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Hometown hip hop: Sinical releasing new album under Sin City Records label

Members of Fall Rivers artistic community can expect a fresh batch of hip hop coming their way late this summer with the release of the album Sin City Vol. 1, courtesy of Sin City Records.

The Sin City record label was recently created by Sinical: a 25-year-old hip hop artist from the Fall River community that has let music be his guide since he started rapping at the tender age of 13. The label is a close-knit group comprised of rappers JK9, Jus Mitch, Foley, Phathum, Christina Perry and Disturbance.

I pitched the idea to my friends back in 2012, said Sinical. What really made me want to collaborate with these artists was the prospect of expressing a common interest and projecting a voice.

Like most forms of musical expression, hip hop is a craft that takes years of practice and experience. Through the course of 12 years as an artist Sinical has been signed to a number of labels: Blaqhole Ent. from Pheonix, Ariz.; Silver City Records, from Taunton; and Goodfella Records from West Palm Beach, Fla. By age 15 Sinical was well on his way to becoming a talented artist and was meeting with A&R (artists and repertoire) representatives from Artista and Interscope Records.

Hip hop to me is a culture, said Sinical. But its not about diamonds and chains like the gimmicks you see in the media. Its a way of communication. Hip hop is a way of speaking about life and how we all deal with the everyday struggle.

His 2011 album My Farewell to Hip Hop has received attention in Fall River and he has been featured on two mix tapes in circulation in Providence. Yet his decision to create an independent label was not merely driven by a desire to work with local talent. Sinical is an artist that seeks to control his own destiny.

I am completely against signing a major contract, said Sinical. Once you do that you have no financial independence and absolutely zero creative control; the only way an artist can get paid nowadays is to do things independently.

Although the record label was initiated by Sinical, it was his friends and collaborators that fashioned the name Sin City Records as a way to pay homage to the aspiring artist.

Typically when we work together on a song, one of us will produce a beat or the hook, said Sinical. Then, if anyone shows an interest, we all jump onboard. We mix and master until the jobs done.

The members of Sin City Records are working around the clock in their studio located in Fall River; their first priority is to complete the album before deciding on a touring schedule or performing for a live audience. In the past, Sinical has performed in small venues of a few hundred people in Fall River. He draws his inspiration largely from his own life and personal experiences.

I see teenagers who resemble who I was 10 years ago and that brings me back and gives me inspiration for my work, said Sinical. But I think what is really driving this album to the finish line is our own excitement.

The record label is eager to release an album that is both expressive and personable; each artist will have his or her own track that contains an earthly message that will be both worthwhile and meaningful for the targeted audience.

In hip hop lyrics are what tell the story, said Sinical, and even if you only reach one person, it makes everything worth it.

Sin City Vol. 1 will be available for purchase online at and in 1,000 Degrees Clothing Store located in downtown Taunton.

For more information on Sinical and his music, check out:

--Daniel Harnett 7/14/13
Sinical - "What I Dream" (0:04:11)SinicalMar 03, 2009 @ 02:24 PM
By Jessica Braley
GateHouse News Service
Posted Mar 05, 2009 @ 12:23 PM
Last update Mar 05, 2009 @ 12:25 PM


Fall River .Greater Fall River is a hotbed of musical talent. In order to better focus on the people making music, in and around the city, RSVP will be running a weekly local music feature on the sounds of the SouthCoast in the artists own words.
To kick off The Beat, RSVP caught up with local rapper Sinical, whos been in the biz since the

Based out of: Fall River

Style of music: Rap/Hip-Hop

Covers or originals: originals

How long has he been rapping: 8 years

Where to buy:

More Information:

ripe old age of 13.

Name: Sinical

Age: 21

Where are you from?: Fall River.

Whats your background in music?: Through the course of eight years as an artist, I have been signed to three record labels: Blaqhole Ent. from Phoenix, Arizona, at age 14; Silver City Records, from Taunton, at age 16; and Goodfella Records from West Palm Beach Fla., at age 18. At the age of 15, I was invited to music station Mix 98.5. I was introduced to people at the station like John Lander, from Lander in the Morning. The reason I had been invited in that day was for a demo I had been working on. That day I was scheduled to meet with A&R representatives from Arista and Interscope Records. At the end of our meeting I was told by an Arista A&R rep that he enjoyed my music and thought I was a talented artist. The A&R rep from Interscope Records said that a person of my age shoudnt use such provocative language, or cuss as much as I do. And followed that up with, in a couple of years, if I needed a manager, to contact him. When I heard that, I thanked the Arista A&R rep for his time as I shook his hand, and snubbed Interscope with a dirty look as I left the room.

How would you describe your sound?: Leader of the New - Old School

Influences?: My environment and everything I grew up in. Artists influences: Big Pun, Talib Kwali, Mos Def, Common, Big L, Biggie, Tupac, Pharoah Monch, Killah Priest, KRS One, LL Cool J, Nas, Run DMC, Joe Budden, Jay Z and Cassidy.

What are you listening to right now? Nas, Queens Day.

Where do you practice?: My studio in Fall River.

Why do you rap?: Rap is what I do, Hip Hop is what I live. In essence, my love for this culture has made me the person that you see today. As a youth, I was troubled and caught up in the negativity of everyday life. Through trials and tribulations, I used my skills as a writer as an outlet to vent my frustrations.

Whats your ultimate goal?: Im not in this game to be a Super Star. I simply want to bring Hip Hop back from the 90s into the millenium. I have a story to tell, and a message behind each word. This is my passion, its what I love doing. I couldnt picture my life any different from how it is at this very moment. When I make a record, I acknowledge the listeners points of view. At the same time, I write what I feel, and because of that my fans respect me and can relate to me on a personal level. That alone is the reason I continue to keep moving forward with my career

Whats up next for Sinical?: Watch me, Im comin.

--Jess Bailey 3/05/09