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Will Speak to Everyone on Some Level
Treasures in the Attic is lyrically a wonderful piece... nails down the folk song lyrical tradition perfectly without seeming formulaic and im sure will speak to everyone on some level ... its a simple little idea expanded into a favourite style.

oh..feel free to use that quote on your liners when you're famous lads :P
--Daniele Ponzi
Sensitive, Insightful and Artistic
Interesting web site and means of promoting your music. Super "album
cover" and title -- sets a nice mood.

Production, instrumentals and vocals are all great. Very honest, very
sincere. Genre is definitely retro, kind of Stephen Fearing meets Cat
Stevens meets Harry Chapin meets Syd Barrett meets Kahlil Gibran meets...
-- lots going on there!

Awesome lyrics -- sensitive, insightful and artistic.

Well done!

--Doug Robinson