Hip Hop
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Swimming in Blues waters
"Unfortunatelly Blues is not one of the most popular musical styles in Brazil. Despite this fact, it does not hinder that our country has a cradle of bands who play this genre the way it should be played: with passion, feeling and perfection". This is the case of Tavinho Rangel and Blues & Beer group. After years playing in the road, the band offers Ressaca" (Hangover), its newest CD release and shows a new musical concept that among solid blues roots there is also different national famous artists influences as we can hear Quem Me Olha So and Magrelinha covers...
--Comando RocK Magazine
New B&B's CD - sounds and tastes as a good beer should
Blues & Beer's music can compete with most bands that we hear on the radio or see live at the best venues in Rio De Janeiro. In fact, "Ressaca" has been a careful, well-produced work of clear professional quality. It is something for listening, tanning, and, of course, applauding."
--MPB Magazine
"Excellent voice, excellent band and excellent compositions. This is the best way to define Hangover ("Ressaca"), Tavinho Rangel and the band Blues & Beer's last Cd release."Sem Pena de Mim" opens it up with tremendous feeling and energy as it pays homage to the late female (Brazilian) rock star Cassia Eller, who died in 2001. Another great moment of the album is an acoustic style cover of "Quem Me Olha So", written by Barao Vermelho's frontman Roberto Frejat. "Ressaca" invites you to listen non-stop until the end, passing through its ten tracks overjoyed without limits. Someone who creates an album like this is one who knows and understands. With this new record, Tavinho and the capable musicians of Blues & Beer have proven their high quality performances and intimate knowledge of the blues-rock genre is no fluke."
--Blues DeLuxe On Line
B&B new Blues connection
Blues & Beers latest CD, Ressaca ", presents an interesting setlist of the bands new original compositions as well as two covers, Magrelinha (Luiz Melodia) and Quem Me Olha So (Frejat/Antunes), This project involved with eleven musicians alternating in different instrumentations using keyboards, saxophones and percussion in different combinations, each of which brought a new sound possibility. The choice of songs was guided by the emotional contribution that each one of them could provide to the record and how each allowed to the band to explore new arrangement s and interpretation."
--Guitar Player Magazine
"Every time someone starts to talk about the Blues, the initial reference comes of a region beyond Brazils borders. Exactly thus, the most recent sip made by a brazilian band south of the U.S.A.-born musical genre do not cause a hangover. Blues & Beers second studio work is a step ahead in terms of compositions and arrangements if compared to their debut CD, released in 2001. "Ressaca" brings new arrangements of what the group usually do on stage, transposed to the studio environment, and the result is a very interesting ensemble sound.
--Cover Guitar Magazine
B&B got the Blues straight up or on the rocks
"In his second studio album, guitarist and vocalist Tavinho Rangel has authoritatively assumed the bands leadership after almost ten hard years on the road playing and even jamming with legends such as Dutch progressive rock icon, Focus. In comparison to the previous record, the cover versions of "Magrelinha" (Luiz Melodia) - in a much more melancholic mood led by piano and harmonica - and "Quem Me Olha So" (Frejat/Antunes) in an unplugged format with slide guitar, acoustic bass and harmonica, show us the bands new musical approach. Among its newly-released originals, a high point is "Ressaca",an instrumental that sounds like a cross between "Black Magic Woman" (Peter Green) and "All Your Love" (Otis Rush). Other songs such as Sem Pena de Mim, Blue Trem e Outro Olhar enphasizes an intense Rock flavour with deep Blues roots, tasty with acoustic guitar and harmonica or even saxophone. Another curious detail is that previous CD cover art was kept essentially the same, only substituting the color. A real good idea."
--Blues ' n ' Jazz Magazine
B&Bs latest record - good blues with rocknroll attitude
"Formed in Rio De Janeiro, Blues & Beer band shows an excellent and honest sound in its latest record release. It is a work that merges a bluesy approach with rock'n'roll attitude in Rolling Stones style. The pair of guitar players have good interaction, knowing how to cast bases, riffs and harmony, while still having a sound that Pop music listeners will accept (a positive point for the band). The track "Chove e Nao Molha" (Rains but doesnt get wet) is a good example of how the band can insert acoustic moments in a rock musicians chords without sounding like part of the recent and highly propagated "unplugged syndrome". Other positive points are the good writing by Tavinho Rangel and the high quality mix of the record, carried out by producer Daniel Cheese."
--Guitar Player Magazine
BLUES & BEERs newest drunkenness-
Blues & Beer comes from Carioca landscapes and in its newest CD release, "Till the Last Guzzle", it orders eight premium blues tracks. The band opts for the blues-rock style most of the time, as shown in "As Pedras Devem Rolar" and "Deixe o Medo Pra Tras", but they also can mix it up, as they also order a smart moving shuffle called "Casa, Comida e Roupa Lavada" and an intense deep feeling slow blues, "Intencao Blues". "Till the Last Guzzle" is a high quality record with excellent musicians.
--Blues On Line site - CD reviews section
Blues & Beer -
"Blues & Beers new CD - "Till the last guzlle..." is something very amusing and pleasant for the most demanding listeners tastes, from the first until the last guzzle...
--Century Journal
"Blues & Beers newest release - "Till the last guzzle..."- comes with a very simple and direct mission - play blues with competence and feeling. They do not disappoint us.
---Backstage Magazine
B&Bs newest CD -
"One of the most experienced and resolute of Rio de Janeiros new harvest of blues bands, Blues & Beer shows its maturity with an exciting and balanced CD".
--Blues & Jazz Magazine
" The song " As Pedras Devem Rolar" (the rocks must roll) composed and executed by the Blues & Beer band, was selected as the winner of the " Demo of the month " competition, sponsored by the German microphones factory Sennheiser on August 2000. "
--Sennheiser Site
Blues & Beer is one of the best bands of Rio de Janeiros scene and probably the one who have the most full scheduled of concerts and gigs. Every time there is a festival or special event, there it is with its own sound which join Chicago and Britain blues influence.
--Blues and Jazz Magazine
The blues really are their major influence on style. If their lyrics werent in Portuguese, we could easily say they were some brand-new good band from the States.
--Ensaios ONLINE Magazine
Looks good, sounds good. The melodies are good, the backing grooves are tight. Ireally enjoyed the originals you guys do. Love the harp work (influenced by Magic Dick of the J. Geils Band?) If you ever come to Menphis, look me up.
--Three Kids Music
Five black soul white boys roll this band. Well finished lyrics, a well-rounded kitchen and a subtle harp work make up the tour de force. Quality is consistent in the live cuts wich show what the guys are up to.
--Backstage Magazine
The bands name is already a tip of what to expect: cool blues to be listened with a glass of Jim Beam at hand. There is certain R&B influence but not too blunt; Deltas music is whats it in this band. We can have na overview of the band listening to the live recordings, all of them very well cut.
--Rock Press Magazine