Oh my...
Kansas was another classic rock experience in my late 80s, started to collect most of their albums :) This song works in the same tradition... Billy Greer's presence will give everyone goose bumps. Songwriting - it's a masterpiece, the structure moves me, the lyrics touch me. Arrangement - very peaceful, not too many instruments, it's just a ballad with focus on the vocals. I particularly love the warm strings and guitars, of course, give a touch of new age to the track. Beautiful...

--by SYNGULARITY 12/17/2005

IN 2 THE NIGHT' is superb! Wonderful vocal by Billy Greer, top quality backing vocals by Glenn, excellent instrumentation & production and, of course, the unmistakable classy GPH fretboard finery. Love the delicate tremelo arm control on the outro guitar licks. An excellent piece of work Glenn! Definately one for Nige'n'Trev's Mixpix playlist. Well done!

--by NIGE and TREV 12/17/2005

The New Centurion ( REVIEW by SYNGULARITY )


The Ageless Idol (excerpt from THE MERVYN SWIFT ONLINE MUSIC TOUR #9)

Colin Lynch about The Ageless Idol:

A superbly written tribute to the late great Rick Nelson with sentiment and nostalgia blended into the verses and emphasized with pure vocal passion. It's a beautiful song worthy of the lengthiest applause!

The Ageless Idol( REVIEW by CUEROCK )

So moody, so emotional, carrying us away... hypnotical sequenzes and - again I must point it out - this voice is tremendous! I´d buy your CD! All for the glory of rock music!
The Ageless Idol( REVIEW by PAUL NERY )´s the least we can expect when listening to a new track coming from Glenn... everything is carefully produced. This is another wonderful tune, I am always impressed! Congrats Glenn!

Phillip E Hardy about War Games:

Fans of Yes will appreciate this alternative track that proudly wears its progressive rock influences. Good chorus melody, solid groove and flashy guitar solo at the end make this worth playing war games.

You'll Know its True( REVIEW by J.O.SIMON )

Rock music was always my favorite genre, and this is multifaceted, the telephon like vocals in the beginning and the nice harmonies in the catchy refrain, the hard rock rhythm guitars, the awesome guitar solo. It's a masterpiece!

Change The world( REVIEW by ROTCOD )

Your mix, as well as your message, is EXCELLENT... would that SO many more around this world come to realize the truth of your message! The guitars are recorded "JUST RIGHT", & your vocal come in (where it should) RIGHT OVER top of it! I like this one well enough to give it a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Superb track, expremely well produced progressive rock! Everything here is perfect, drums, vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards! The synth and guitar solos are wonderful, this is a classic!

Peter Gunn(my version) ( REVIEW by ROTCOD )

I'm DIGGIN' this one... upbeat, fine layering of your instruments... nice rhythm changes, almost psychedelic, man. GREAT move about half-way through, into the "more upbeat" section. This one gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, verzure!

I'm American( REVIEW by PAUL NERY )

When I listen to a song from Mr. howard, I already know that it will be a high-quality tune .
Amazing production, extremely professional... great instrumentals, perfect vocals, superb guitar solo.
Excellent song, congrats!!

It's Only Natural( REVIEW by PAUL NERY )

The production of this track is can listen to the quality of this track from the very beginning... the vocals are extremely good, very precise and well placed instrumentals. Amazing guitar work!!!!!!

Change The world( REVIEW by NIGE AND TREV )

No doubt about it, certain aspects of this world certainly are in dire need of a change, as indeed are Trev's socks, but there is no need whatsoever to change any of the notes of Mr. Palmer-Howard's guitar solos in this classy little track. Tasteful, delicate picking and a wonderfully subtle tremelo arm technique that echoes the great Allan Holdsworth. Four thumbs up from Nige and Trev and that's ALL our thumbs!
Impressive stuff Glenn!

Rhythm of Life( REVIEW by NIGE AND TREV )

Our ears pick up the groove...
...Phew! Glenn...this is absolutely wonderful mate! One listen and we're totally knocked out! The slow, swaying atmospheric quality of this song is just beautiful in its simplicity. Bob Manslick's gentle, relaxed voice is the perfect choice for these sensitively written lyrics and as we expected, Glenn's sparse, understated electric strumming is just INSPIRED. Less is most definately more here.

The various 'life rhythm' sound effects are placed nicely in the mix and don't detract from the hypnotic beauty of the song.

Excellent recording, songwriting and musicianship is in evidence here folks. A quality song indeed!

Rhythm of Life ( REVIEW by SYNGULARITY )

"Great song, excellent sound, should have many radio plays!" These are spontanous words of my friend Mario Franke, who did the artwork for the latest Glenn Palmer Howard album, that will be released this year... Glenn was so wonderful to send Mario and me "Rhythm Of Life" before he uploaded the track at SoundClick... as a gift for us, and it's a beautiful, almost intimate gift - whenever other musical friends of mine like Maxine Young, Velma Frye and Markus Hofmann sent me those gifts - giving me the chance to listen to their latest pieces of music, before anyone else could do - it always meant more to me than I could express with words.

"Rhythm Of Life" was written by Glenn, he arranged and produced it, and invited Bob Manslick from the Tascam Forums to do lead vocals... it's a very emotional singer, reminds me much of Bob Geldof. And Glenn mentioned yesterday, this was a new experience for Bob. I think, new experiences are always best prerequisites for the most amazing results.

Mario is right, "Rhythm Of Life" is indeed a great song, and I hope, one day soon they will give innumerable radio plays to it, all over the world... A very slow song, with almost no percussion - just a side stick to indicate the beat, but all the more dreamy acoustic and slide guitars, additional guitar tremolos like a soft blanket, fretless bass and organs - best ingredients for Bob's vocals, so heartfelt... Well, I love all the engineering ways, too - effects like a Pink Floyd helicopter (as a little "Wish You Were Here" touch of the song), and the revolution audience in the end...
And words like those ones...

Yes, I lit a Match
To peek through the Darkness
In Hope that I'd catch
Just a Glimmer of Light
That would shine down on me
And bring me some food for my soul
And a better Life for my Family
A better Life for my Family

You'd think this World would learn to Quit
And be strong enough to admit
That it's not the Price that means so much
Just the Love we need and Trust
And feel the Rhythm of Life in Motion...

How could this world be... if everyone would be able to give unselfish love, while listening to the rhythm of life? This world would be exactly that one, we all need.

I feel love, depth and openness, when I listen to "Rhythm Of Life". One of those rare songs, that bring some light back to you, whenever you miss it.
Thank you, Glenn.

....................................................©2005 Glenn Palmer Howard