doesn't stand out as much.

I like the emotional tone of the song. Her singing is pretty good for something that is semi-medium produced. I like the overall sound of the song.

I love that lyrically and instrumentally this is such a beautiful song. The vocalist really makes this song worthwhile to listen to, I'm loving it.

I liked that the style of this song was different. This proves that the artist can be flexible and do different genres of music. Great job.

She sounded like Kelly Clarkson big time. Loved her voice. She also sounds very very sexy. Sound could use some bells and whistles as well.

I thought this was decently done and I really liked the feel of the band on a personal level and hope to hear more .

Genre: Country

Cool Intro!!!!!!
Vocals.... I like her voice...Lot's
As good as anyone on the radio today...I'm better than that phrase is kinda sexy like Shanya.Could be a little more expressive on the spoken words..kinda vanilla...Maybe more sarcastic or cocky like...She said sorry like she just stepped on his foot..Hook. IS Strong.... Could be much much better......ON the right track!!!
- BrianWebbDallas from Rowlett, Texas on 19Jun2009
Don't Want That Ring
Solid honky tonk rocker, has the outlaw country sound. I thinks the vocals need to have a harder edge.
The arrangement needs a few more changes in it to mix it up a bit more.
- SouthernYankee from Warwick, Rhode Island on 16Jun2009
yup its country
This is a really great song! I like the voice, but the backup vocals seem a little off pitch wise. the musicality of this song is great,

overall It is a great song
- Guitarplyrinak from Anchorage, Alaska on 12Jun2009
Needs work
Voice sounds dated.Too much time before lyrics start. Lyrics a little silly. Space after I dont want that ring doesn't work.
- sodamnlucky70 from Tulsa, Oklahoma on 11Jun2009
Edgy Country
Such a nice voice, very appealing. Very catchy song, that is pretty edgy for the genre, but it works very well. Lyrics are original, and go nicely with the music. Sounds great.
- JohnDiBiasi from Los Angeles, California on 10Jun2009
Great vocals
this song is very orignal, although the production value is low, the song itself is great. the lyrics offer and great flow of words, and great images around the 2:04 mark with a rhyme sceme that fits nicely in the song.
- countrysingered from Killeen, Texas on 9Jun2009
Great vocal tone
This is a really rich, mature feminine voice. I only regret that this song doesn't have enough melodic variety to REALLY show off this singer. With that said, "I Don't Want Your Ring" is a cool concept and the lyrics are mostly pretty sharp. The content suffers some from the poor production..I'd love to hear a tightened up version together with some tightening up of the phrasing.
The hook is original and clever..great idea for a song. You do a fine job reinforcing the concept throughout.
I like the driving rhythm and the marvelous singing. This is a slightly flawed piece with tons of potential performed by some really talented musicians.
I like your style.
- daveyngr from Pine Grove, California on 6Jun2009
Great Vocals
Definitely Nashville country. Has a great hook. Love how the vocal go up an octave at 1:43. Has a Gretchen Wilson or Jo Dee Messina sound. Production is dead on. The lyrics are very relatable. This song should go far in a Nashville atmosphere. Overall good song. Go for it.
- ChrisWhitney from Seattle, Washington on 4Jun2009
Grovie intro
female vocals are very sexy and the beat gives that mood. Tempo change creates tension.

Interesting vocal tempo
- brianrill1654 from Salida, Colorado on 3Jun2009
needs a better intro
superb vocalist, dont really like the chords, try a solo instrument, music dosnt do this voice justice, find a new band
- RPmusicSC from Alcolu, South Carolina on 30May2009

Genre: Pop Rock (Adult Contemporary Folk)

Pretty good. Liked the intro. Good mood, but a little somber, maybe that was the intention. I was waiting for the climax but didn't pick up. Watch for the repetitiveness. Overall not bad.
- Nervein from Anaheim, California on 20Jun2009
Moody... I hate giving titles, lol
kinda gives a Mazzy Star kinda feel. I really dig the back ups. On the constructive side, I think there needs to be something in the beginning to give it more of a hook... slide guitar maybe. Over all great song.
- Reid1978 from Kansas City, Missouri on 18Jun2009
you asked for backing vocals, lead vocals, drums:

First i have to say that I like the song.
It has a nice mood.
The guitar sound great.
The voice is great. Emotions are there.
Just the intonation is not perfect.
You tend to be flat. Sometimes that sounds blue and good and sometimes its just a tick too much.
The drums are very tasty played and tight.
Just the sound doesnt fit to the rest of the song. Drumsound should be smoother.
Cymbals are to sharp. I would use darker sounding gear.
By the way you have some bad crackles noise in this track. for an example at 3:40.
Check the fades in your session.
- Ricus from Vienna, Austria on 18Jun2009
Soft good song. Like the vocals.
Nice preformance.
Bit of boring??
I can not decide that...hmm

Still a good song.
- dePhaser from Malmo, Sweden on 18Jun2009
Great intro. with hypnotic vocals. I found this tune very relaxing. Lead vocals were well done as were the harmony vocals. The drums were steady. I found the mix and production were well done. The only downside is that I found the tune got a little boring in the end, a bit self-indulgent. Overall, well done.
- separatedreams from Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada on 17Jun2009
female vocals are ok, but feel weak.
backing vocals sound good.
the drums feel like they are meant for a faster song that will pick up but this song has a set tempo that does not coincide properly.
Good job on vocals 1:28
I'd like to hear lead vocals in a more powerful, faster tempo song. I feel like they can be so strong but are being supressed in this song
- natalyasings from Miami, Florida on 17Jun2009
I like it!
Dreamy female lead vocal, with equally dreamy/wispy female backing vox, over a sparse instrumental track, nice guitar work and the drums, per the artists request sound (tonally) very good and seem to fit the song well, no glitches, that jumped out at me. I liked the high vocal backup "counter line", when it popped in towards the end. It all seemed to work well, in a Cowboy Junkies/Sarah M. kinda' way. Good job
- waywardboyzklub from West Saint Paul, Minnesota on 16Jun2009
Review 2
This was an intruiging song-a bit long. Both the lead a backup vocals are strong and have the perfect airy quality this song needs.

Drums are good-not overpowering but kept the song interesting.

It would be nice if there were a few more transitions in the song because it felt like from start to finish it was the same thing over and over. Lyrics were okay-
- Room4band from Unspecified on 16Jun2009
Love the waltz groove.
Great vocal tone & production. Has a little Mazzy Star vibe to it. A string quartet would really set this song off. Good job
- Scullyman from Boston, Massachusetts on 16Jun2009

In A Box
Genre: Country (Country Pop)

Vocals are what make this song...
Lead Vocals.... Very Nice..Quality Voice that is as good as anyone out there. Perfect pitch and tune.
Hook... It's ok... Nothing Unique or original. You rhyme the word it with it and then you with you. It's a good filler song but not a breakout top 10 kinda song.
- BrianWebbDallas from Rowlett, Texas on 19Jun2009
Hey very nice voice, and the music is good but would like to here something more upbeat. Keep it up and you will go far.
- Dwayne_G from Marion, North Carolina on 15Jun2009
I like the vocals...
The simple production helps this track. I hate the kick drum. Like a big rock concert kit for a sweet soft song. Drums are a mess. This track would sound great with no drum track on it.
- ChuckSavage from Houston, Texas on 12Jun2009
Nice begining. Voice is great. I lkie the lyrics. Drums lacking. Could realy be good with the right production.
- sodamnlucky70 from Tulsa, Oklahoma on 11Jun2009
An acoustic approach, at least for during the verses. Nice touch. Vocalist was solid. My only complaint is that nothing "grabbed" me - not the melody, not the lyrics, nothing. Except for the use of acoustic at the beginning that is. But there is definitely talent here, for sure.
- benjaminfaust from Saint Paul, Minnesota on 10Jun2009
It's like yesterday
First of all let me say--great vocals. Probably one of the best female voices I have heard on garageband--great job. A natural country sound. The length of the song is perfect if you are targeting the radio. I like the cord progression--simple yet fitting for the song. I like the little things added--like the splash cymbal. I like the use of accented drums at certain points of the song--brings out the feelings more. Nice use of guitars as well. I like the ending with only drums--a little different touch. The melody was smooth and added to the feeling of the song. I'm not sure if you recorded the song this way on purpose but the drums actually sound like the primary instrument and the guitar the backup. It's actually kind of a refreshing change from the steel guitar you hear in these type of songs. Also let me comment on your lyrics and rhyming scheme--I have to listen a couple more times but you definitely changed from the typical aabb or abab format --and it worked out great. All in all nice job. I can't really think of anything really bad about this song--so that's a good thing. Keep up the good work
- airchair from Dearborn, Michigan on 9Jun2009
Closet/about it....great rhyme! Really an appealing vocal...every once in awhile there's a little twang, but mainly a great Pop voice.
There's not a lot of melody here, but i didn't mind...this was more of a scene than a song.
The hook lacks melody...but the aformentioned rhyme makes it for me. I really thought the drums were distracting..a little too boomy...
- balladboy from Lake Oswego, Oregon on 8Jun2009
Great acoustic!
I hate when people line an acoustic guitar but here you almost get away with it. Lead vocals are great. Just as good as any dixie chicks. I wanna here this one on the radio! But in that case the drums mustn't be so dark and the lead guitar needs to be rerecorded with a more authentic sound.
- Dull_Horse from Gothenburg, None, Sweden on 5Jun2009
A bit sad
This song was very down to me. The vocals are good, but the melody is depressing. Very talented musician(s), but for this song I don't feel like there is a lot of Wow-factor. Still it's a good song and well-written. 4/5
- Factor7 from Birmingham, Alabama on 19Apr2009
keep it up
song sounds good keep up the good work your voice is beautiful
thanks for th good song
- rexrockman from Austin, Texas on 12Mar2009
Nice intro
the vocals are nice
nice back up vocals
the vocal make this song at 2;15
a very little lead starts nice job
I would hope to see this singer record more !
not really country .. more classic rock like
- don347 from Hollister, California on 25Nov2008
Great Vocals
I was pleasantly surprised by the vocals. Very reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan. I was very distracted however by the drums. They seem over bearing and the tempo didn't sound right. It seemed a little slow and mundane. It would be cooler to have change ups in there more often, something very soulful and blue-like. It seems like it was missing another key instrument, maybe a violin or piano. Listen to "The Weight" sung by "The Staple Singers", The violin in that is what you need to give it a little life. Overall I liked the song for the vocals more than the music.
- RachelWills from Nashville, Tennessee on 12Sep2008
Passion at work
The paino and acoustic seem to be off at the very beginning. I love the lead vocal work. Very nice timbre and emotive vocal. The electric guitar comes in and gives the song an entirely different style and takes it a different direction. The percussion is a little too hot for my taste with this style. Great job!
- Splendorleaf from Dawson, Texas on 10Sep2008
vox are star quality...very well done
singer feels the song and embodies the writing
writing is exceptionally good
girl you have what it takes...beautiful!
- OSMR from High Point, North Carolina on 21Aug2008
great potential
great chord progression and chord voices at the beginning. The vocals are well done, but a bit buried in the mix. I think there are instances here where the singer can go for it a bit more, but I appreciate not overdoing it. There is a nice melody here and the chorus has a good hook to it. Like I said before, the chord progression is great and you can really build up alot of power and tension with a bit more production. This song has alot of potential to really knock people's socks off. Good job.
- EugeneG from Central, Alberta, Canada on 11Aug2008
Loved it!
I really enjoyed this song. It is very original. I loved the rhythm, and the way the song builds. From listening... I couldn't tell you what the name of the song is... but it really catches your attention. I really liked this song... the vocal were great, very calming. The beat was fairly addicting. Great job! The musical hook was great and catches your attention.
- elizabethgalefl from Delco, North Carolina on 25Jul2008
This sounds like a band playing, reminds me of a time when people played music together. Good to hear, gives me some hope for the future. And that its excellent done is a nice bonus. My best regards to the drummer and the girl singin.
- trailerpark from Sderkping, Sweden on 13Jul2008
I love this voice...
I liked the sus chords, piano/guitar, at the beginning.. set a very nice mood. The lead vocal was beautiful. Wouldn't have known she wasn't already signed somewhere. I think there needs to be more contrast between the verses & chorus. You begin to build a feeling with the verse, then expect to hit between the eyes with the Chorus, then it doesn't really come. Stays pretty even. The lead guitar solo needed to come out front more in the mix. The song doesn't quite rise up to the high quality of the vocalist. Great Start!
- SteveTraycee from Aurora, Colorado on 3Jul2008
beautiful vocals
great song and you sound great love your voice your a hit good luck.
- travy68 from Amarillo, Texas on 1Jul2008
Pretty intro
I could tell I was going to like this song as soon as it started.Great vocals,nice hook,and melody. Do the song over and clean up the guitar solo,and put more into your ending. But I'm sour you know that already.
Great talent
- dannygplayer from Gulfport, Mississippi on 20Apr2008
First thing i noticed about this track is the excellent production quality..
The lead vocals are brilliant, full of melody and such a pretty voice.
Really feel this song through the lyrics and hooky vocal parts..
Only slight criticism is there could potentially be more power in the chorus, on the instrumental side that is.
On the whole great work!
- showyourstripes from Milton Keynes, United Kingdom on 13Apr2008
strong tracks
Very strong vocal, I'd listen to this rich voice any time.. Maybe it was my headphones, but does the drum set sound a little dry? The hook is kinda unfocused, which detracts from some remarkable lyrics in the verses.
Greatest strength on this track is the wonderful lead vocal.
- daveyngr from Pine Grove, California on 12Apr2008
Vocals sound great. drums sound bad. you really have a good voice dont care to much for the song probably distracted by the drums though. You need better songd because you sound good. No Ive changed my mind. This is a decent song.
- Mpope002 from Kernersville, North Carolina on 25Mar2008
Drums and little mixing issues, but overall i..
I think the drums have too much reverb and the snare doesnt sound good. Also, the kick drum have sounds like its too loose. The vocals are good and well recorded, as well as the background vocals. The guitar solo could be brouht more to the front in the mixing. Overall its a good track, it just need some fixes on the recording/producing area.
- EduCesar from So Paulo, Sp, Brazil on 23Mar2008
First and foremost, The lead vocals are great! She has a nice smooth, and, also she keeps you in the song. Great Job!
The "Hook". I believe it could be better. Like singing on the tag to wrap the song up in a "PROFOUND WAY" Like your voice is a little bit more passion with it. Other than that. AWESOME!
The melody was smooth, and fit for the song. It was gentle, but had enough passion in it.
- StevePetno from Orlando, Florida on 16Mar2008
lovely piano
i really like the piano arrangement, great structure and writing, vocals are very nice, not a good mix on the drums, too loud & bass drum sounds bad, good hook and melody
- rjamadeus from Overland, Missouri on 9Mar2008
nice arrangement/production
I liked the low key production on this song. Could have easily been turned into a big slick over-the-top number...but this arrangement really compliments the awesome vocals. The drums had a really cool phat sound to them which gave the song a unique flavor.
- Minibike from Los Angeles, California on 8Mar2008
Let Go
Lead vocals are clear and strong and delivery the story well, and with emotion. Melody is OK, very listenable. pharasing is standard but well suited to the piece. The Hook is quite memorable and sits well inthe Ch. The production doesn't do the song justice. Bv,s seem to fit well.
- ghughes from Southport, Queensland, Australia on 7Mar2008
Review by Mike
Ending at 3:24, this tune is absolutely radio friendly lengthwise and on the radio is where it should be. Great vibe with some really well-crafted lyrics accompanied by an awesome melody. I was really impressed with the lyrics in the chorus from beginning to end. The real jewel of this tune seems to be the very talented female lead vocalist who did an outstanding job delivering a very memorable performance. Great job!
- MikeParrish from Houston, Texas on 5Mar2008
Mediocre Song, Needs to take off
Great Vocals. Kept waiting for the song to take off, maybe some high notes. But it stayed monotone. You got a great voice, but this song is not a highlight.
- timzuly from Unspecified on 3Mar2008
Angels and airwaves
First thing I noticed was the guitar. I love it. Second thing, the angelic voice that hits you. It drew me in, and then the chorus. The song's working great as of 1:11. Deep lyrics. I love deep lyrics.

The guitar solo is too low in my opinion. I like how it's kept short, and how you let the music ring out and then jump right back to the chorus.

For some reason the drum beat at the end stuck out to me, and not in a good way. I'm not 100% on why, but if I were to attempt to pin it down I'd have to say the lack of supporting instruments.

I'd suggest turning up the volume on that guitar solo, let your guitarist shine through. The vocalist has a great skill, but that little lick shows that so does your guitarist, and turn down the volume on the other instruments during the drum solo. I believe if you bring that out, you'll have a song worth talking about over a cup of coffee.

Right now, I'd vote for an orange juice.
- AppTrail from Canaan, Maine on 3Mar2008
Ricks review
Wow the lyrics and Vocals had my attention from the start,this Vocal has it going on!
The Drum track is A LITTLE LOUD!
Great Melody.
Better Production could mean the world.
- rickstavely from Prince George, British Columbia, Canada on 2Mar2008
A very nice voice
The vocals were excellent. The hook is ok, I like the melody in the verses a lot better than I liked the "hook". The chorus might be more interesting with a more complete arrangement, sounds like there is space in there for a countermelody.
- OO@21300498~BruceHorn from Denton, Texas on 24Feb2008
Mellow intro and peaceful ..

1 - Lead Vocals
Sweet as Honey gritty enough to pour out that emotion Fine quality lovely Tone ..
2 - Hook
Gripping fits the structure
3 - Melody
Moving and tender you shine on this ..
- Kat_Speel from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on 19Feb2008
Smooth good song.
Got my interest right away. Nice lead vocals. You have a very pretty voice. Very enjoyable to listen to. The song is very catchy and makes you want to keep listening. I love how it builds up . You did a very good job with the songs dynamics,. Drums are very unique sounding. Very open and with a good dry sound. Love it. Its got a different sound,. Melody is perfect. Great job.
- ThePleasentBand from Cape Coral, Florida on 19Feb2008
Jimmy Woods review
well this is pretty good for a dixie chick impression the drums are a littl overpowering and the voices are good
- crazy1981jettacoupe from Puyallup, Washington on 17Feb2008

And I (Don't Know If I'm Gonna Make It Boy)
And I (Don't Know If Im Gonna Make It Boy)
Genre: R&B (R&B Pop)

Early Madonna
Good vocal work, I can hear shades of early Madonna. The melody need a little variation, maybe a bridge as the track is quite long. The hook seems OK, just needs a little variation.
- Chasteberry from United Kingdom on 9Mar2008
Nice snare!!!
lead vocals-this voice really fits this genre of music. I can feel the emotion in the voice. Can be produced better though. But being a musician, she has good voice.
hook-THe repeat of'I am going to make you boy"
melody-An R&B style melody.
Good job!!!
- Floren from Lake Oswego, Oregon on 9Mar2008
ive heard this track before...I don't know which who stole it from who but a kid named Donnie J has a song called "Say I Aint Right" with the exact same backing track so i'm not gonna review that. The voice is a little raspy but it has a nice tone. The recording sounds rough and the vocals should be pushed up more to the front of the mix but other than that I don't really have much to say. Hook up with a producer and get an original production.
- acc13186 from Scarsdale, New York on 8Mar2008
love the voice. i like the melody as well the lead vocals are nice and your hook is nice!
- willielindquist from Green Lake, Wisconsin on 4Mar2008
my review///
Nice vocal...you have a nice voice.

The drum helps to lift the beat...id maybe introduce it from the beginning rather than waiting those few seconds.

The track itself starts off well but lost my interest a little as it progressed...maybe some more points of interest may stop this from happening.
- Kevin_K288 from United Kingdom on 4Mar2008
The lead vocal is good. The bass repeats an up and down movement which is just enough to make the hook stick. The melody is more rhythmic than melodic which makes at least one of your verses sound a little rushed in one spot. Some of the background vocals were nicely done, kinda sublinal. I think a bridge would really give this track that extra sometnig.
- johnnie5ive from Massillon, Ohio on 3Mar2008
1 - Lead Vocals
Wonderful to the Core such a fine Voice of excellent quality just lacking the heart honey ..
2 - Hook
Catchy and works really well ..
3 - Melody
Fine tune that dances sweetly
- Kat_Speel from Brisbane, Australia on 3Mar2008 kind of...
this one has a little potential. the singer needs to put more into the verses. the mix is alright. the voice is very nice.
- ziplokdotcom from Hudson, New Hampshire on 2Mar2008

New Garage Band Reviews -
In A Box
Genre: Country (Country Pop)

A very nice voice
The vocals were excellent. The hook is ok, I like the melody in the verses a lot better than I liked the "hook". The chorus might be more interesting with a more complete arrangement, sounds like there is space in there for a countermelody.
- BruceHorn from Denton, Texas on 24Feb2008
Mellow intro and peaceful ..

1 - Lead Vocals
Sweet as Honey gritty enough to pour out that emotion Fine quality lovely Tone ..
2 - Hook
Gripping fits the structure
3 - Melody
Moving and tender you shine on this ..
- Kat_Speel from Brisbane, Australia on 19Feb2008
Smooth good song.
Got my interest right away. Nice lead vocals. You have a very pretty voice. Very enjoyable to listen to. The song is very catchy and makes you want to keep listening. I love how it builds up . You did a very good job with the songs dynamics,. Drums are very unique sounding. Very open and with a good dry sound. Love it. Its got a different sound,. Melody is perfect. Great job.
- ThePleasentBand from Cape Coral, Florida on 19Feb2008
Jimmy Woods review
well this is pretty good for a dixie chick impression the drums are a littl overpowering and the voices are good
- crazy1981jettacoupe from Puyallup, Washington on 17Feb2008

You've got a BUNCH of songs on Soundclick . Well I had little choice but to try and listen to them all. Especially when the first one I heard was the edgy and compelling weeping. The acoustic guitar intro in Lost is the perfect introduction for your voice. Very emotive and the delivery of each word is clear and powerful. Nice guitar work again in Lie. This piece reminds me of Janis Ian. It's thoughtful, sad and true. I like your sense use of irony as a device in poetry. Misfortune has a great meter in the lyrics and I love the way your voice glides through the chorus. Thunder has a lot of strength, again the lyrics are clever and tight. Flying; I'm beginning to see that your dealing with all emotion and feeling in your work. Ok, I'm a bit slow. Probably because I've enjoyed the process so much I haven't seen the bigger picture. Nice instrumentation and arraingement on this one.
Break has a very powerfull aproach to it's lyrics. It's very much an art song and I think one of the best songs you do. The chorus are knock ya over strong with vocal harmonies. Very powerful song delivered with great emotion and skill. Waiting is fun. Ironic, but true. The guitar harmonics are crystal clear and wonderful. I love vibrato chords....Tommy James, look out. Crimson and clover move over (and over).
Broken shows some of what I've been waiting for. Your voice over a rock band. Very cool. Drum hits on this track are very well placed and clear. Love those snare hits. Distorted has wonderful images coded in the lyrics and the vocal chorus.
Nice piano and bass on falter. Sets the tone and this piece just rocks. There is something about Walls which reminds me of an old and somewhat obscure Stephen Stills song called 49 Bye Byes. It's not that it's really in anyway simular, but the feel I get is the same from both. That I'm listening to something of a truth about this artist. Something personal.
Understand has such a gentle approach to it subject. And finally the last track is appropriately Goodbye. It's a very sweet and sad love song.
I like your music very much. I like the way it's produced, your material and especially your voice. Thanks so much for coming to share it with us!

Scrub Music
Great Voice!
From the beginning, I can tell it is produced very well. Piano sounds good! Not over done, or underdone. Perfect. Female vocals.. have to say, they are beautiful, lots of emotion, and it pulls at the heart. The quality of the voice, and the range is surprising and very pleasurable. Good vocal harmonies. Drums.. could have used a bit more of a softer and driving beat in the background for the body of the song. Love the lyrics.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals
- Epiphany_mm
Ponca City, Oklahoma

universal appeal
piano sounds very nice, simple but good, although not super original. arrangement with cymbal swells and such are very nice, drums sound great, and tune really gets some legs when takes off around 1.4 minutes or so...might want to get there earlier to keep your listeners... this tune is the type anybody would like, well done...oh and the vocals a real smooth and harmony is nice touch

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Drums, Lyrics
- sman222000
Carmel Valley, California

Perfect Delivery
Beautiful song. well recorded and produced..very nice over all. The lead vocal is the center and the arrangment works around her..I liked this alot. The piano is simple but nice with a good rhytmic pulse. The drums are nice and again sparce.This is no show boat but it is no wallflower either. No it get;s your attention...well it got mine anyway J

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Production, Lyrics
- JoshChristian
Manlius, New York

Piano is a bit redundant. Voice is really very nice. Drums have a lot of character.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals
- debijordan
Brooklyn, Michigan

Nice piano sound. You'd be suprised how few people record a nice one. Your vocalist has a very pretty voice, but I think that the melody in the verses left something to be desired at times. The drums were just enough, but I don't think that they needed to play as long at the end because they sounded like they were tuned in a different key than the song. Still a nice song.
- Daniego
Reddick, Florida

Meaningful ...Angelic Vocals ... Less IS More !!! On my playlist !!!

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Drums, Bass, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Sequencer/Effects Programming, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Mood
Mesquite, Texas

Etherial Vocal
The vocal floats nicely overtop of a dark underpadding.. the piano became a bit tiresome, but flowed nicely into the chorus. i kept witing for a change up somewhere, something that seems to be lacking in most of what I hear here.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Melody

Special Award: Most Bitter Breakup Song
- mb9291
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Okay.....I'm listening
Nice voice,nice melody,nice mood,nice hook harmonies,you are well on your way to being great.........Good Luck

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Lyrics
- MarlonJermaine
Trenton, New Jersey

You Go Girl
Lead Vocal- very pretty voice! ya another girl. Finally. The melody is pretty and haunting. Piano- its minimal but works really well. Drums- they fit but i think the sounds could be better. the production is a little to reverby but with a little tweaking it could be great.
- FDOSpop
Cliffside Park, New Jersey

No love, no trust, sounds like my life
I like you words. Nice voice. The piano is weak and the drums are out of time. but i like the song (the production can be better.) Sounds like a country song. ever tried to pitch in that direction. could sound great in a country vein
- GoldieLochs
North Miami Beac, Florida

I'm Imagining
Like this already - cool start, nice mood. The song progresses like breathing in and out especially with the cymbal rising. Listenable vocal, fits well with the track.

Extra Credit: Mood
- SionMorris
Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom

i dont like the beat on the drums in the beginning. the vocalist has a great voice though. all in all i dont really like the motion of the song. piano riff is good though. good hook. the harmony is great
- BrownVsBoard
Channelview, Texas

Very smooth
Vocals are really great. A touch of Jewel style here. Nice piano in the backround. Cool drums for this kind of music. Sounds really nice! Would like to work with the vocalist! She is really talented. Sounds very proffesional. Good luck!

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Mood
Stockholm, Sweden

Not too original
Nice ballad. The girl's voice is nice. And I do like the piano; I guess I'm just a sucker for it. The drums were quite ordinary. The tambourine is effective. Makes a nice lullaby.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals
- eie
Erie, Pennsylvania

Haunting Tribal Love Song
Haunting, tribal beat. Great vocals. The whole vibe was really hypnotic. Your lyrics were very honest and vulnerable which I like. It's a great album track. Put it in the right place and it will be even more effective. Piano and drums worked very well together. Great work.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Beat, Mood
- LittletonJones
Morristown, New Jersey

Good voice
Really liked your voice, this tune sounded very full, twas an excelent recording, - the melody was pretty decent as well i enjoyed the listen , - the production was a bit 80's but was still nice :)
- Accolade
Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

simply great song
nice melodical lyrics, good percussion. i like everything. very good.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production, Lyrics, Mood
- zintak
Marmaris, Utah, Turkey

Not bad
Piano is nicely done. Vocals are decent. The drums sound good. The only problem is that the conversion of your song to real audio really kills it a bit. Nonetheless, it is a good piece.
- ToddMicheals
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

is Berlin back on tour?!
lead vocals sound really great. very nice control, tone, and delivery. piano is nice too. simple, but appealing. the drums threw me off at first. i do get used to them, but the way they are gated makes them sound really fake. i would say try recording some live (or at least ungated) drums over top of the tom-tom loop (especially in the chorus). i can see the appeal of this loop now. good song writing! very nice chorus. those vocals are really touching. i'd like to hear more from you guys!

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Mood
- brayg
Daly City, California

Melancholy's Sadness?
Intro is a little long, song fits the moodpiece well, for its genre. Lyrics could use some work. Piano tone is nice and "earthy". Just need to edit some parts of the song down a little bit.

Extra Credit: Production
- Cleamon
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

First off, the piano is really good for this song! I like the vocals and the drums. I just like it all. Now, I have given some bad reviews, but this is refreshing. The strongest point to this song is definately the vocals. Great tone and control. Good voice. I like the contrast/change in the music from verse to chorus etc. Great job!!

Extra Credit: Female Vocals

Special Award: Most Rocking Track
- MusicalCoop00
Wichita, Kansas

Beautiful voice
You have a beautiful voice, a really nice tone. One of the better voices I have heard on garageband!...(seriously!!) The piano is fine, just a little repetitive in the beginning. Your chorus is really good, it opens the song up nicely. Drums are fine also. good luck to you!!

Extra Credit: Female Vocals
- syl201
Englewood, New Jersey

nice piano intro that builds into a good beat. strong female vocal which is believable and compelling. the ambient sounds in the background are also rich and atmospheric. A very well structured and professional sounding track here. Great job!

Extra Credit: Female Vocals
- Tony2002
Hilliard, Ohio

Lovely Ballad
This edgey ballad has excellent lead vocals and able piano accompaniment. The drums are also a welcome addition to the overall composition.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production, Lyrics, Melody
- JounceKuda
Leaksville, North Carolina

I liked this song. Normally, I am not into anything that sounds even remotely like Tori, but there was something about this song that kept pulling me in. Your voice is very sultry. The piano is really haunting too. It sets a terrific mood.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Keyboards/Organ/Piano
- ruintherain
Melbourne, Florida

Piano gets repetitive. I think a little backing piano making some variations or chosuring the lead piano could be great. Vocals good, great backing vocals. Drums, good toms.
- ExtraVirgen
Buenos Aires, Argentina

quietly song.
Good taste. arrangementes are good....hipnotic and simple.With the great stuff who just the hits have.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Drums, Mood
- LauraGarcia
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina

this begining is awesome but that was just the keyboards the slow beat was too down but the VOCALS are amazing the structure wasnt all too great but that piano man with the vocals made this song the beat is maybe to heavy(drum) you need less bass and maybe just a rimshot

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Mood

Special Award: Best Potential Movie Soundtrack
- drownmylovers
Henry, Illinois

This Is GOOD
During this reviewing session, I had to endure some real dogs. but THis I LIKE! In fact I satyed for a second round. I like the tension creat4ed by the bass / piano line. The vocal adds to the mysteriousness. I can see this in a movie sound track.....The drum is steady on......I will add you to my play list. I am looking forward to hearng more fom you. You folks "Keep On Playin'" //Air Cooled\
Extra Credit: Mood

Special Award: Best Potential Movie Soundtrack
Xenia, Ohio

Seductive voice
Piano and drums are fine and do what they're supposed to, but they aren't what makes the song memorable. It's the vocals that work best - really great delivery complimented by tasty backing vox. Lyric is ideally suited to the vocal, too. Good song, good production, nothing exceptional but - hey - this is pop!

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Lyrics
- daveyc
Manchester, ,, United Kingdom

lots of feeling
lead vocals are very heartfelt---piano is minimal--kind of a drone almost--drums are fine--over all a good song--could maybe add some harmony vocals and strings if you wanted to

Extra Credit: Mood
- Mike_Connelly
Jefferson City, Missouri

Response to Lennon?
Excellent! I can't imagine anything you could do to improve this lovely work of art!!! Lead vocals Piano Drums all were terrific!! Jam on!!!!

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Drums, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production, Lyrics, Mood
- Cel32
Lynchburg, Virginia

Emotional vocal performance
I like the emotional feel of this vocal. Smooth sweet voice. The song tends to drag a bit, however. Maybe the drums are a little uninspired/slow - if they picked up the tempo just a little this might help. Also, sounds like there is a little too much use of the cymbals to build tension (at first this helps build the song to the chorus, but then it keeps coming in and I think it starts to lose effectiveness... maybe it's just me). The piano is ok - but it sounds a little too similar throughout, even a little monotonous as we get near the end of the song. The melody is fine, but the chorus/hook doesn't really grab me. Otherwise, this has some great emotions, tension and mood. Not bad!

Extra Credit: Mood
- whirligig
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Best song ever
I like this a lot!

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Drums, Production
- milamay18
Indianapolis, Indiana

How high can you go....
Very professional sounding recording, excellent vocals and nice piano. Middle 8 is very strong and a nice break from the rest of the song. Love the high notes at the end, finishes strongly - good all round song.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production, Mood
- surround

well done
A real Piano...???? Nice..... The deep drum may be tooooo loud.... Great vocal....nice voice,tone,expression..... Big chorus.....maybe have the verse move more smoothly into the chorus....something building into it........Something new needs to come in on the 2nd verse...this is too good not to keep my attention....drums are nice.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals
- Rageur
Columbus, Ohio

It's like rain on your window on Saturday night
Strong 'Haunted' feeling with the mood, esp. in the simple but effective piano part. Drums are good too, but could be compressed a bit to keep them from being so 'boomy'. Vocals are good and clean, reminding one of many other famous chick singers (McLaughlan, Crow, Osbourne, et al). Still, a good strong album track with mostly positive production values.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Mood
- mcarp555
Cocoa, Florida

love the lead singers voice, love the piano melody if you wanted to you could be more creative with the drums but remember that you always don't have to use drums to create a great percussive track, the melody and vocals sound like unbelievable truth which is very good, great lyrics too...if your other songs sound liket his and have the same feel you can be quite an established band. Please keep it up!!!

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production, Melody, Mood

Special Award: Most Rocking Track
- sacredtree
Worthington, Ohio

Haunting ballad
I really liked this - it reminds me of some pop ballads that were big hits in the 1980s but with more feeling (and moodiness). So it comes across to me as more "real" than a lot of other quite similar tracks. I think the production is good but a tad bare - some acoustic guitar (in the back of the mix) would be great at certain strategic points. File under "Sarah Maclachlan" I guess. Vocals great, except for the word "world" the first time it appears. Piano is good, but maybe a little too loud in the mix at times. Drums throughout were very good - but I wonder if brushes could be used to fill out some of the parts that are a bit bare with some cool fills.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Production, Mood
- Gitarzan
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The lead vocalist is quite talented. The piano is simple, yet very effective. The drums are fine. Really like the chorus melody and harmonies.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Drums, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Melody
- wilmaband
New York

Great effort. Very minimalistic, and this really gets the emotion of the lyrics across to the listener. Amazing vocals - it's nice to hear someone with a great voice just "sing", and not do 8-octave vocal gymnastics. Piano and drums are restrained, adding to overall effect of "less is more."

Extra Credit: Female Vocals
- G_Zedley
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Excellent production
Wow a real piano very nice. Killer production big sound - nice. I don't go for this kinda pop stuff but I am a sucker for a well organized band with good chops who do not overplay. And this tune meets all three criteria. Really like the real piano. Good job. Taseful drum work and the voice is very good. Sounds great bset of luck

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Drums, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production, Melody
- harry_hood
Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada

Could be something...
Expressive vocals, has confidence enough to carry the song forward, good backings. Of course the production could need a more acoustic sound on both piano and drums, sound a little too midi overall. The lyric is perhaps the weakest part throughout. Very ambitious and pretentious but then there has to be more shifts and original lines to keep up with the rest. I mean, both melody and vocal has great potential, but then the words/rhymes just are too unoriginal and all to easy to interpret/predict. If rewritten I think the song would stand out more on its own. Good luck.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals
- Mekkin
Vaxjo, Smaland, Sweden

prod. good. piano good. tempo needs to pick up. to depressing.
- gusto73
South Lake Tahoe, California

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great pipes
real good build, dynaminc arrangement. the vocals are very nice, very few flaws. the piano is very tori amos. the hook is clever.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Mood

- ricardo777
Grand Rapids / Chicago, Hysteria

I love your singers voice. You need a record contract...I can hear this on the radio. Vocals great, Piano is great and the hook is great. Best of luck to you!!!

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production, Mood
- BigAlZ
Dallas, Texas

great instrumental, nice singing
nice arrangement, well put together and ordered, I like the driving tempo and beat... guitars are right on in this one, the vocal style seems a bit off for this type of song however, but sounds really good altogether. the part that sticks in my head is the "not forsaken".. good hook, nice piano work

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Production, Melody, Beat
- YouGottaHearUs
Lyndhurst Mayfield, Ohio

Quirky drum pattern here. Sort of nightmarish with the piano. Dejected Tori Amos vocal or perhaps Maire Brennan from Clannad. I'd pull the drums back in the verses and let our gal nestle in the groove. Take the sticks out of the drummers hands and make him play with Blastix instead. Bet he'll nail his part better. Breakdown was cool, but piano pattern doesn't really ever evolve. I grew weary of it. Some kind of background vocal or an 'aaaah' pad in the chorus would have been nice- so would a bridge for the song! Good ideas here, now finish them!
- bugpup
Detroit, Michigan

Northern Europe
Reminds me of something a little bjork. Better, of course, I hate bjork. Not to many chick vocal rock situations right now. The band plays smooth.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Melody
- EmDub
Santa Rosa, California

Well executed. The piano sounds great. Did you mic a piano or use a keyboard/midi? The hook didn't really stand out to me because it was so complimentary to the verse. It was almost more of a transition. Vocals were confident and right on.
- theecricket
Cleveland, Ohio

Damn... all these bands with impecable instrumentation... very cool song. I have only praise for this song - you guys should be signed. Vocals are great, piano is great, and I don't understand the concept of a hook, but I'm sure it has a great one of them too. Very, very good song. I'm downloading this baby.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Drums, Bass, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production, Melody, Beat, Mood

Special Award: Most Rocking Track
- Z137
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

This song is excellent, this is by far one of the best songs ive heard on garage bands. Vocals were tight, piano was flawless and the needless to say the hook was pretty catchy, this is going on my playlist for sure.
- Bryanool
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Interesting Blend
Some of the piano playing reminds me of some of Tori Amos' stuff. The vocals are pretty good, although the lyrics had a bit too much of the cheese factor for my taste. I did appreciate the interesting blend of instrumentation.
- tripadagio
Los Angeles, California

Progressive tune and a killer singer
The singer has a very smooth and controlled voice; in the first verse, the vocal melody followed the root notes of the chord progression a bit too much, but the well-executed vocals compensates for this and still peaks the interest of the casual listener; well-thought out piano part - it has a nice rhythmic feel to it and the guitar/bass/drum complements it nicely; both the piano part and the singer's voice 'hook' the listener; the group is very tight and the final mix is well balanced; the style of music may not appeal to the masses but kudos for doing your own thing and not getting sucked into the mainstream thing; great job!

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production
- kansaslo
Arlington, Virginia

Sweet Voice
The vocalist has a very inviting voice although at times it doesn't seem fitting to the music since it does seem to have a sort of edge, where the vocals are pretty straightfoward without that little edge. But with the piano part the vocals shine and the hook is very memorable. I would see if the vocalist could possibly add a bit of grit to her voice but only at certain points of the song especially around the edgier music parts of the piece. Great song.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Lyrics, Mood
- Empire895
Montgomery, New York

Well conceived
Liked the intro -- set a mood from the start. Catchy melody and a nice rhythm during the verses. Piano was critical to the song back there, but it was a bit buried and functioned more as a nice supporting instrument holding the melody than an instrument with a chance to shine individually. Vocals were also very good. Well conceived song which really worked.

Extra Credit: Keyboards/Organ/Piano
- rockerchick
La., California

Dark piano.
The vocal range is incredible. I didn't find the song very catchy though. Musical ability is clearly present though. Very great production

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Production

Special Award: Best Potential Movie Soundtrack
- ChimpChump


Extra Credit: Drums, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Mood
Woodland Hills, California

Tie me down . . .
This song is simply put . . .beautiful. Excellent songwriting. It is crafted and blends wonderfully. The mixture of the piano and the heavy guitars works well. The vocalist is poised and her swelling, sweet voice rides the wave created by the band like dolphin riding the water. Congratulations this gets a 5.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood
- fatherhshrubb
Richmond, Virginia

Great Goth Song!!!
I'd work a bit more on the vocals. A bit out of tune, but if u sing from the chest would make it sound better. Though band is really tight. Good structure of band and also good use form of piano. Also, I'd turn the vocals down a bit on the mix. LIke i said though great song. Congrats!
- nowayjose
Los Angeles, California

Kept My Interest
I enjoy the piano diversion prior to the explosion of sound...the piano remains which sounds good. THe mood is mysterious and action packed - like something from a suspense thriller...makes me feel like something is going to happen. I love the vocals... kind of Tori meets Enja meets Janice.... I couldnt really detect the hook.
- Red7s
Orange County, California

Foresaken? Why not just improve the song?
The beginning is like the theme from the movie "The Piano".Sorta like a half-rate Kate Bush. Dramatic, but not very substantial...probably better live. The vocals and piano are the best parts. More KB than Tori Amos (I hate her). Made for a movie? The hook? Hooky! The song's bridge should be a break from the monotony that sets in after 2 minutes. You need one.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Mood
- s_graff
Los Angeles, California

Xabiton - Did a review of song "INSIDE" on June 28, 2003
First I'd like to admit that I'm a fan of pop rock not an expert. Therefore I'll only post my thoughts about what I like and dislike about the track and keep it short and sweet.

The instrumental is nice. I like how it goes from soft to hard through out the track nice. This band can definately play their instruments.

Vocally I like her voice. Her smooth and warm vocals only add meaning to the song. She makes the song believeable which is extreamly important in a song like this.

The production value is alright. There are alot of times where the instrumental gets louder than she is. I would suggest recording the instrumental onto a mulittracker. Once you get the levels good on there let her sing over that and level the song out that way for a cleaner result.

Lyrically the song goes into the soul of every kid in high school who was thought of as weird. Or the kid who is thought of in the out crowd. It tells their story and how they feel about the world they are in and that nobody understands them at all.

Overall not a bad song very catchy. Although I don't think I will see this young star on MTV anytime soon I think she is slowly but surely making her way to the top.

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Charisma: 7.00
Technical Skill: 6.00
Structure: 8.00
Interest: 6.50
Melody: 7.50
Lyrics: 8.50
Performance: 8.00
Recording Quality: 6.50
Long Term Appeal: 7.00

NEW REVIEW - MAY 6, 2003
Shimmer's "A Place Among The Fallen" is an enchanting work of power & melodic nuance. At times, this Canadian artist's work is of subtle textures. Yet always with an ample supply of emotive hooks & creative arrangements. Accents with acoustic guitars & piano; To electric guitar work of superior quality & Shimmer vibrant vocals, are an ever present gift to behold in it's vulnerability, strength & sincerity of purpose

"I (Don't Want To)" is a great dynamic cut crossing streams of rock, folk & pop in a fluid guitar driven river of cascading audio light; Whereas on tunes such as "Falter" , Shimmer exhibits a melancholy & atmospheric focus that is both thought provoking & quasi-folk-gothic

"Lie" shadows an introspective acoustic guitar mode in the verse, with inner lyrical musings of longing that transmutes into a bold chorus. Coupled with songs like "Thunder" & "Break" , it becomes apparent that Shimmer music is uniquely crafted & emotionally telling in a dramatic introspective manner

Cuts like "Inside" mix alternate rythmic patterns with a vocal urgency that is Shimmers trademark. The chromatic construction of Shimmers music contrast with production flourishes in songs like "Flying" ; This highlights an obvious talent & inspiration, that is essential in its ability to transform with a fearlessness that is refreshingly mature for such a young & gifted artist

"She" is a wonderful song with fantastic chord progressions of major sevenths, that rise to a strong hook that segues back to the verse & a haunting string background. To understand the moods & messages of Jenae as an artist , is an interactive experience that enthralls both the performer & the audience in symbiosis

Shimmer is a complex & perplexing mystifier of sonic attributes. Her sometimes harmonic layered vocals have a wide range of expression, flavor & mood. The hypnotic pseudo-orchestrations that filter through at points in her music, serve to enhance the warm & striking quality of her vocal presence. Shimmer is surely & fatalistically a rising star upon the musical horizon

SHIMMER ~ Sensual Siren
There's a reality to this, a reality that I have rarely felt in music. There's a sensuality to this, a sensuality that draws you into the reality being created by the songs, songs that at times literally take your breath away. Like a siren calling from a distant shore, your heart beats hard in your chest, you feel your soul moving inside, apprehension, you clinch the rails and hold on.

The songs are timeless, and have a strength, a strength even is the softest movements, that just will not let you turn away. The voice is mystical in its weaving of the stories that will find a place in you and speak to you like old friends.

That's it! Old friends, that's what I feel as I sit here a 4 a.m. still entranced and captivated by the flowing mist in the form of song, like wings quietly fluttering around me and when I turn to see, they are there, yet at the edge of my reach.
Sensual, I know I used that word already, but sensual it is, making your body start to sway slowly as it takes you. Your thoughts disappear into a misty place you know you have been before but can never know just where it is.

The music is indeed touched by the muses, from the soulful spiraling of the music and voice to the very well written and meaningful lyrics.

So far, I have only spoke of Shimmer, and I must now speak of the band and the production itself. Powerful mechanics going on here as well as mysticism.

It's really great to hear what appears to be a full set of musicians putting this all together. In a world of one piece bands, myself included, it's truly good to hear artists working off of each other the way these folks seem to be doing. The major advantage of playing with several other musicians is that natural feel that is so hard to capture when you are creating on your own, or when you are recording with others one track/instrument at a time.

These folks might be doing just that, but it sure doesn't feel that way. Very interactive feel to this, this music that ranges from a powerful classic rock feel, to a soulful, bluesy jazz and passing many points in between to create a powerful alternative genre of its own.

Also a nice treat added to the collection; Jenae joining up with another Canadian female vocalist; Naomi, a power in her own right. The two do some excellent weaving together and should truly think about doing it some more. Both thoroughly enjoyable on their own, and doubly so together.

I just don't really have anything bad to say about any of this. Those of you who know me, know I only review music I like, and don't normally look for any downsides, but I can honestly say it wouldn't do me any good to look for them here, there are no downsides.

Shimmer, truly a well flowing over with many, many songs, all powerful, all sensual, all a cut above, filled with a soulfulness that with fill you as well while it takes you into a deeper place and lifts your spirit higher and higher.

Great music, make sure you stop over and check it ALL out!

Bill Bruedigam
Indie River