Sonically Stunned in Brunswick!
"I never knew noises could do that."
--Jake Paserwessa - Secretary, Pi Lamba Beta, West Brunswick University
music for mind, body, and soul, among other unmentionables...
I've found the music to be a therapeutic remedy for a variety of ailments: depression, ADHD, schizophrenia, erectile disfunction, you name it, this music soothes it.
--Ken Hilburn - Sixth Degree Spiritual Advisor/ Trans-Gaia herbal healer - Parump, Nevada
sourmonkey: fair and balanced
The liberals complain about conservatives while the conservatives complain about the liberals. It's nice to find someone who complains about everyone. The music, however, complains about nothing.
--Walt Smith - Faux News
sourmonkey: you don't need big words to appreciate it!
At first, I was like, "what?", and then I was like, "whoa!", and then, finally, I was like, "nice."
--Rick Amoson, Jr. - Rockview Landscaping and Design
got sourmonkey?
"Sourmonkey is an art project with a cosmological scope. You don't get it until you get it. There are those who think one must be predestined to get it. The jury is still out on that, in my opinion."
--Brett Faberhorn - Right is Right Radio, AM 490 - Ponchartrain, La
sourmonkey: a postmodern classic
"The music is antiphonic, subcutaneous, and downright heterophenomenological... you'll find yourself oddly desiring to listen to more, that is until you stop listening. You then may be tempted to ask, 'que?'"
--Senior Isi Cordon - The La Chorrera Gazette - May 5, 2012
Soundtrack 4 Life
"I like the music. Actually, like, right as I pressed play on the cd player, my roommate walked in and started complaining about her boyfriend. What a jerk. Sara, my roomate, has been waiting for John, her boyfriend, well, like, he's not really her boyfriend, she just has a big crush on him, anyway, so, Sara has been waiting for John to ask her to the Homecoming dance, and he, like, asked Christine instead! What a jerk! Anyway, like, so Sara just had to explain all this to me while the sourmonkey cd was playing in the background. It was nice, it kinda made it like a soundtrack or something in a movie..."
--Lucy Freeman - Sophmore, Hempstead Community College,